Mr. Crafter has great taste.

He always gets me such great presents.

He thought these danish modern cats were Enid Collins – ish, and I agree.  They look perfect gracing the entrance to my sewing room/guest room/Enid Collins obsessitorium.

Although every time I see them, I can’t help hearing in my head “We are Siamese if you please / We are Siamese if you don’t please.”


I got a headstart on next year’s Kitschmas obsession.

There is a house in my neighborhood that has sparked what I suspect will flourish into another Kitschmas obsession.  Their yard is full – FULL – of vintage plastic light up Christmas decor.  Elves, wrapped presents, candy canes, Santa in sleigh with reindeer, Santa by himself, North Pole and Santa’s Workshop signs…it’s all there.  I am in love.  I passed up some pretty great examples earlier in the season, but after seeing this house went back last weekend to see if any of it was still there.  Of course the big awesome pieces were gone, but I did get a couple smaller ones:

Know what’s especially awesome about it?  My little Santa is a bit of a bruiser – he has a black eye!

Don’t mess with him.  He will hurt you.

Stay tuned next year for a full on granny style exterior Kitschmas display!

Merry Kitschmas and Happy Holidays to you all, my dears.

A Secret Knit – Revealed!

I have spent the last 6 weeks feverishly and secretly knitting away on Mister Crafter’s 40th birthday present.  Do you remember my past post about my collection of cowichan knitting patterns?  Well I decided to at long last make him the nautical Mary Maxim one out of my collection.

For those of you who have asked how long it takes to knit a cowichan, now you know.  A busy, working mom who is not the world’s fastest knitter needs about 6 weeks to produce this:

I made the option with raglan sleeves because I’ve found set in sleeves can tend to pouf, which is not the most masculine look around.  Because of that, the anchors have a different layout than on the pictured pattern.  But I like it better.  I used Canadian Briggs and Little yarn and it was a real pleasure working with.  It was nice and grabby, which is just what you want when doing color work.  And, miracle of miracles, it fits!  Whew.  And how about those ship wheels on the elbows?  How cool are they?  I think Mr. Crafter’s only tattoo regret is the spider webs on his elbows which prevent him from getting ship wheels instead.

Have any of you been slaving away on secret handmade gifts?  Do you think you’ll meet your deadline?

Weekend Finds

I went on a pretty major shopping trip for the shop this weekend.  It was the stuff of dreams and legends, people.  So much great stuff!  Of course I had to claim a few little prizes – to keep  my spirits up!  But I think I showed some great restraint – out of 3 cuckoo clocks (one was a killer chalet and the other an owl for pete’s sake) I’m only keeping this tiny little novelty one for my collection:

Are those people see-sawing?  How bizarre.  I love it.

I also couldn’t resist sneaking these snowflake glasses into my cupboard:

And these Christmas placemats were a must-have:

But this last thing might be my favorite of all.  I picked up the box because of the adorable graphics on it and then squealed in delight when I saw what was inside:

Gorgeous vintage wrapping paper and too cute for words gift tags.  Eeek!  Is it weird or wrong that I will never ever use this stuff – only revel in the unbridled glee my possession of it brings?  At least when TLC comes to film me for Hoarders they will be uncovering layer upon layer of awesomeness.

The Cowichan Collection

The weather has dipped down into the 30s here in Texas.  It’s like a frozen tundra!  Seriously!  There was some frost on my lawn chairs this morning.  I know.  Crazy.  Anyway, this arctic cold front has left me dreaming of cowichans.  You know I love me some cowichans.  They’re so cozy!  And even on the coldest day, they seem to provide plenty of warmth.  What’s that?  You don’t know what a cowichan is?  You can catch up by reading my past post here.

As much as I love cowichans, I only have one, sadly.

German Shepherd?  Llama?  We may never know.  (But I’d like to believe it’s a llama.)

I need to get cracking on the one I started knitting over the summer!  And  you may remember Little Betty’s sweet squirrel cowichan that I knitted for her last year.

But Mr. Crafter is the one with the real cowichan glory.  He has three lovely vintage ones that he would live in if he could.

This is the original, and obviously VERY well worn cowichan.  Someday I’m going to have to find this pattern and knit a replacement.  There was a long period of time where Mr. Crafter was never seen out of this sweater.

That led to the necessity for an addition to our cowichan collection.  Enter this one featuring pheasant hunting.  An odd choice for a family of long time vegetarians, but…when dealing with vintage, you take what you find and what fits sometimes!  The colors are great and it’s in good shape.  Plus, it has this:

From the Knitting Needles of Sharon Peterson.  *note to self – must find personalized knitting labels!

Then there’s the incredible Christmas Cowichan.

And speaking of Christmas and things I’m loving right now, I’m really into my new Christmas cactus:

There’s something so lovely about a cactus that blooms beautifully only at Christmastime.

Hello, My Name is Betty and I Can’t Stop Buying Salt and Pepper Shakers.

I was inspired by reading Rae’s recent post over on Say It Ain’t So about her trip to the salt and pepper shaker museum to show you my own growing collection.  I do love me some salt and pepper shakers folks.  They’re so darn cute!  So here we go – these are my complete sets.  Soon I will show you my collection of widows.

Of course you know I’m going to have multiple sets of owls.

Not only are owls just awesome, but they have the most personality of any other of my sets.  The tall brown ones are my most recent acquisition – I found them in Brooklyn on our recent trip to NYC.

But the woodland friends are not limited to owls.

I really love that these skunks have clothespins on their noses.  Cause they stink!  Get it??  Ha.  Anyway, squirrels are also dutifully represented.

These pigs are the set that I actually use.  I love their helpful and sweet little expressions.  They are always ready to serve my salt and pepper needs.

I especially adore these little houses.  Shortie was actually jealous of my score for once when I snagged these at an estate sale!  And the little man and woman came from the same sale.  Don’t feel bad for Shortie though – she got some good sets there too!  This woman had hundreds of sets from the 40s to the 60s.  It was insane.

Aren’t these parakeets sweet?  And the wooden set was a gift from my aunt who really gets my style.  Lastly, the kangaroos are remains from our beloved 1961 Shasta Airflyte, which was decorated in vintage travel souvenirs.  Do you have anything you really regret letting go of?  For Mr. Crafter and I it’s our Shasta.  When we moved a few years ago we thought we didn’t have anyplace for it at the new place.  We should have kept it.  Behold: