New Additions to the Enid Family!

A couple new Enids have found their ways to me – yippee!  I also want to show you a bag I’ve had for a long time that I didn’t include in my previous collection post, and tell you its cautionary tale.  You may consider it an Enid Halloween Horror Story…

First up – a bag I’ve been on the lookout for for quite a while.  I’ve wanted this bag simply because of the hilarity of the title.  How is it possible that the meaning of two words could change so drastically in 50 years time?  We will call it the Bag Whose Name Shall Remain Unspoken in fear of the search engine traffic it would generate.

Oh yeah.  That’s right.  Feel free to snicker like a 14 year old boy.  I am.

The other bag was picked up for me by another vintage dealer pal who found it in Arkansas or somewhere.  It sure is nice to have friends who keep an eye out for you!

Isn’t she a beaut?  I’ve never seen this style before, and it’s in fabulous condition.  I’ve seen other transportation themed ones, like Cable Car and Carriage Trade, but never a Model T!  This one is also unusual because it does not have an ec or Collins of Texas logo on the outside lower right hand corner, which they almost always do.  However, the Collins of Texas logo is on the inside top by the mirror, so I know it’s real.  I would assume because of that it’s a later bag, done after Enid had sold the company to the Tandy Leather Corporation.  Still pretty though!

Next up is my knitting bag, which didn’t make it in to my previous post about my collection.  This is the one bag that gets used.  Or, I should clarify, DID get used…

I always kept a knitting project in this bag, but always at home, until recently when I began using it to haul my knitting to and from the shop.  Well yesterday at the shop I noticed a jewel was missing!  The horror!  And when I went to photograph it I noticed ANOTHER was missing!  (Insert horror B movie scream)  You can see the carnage here in the lower left corner of the bag.  I had one jewel in my stash that was close, and after scouring the path from the car to the front door I was fortunate to find one of the original fallen jewels:

Ahhh…all better.  You *almost* can’t tell.  So I hereby vow never to use any of my Enid’s again.  Too risky!

Christmas Time’s a Comin…

What’s that you say? It’s not even Halloween yet?  I’m sorry – I can’t hear you over the Rankin Bass Christmas marathon I have going.  Christmas is plain too awesome for just one month a year!  I officially declare I will observe the retail Christmas season – a full month longer than anyone deems reasonable!

I tried to hold out.   Really I did.  But I was helpless against the siren call of tinsel and hot glue.  We all knew it was going to happen sooner rather than later.  I am ashamed, and giddy all at once.

Isn’t she lovely?  This one’s for my mom, so I tried to dial down the kitsch.  Just wait til you see the next one I’ve got planned – knee hugging elves and diorama ornaments galore!

And speaking of kitsch.  I’ve got the mother of all awesome “Kitschmas” crafty time projects planned.  (Btw – I was just very pleased with myself thinking I came up with Kitschmas.  Google is laughing at me.)  Anyhoo, remember my recent reference to the glitter houses I made last year?  Well, really the fun part was decorating and glittering them, not building them.  So, this year (or however many years it takes) I plan to rehab this whole little Christmas village of Putz – style houses!

Aren’t they the cutest things you’ve ever set an eyeball on?  And imagine how much better they’re going to be with glitter and snow and fawns and tiny mercury glass balls in the trees???  I’m super ridiculously excited about this project.  Stay tuned.  It’s a Kitschmas madhouse up in here.

A Crime Against Vintage

To rehab or not to rehab?  That is the question.  Are you a purist or a functionalist?  Or somewhere in between?  Most antique appraisers will tell you that refinishing or otherwise altering an antique greatly decreases its value – but what about a vintage item that isn’t worth a ton to begin with?  Is it ok to shine it up a bit?  Reupholster?  Refinish?  Paint?

I have certainly done my share of recovering, painting, and making alterations to vintage items.  However.  I had a hair-raising experience last week and wanted to throw it out there and see how my lovely readers feel.  I had a gorgeous set of 50s barstools in my shop.  Perfect condition.  Hard to find.  Wanna see them?  Here they are:

Aren’t they purty?  Here’s the sad part.  A design show came in and bought them, and I overheard them  say they were going to recover them.  My heart dropped.  I felt nauseous.  I couldn’t refuse to sell them because they were already filming and they had already been paid for.  Is it just me or is this a crime against vintage?

I know, I know.  I sell things.  I sell things to people who will then own those things and can do whatever they like with said things.  I do not get to do a home visit and check references beforehand.  But it still hurts my heart.  When is it ok to alter an item and when is it not?  For me, if an item is in fantastic shape, I feel a responsibility to preserve it.  If not, free game.  What do you think?

In other news, I’ve got Christmas on the brain!  I got out all the Christmas odds and ends I’ve been collecting at estate sales all year and organized them in order to begin making ornament wreaths.

Isn’t it a glorious sight?  Piles of knee-hugging elves and indent ornaments – what could be more lovely?  And yes, I realize I plan to alter all these things by hot gluing them to tinsel garland wreaths.  I am a dirty rotten hypocrite.  Let the judging begin!


He’s Crafty!

May I just say, Mr. Crafter is no slouch in the interior design department.  We’ve always enjoyed decorating our house together, and he always has really great (although sometimes pretty out there) ideas.  I often call him the idea man.

I had been pretty blocked in my Halloween decorating this year.  In comes Mr. Crafter with a newfound obsession with vintage plastic Halloween masks, after seeing this display in NYC:

He ordered several from ebay and etsy, and when they arrived, decided they would be perfect decorating our C. Jere Raindrops sculpture:


It’s especially impressive in contrast to my weak prior attempt at Halloween decorating:

Aesthetically, I know there has to be a better solution than for these guys to be just floating oddly in space, unbalanced and off-center.   But I do not have the inspiration or motivation to play with it.  I’m too obsessed with all the vintage Christmas ornament wreaths I want to start making!  I wanted to make a Halloween glitter house like the Christmas ones I made last year, but I can’t find the necessary craft supplies in all the unpacked boxes still in our garage from the move.  Boo.  Maybe next year.  But look!  Weren’t they cute?

Also, I do not think I’ll be putting things on this mirror wall in the future.  A couple of the tiles feel a little loose and I’m terrified one will fall out and break.  It’s impossible to find replacements!

Have any of you had any Halloween decorating bursts of inspiration you’re especially proud of?

Cozy little town that it is…

Sorry for the silence around here but Mister Crafter and I went on a much needed little getaway to New York City for a few days.  I had grand plans of blogging while there, but was finding myself too busy with staying out way too late and sleeping in way too long to even open my computer once.  I blame it on the uber hip, super comfortable Ace Hotel where we stayed, the delicious cocktails we enjoyed, and great friends…

But!  I have some great things to show you.   Mister Crafter was an excellent sport and allowed himself to be drug to the Garment District for some fabric shopping!  What a guy, right?  My plans were to purchase fabric for a dress I’ve been wanting to make for awhile – Simplicity 3034, view 1:

Isn’t she gorgeous??  But I ran into a major problem:

I was so entirely overwhelmed by the volume and variety of fabrics in shop after shop after shop that I just could not settle on anything.  It was kind of ridiculous.  I felt a tad better after a fashion designer galpal told me she has the same problem.  However, the fabulous Mister Crafter saved the day and whisked me off to Brooklyn to show me some incredible vintage shops he had scouted out on a recent tour.  Happines – no, elation, ensued.

Gratuitous vintage COWICHANS!!  For both the fellas and the ladies!

Mouth watering vintage textiles!

And we even found a warehouse of bargain vintage furniture!

We walked away with winter coats for the whole family – a 60’s Coke delivery man uniform jacket for Mister Crafter with insanely awesome patches, a beautiful green and yellow tapestry coat for mama, and the most adorable red and black buffalo plaid hunting jacket for Little Betty.  Success.

The weather was so wonderful for our stay – the perfect opportunity to wear some of my favorite vintage dresses with boots and a jacket while exploring the city and strolling through Central Park:

The only problem is that we had so much fun we’re already planning our next getaway…

You can’t be Texan if you don’t love cowboy boots.

One of the great things about living in Texas is access to a plethora vintage cowboy boots.  Now, I am not a shoe person.  In the warmer weather you will find me in flip flops or ballet flats.  I care more about purses and dresses and jewelry and do not enjoy being uncomfortable, which cute shoes often are.  But when it starts to cool off, boy howdy, I love me some cowboy boots.  They go with everything!  They’re comfortable to wear all day!  Plus, they’re just awesome.  On my recent trip to the Warrenton flea market, my shopping pal scored the cutest Goding shorties with inlaid shamrocks.  I was green with envy.  *I* need vintage inlay shortie boots y’all!  It’s not fair!  So I headed southwest of town to Wimberly to pay a visit to the boot whisperer.

Whaa??  What is a boot whisperer you ask?  Well.  I’ll tell you.  At the Wild West Store in Wimberly Texas is Ulli, a German gal who can take one look at your naked foot and bring you your perfect vintage boots.  I hear your snorts.  I too was skeptical.  But I walked in the store and she said “Hi!  Are you looking for brown boots today?”  Why, yes I was actually.  She looked at my foot and proclaimed me a size 7.  Also true.  And while I didn’t walk out with my dream inlay shorties, I did score an amazing pair of boots that feel like butter on my feet.  And there were so, so many lovely boots there…

Are you drooling yet?  I know – it’s hard to process so much awesomeness.  And my fit-like-butter boots?

Not super unusual or anything, but I will wear these all the time.  Definite wardrobe staple.  And while I didn’t hit the boot jackpot at Warrenton like my friend, these boots do look awfully cute with the dress I scored there!

And just you wait – some shortie inlays are in my future…

A Case For Dressing Vintage

There are a lot of things to love about dressing vintage – being unique, recycling, wearing clothes that have stood the test of time and won’t fall apart after a few years.  But today another major benefit became evident to me.  I was dressed in one of my favorite 50s sundresses with cowboy boots and some Native American turquoise jewelry and twice when leaving a store a man held the door open for me saying something along the lines of “let me get that for you, ma’am.”  These were not vintage gentlemen.  They were young men.  And it occurred to me that this seems to rarely happen anymore.  Chivalry seems to be on the downswing, especially with the younger generation.  But when I’m wearing a vintage dress, I see it more.  I get doors held open.  I get respectful smiles and hellos.  I do not get cat calls or lecherous glances.  Why is this?  Does a vintage dress remind a man of his mother or grandmother?  Does the flattering but non-revealing cut of a 50s dress invite respect or suggest class?  I would like to think so, but of course it could be a byproduct of wearing a dress when most everyone else is wearing yoga pants.

Do any of you notice a kinder and gentler public when dressed vintage?

Here are some pictures from my pinterest of modern day people wearing vintage or vintage inspired items, and doing it very well.