Finds for the week

I’ve had a pretty productive shopping week!  You already saw my new Enid, but I have a few more things to show you.

First, I really love crewel embroidery.  Framed, pillowed…I love it all.  It’s rad.  So even though I spent a long time trying to talk myself out of buying this (I mean, I seriously don’t need it) in the end I found I just couldn’t pass it up.

It’s pretty great, right?  I love the psychedelic 60s styling and Pennsylvania Dutch motifs. No one has ever tried smoking in my craft room, but if they do, I’m covered.

The next great find this week was what is most likely the most adorable set of TV trays you ever laid an eyeball on.

I know, right?  It’s painfully sweet.  Two are headed for the shop, but my sister in law snagged one for the nursery she’s putting together for her baby girl arriving this summer, and Little Betty’s room needed one too:

Now for the biggest find!  When we moved last summer we sold our patio set.  Mr. Crafter never liked it (he thought it was to “grandma”) so off it went.  Ever since I’ve been searching for a good replacement, but lordy cool vintage patio sets are hard to find!  So imagine my euphoria when I snagged this Salterini set at an estate sale yesterday!

Aren’t those hoop chairs the coolest thing ever?  It’s quite fabulous I think.  It’s going to look great on the deck we’re having built next month!  You may remember me awhile back musing on mid century landscaping ideas and I have continued musing ever since on what to do at the back of our house:

Mr. Crafter and I both thought a patio would be more period appropriate, but the slope of the yard would make putting one in quite a process.  So, a deck it is.  And I do think we’ll like it a lot.

What treasures did you find this week?


Fountain of Enid

Little Betty and I enjoyed quite the ladies day of leisure today, lunching with our best gal pal and then heading out of town for some thrifting/vintage shopping.  As usual, it was mostly for the shop, but of course a few things were too perfect for me to let go of.  Like this pyrex bowl and two carnival glass goblets:

But the real news from today’s adventure was the Fountain of Enid I discovered in a charming little vintage dress shop.  Behold:

The bad quality photos are most likely due to my shaking hands at discovering such bounty.  I’ve never seen so much Enid in one place except for my own house!  There were like 30 Enids in that shop!  There were even more scattered throughout the store if you can believe it.

The only bad news is that there were no bargains here, so I won’t be able to share the booty in my etsy shop.  But one did come home with me to join the family.  Any guesses which one I couldn’t live without?

Here she is!

Isn’t she lovely?  I recently bid on something similar on ebay that ended up going for $200.  I’ve been wanting something I could carry without fear of ruining, and I think this little beauty fits the bill perfectly!  Whee!

I was also tempted by the Pear Tree, but I do have SOME restraint.  Really, I do.

One More Pink Bathroom Saved!

Last June the Crafter family was fortunate enough to score the most amazing time capsule mid century ranch in all the land.  We’re totally crackers for this house.  It was like it was made for us!  It has everything we ever said we wanted in a house – a fireplace, original kitchen and baths, a huge lot, outbuildings, a creek – and add onto that the fact that the original kitchen is TURQUOISE for the love of all things and the baths were one green and one pink!  For a few years before buying this house I had recurring dreams about a house with a pink and a green bathroom, so I guess this really is the house of my dreams!  The one fly in the ointment was the pink bathroom.  Although the original tile (pink with blue trim) was in great shape, the sink was horrendous – an 80’s wood vanity with faux-marble sink top, and the toilet had a wood seat.  Here is the listing picture from when we bought the house:

To my eye these “updates” just ruined the magic of the pink bathroom.  So I set out to restore this little gem back to its glory days.  It wasn’t expensive or difficult.  One pink toilet seat from amazon and a $5 pink sink from craigslist and ta-da!  Here we are!

We were lucky that the pink sink and toilet seat matched pretty well, and that the tile behind and under the old vanity wasn’t damaged.  I do have a little grout cleaning still to do on the floor under the sink, but that’s totally do-able.  In all, our mini bathroom restoration project was cheap, easy, and hugely satisfying.  Our bathroom is now the magical pink palace it was meant to be.  *sniff*

Playhouse Renovations

Little Betty’s playhouse is getting a little renovation too!  The cracks in the walls and floors let in a lot of dirt and bugs, and even though I tried caulking the cracks, the caulk washed away pretty much after the first rain.  So…after seeing Miss Birdie Blue Sky’s awe-inspiring playhouse, I decided to completely steal her idea take some inspiration from it for Little Betty’s playhouse to solve our problem!  We had some leftover green VCT tile from our kitchen, living, and dining room, so all we needed was some wainscoting and crown molding and here we are!

Now with the smooth clean floors and walls it’s looking bare to me so you know what that means – more accessories STAT!  And its clear I can no longer put off making curtains.  I’m thinking some yellow polka dots or calico.  I’d also like to find some sort of cabinet to store dishes and other goodies.  Next I plan to hit up Grandad to build a loft.  Poor Little Betty.  She doesn’t have any good toys :)

Shiny Floors = Awesomer floors

Recently over on No Pattern Required Sara talked about the importance of sealing your VCT floors and NOT using the consumer quality sealer available at big box stores.  Which we totally did after we had our VCT installed.  It didn’t give us the shine we were hoping for and scuffed up pretty easily.  When our contractor came to begin some other renovations on the house he suggested we let him wax and buff our VCT while he was there.  Let me tell you – it was SO worth the money!  Here’s a picture of our floors after installation:

And here’s a floor after a couple coats of wax and a buff! (Please excuse the less than amazing night time picture – the weather here has been lousy and our house is crazy with workmen during the day)

It’s so smooth and shiny now and doesn’t scuff up anymore.  I highly recommend to anyone with VCT a professional wax and buff, not just for aesthetics, but apparently this will help maintain them better as well.  Our contractor says after this we can just have it buffed once a year.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but don’t worry – I’ll be posting plenty soon about more changes around here like our pink bathroom restoration, some playhouse fixing up, and the exciting barn renovations!

Happy Chickens Make Tasty Eggs

I haven’t talked much about our chickens here on the blog.  When Little Betty was about a year old (so 2 years ago) I decided it would be a nice childhood memory for her to have backyard chickens – collecting eggs, feeding, playing with them.  So we got 4 one day old chicks and never looked back.  They are Enid, Gladys, Vera, and Lucille.  They are lovely and sweet and a real joy to watch.  But these poor ladies have been living in a coop that they had long since outgrown.

It was time to move on up!  Y’all, I am head over heels IN LOVE with our new setup:

It was built by the same gentleman who built Little Betty’s playhouse.  Doesn’t he do lovely work?  And it was pretty comparable in price to other chicken coops we looked at that were WAY less awesome.  Our girls are absolutely in heaven!  They immediately got busy scratching the new dirt and clearing out any greens they could find.  And there were dirt baths a plenty!

Here they are all bedded down for the night in their new home:

Would you believe all 4 chickens are in this picture?  They sleep like puppies.  I’m sure they were not amused by my taking flash pictures at bedtime.

Little Betty is thrilled too.  I can hardly keep her out of it!  She keeps saying “I’m a farmer!”  Money well spent on all accounts I say.

Changes are afoot at Casa Crafter!

This coming week brings some exciting new changes to our house!  We’re getting a few things done around here, like a fancy new chicken coop, some renovations to Little Betty’s playhouse, and restorations to our pink bathroom.  But most exciting, I think, is that we are finally beginning the renovations to make the first floor of our “barn” into an office for Mr. Crafter.  Here’s what it looks like right now:

Our design goal is mid century gas station office.  Or,  more specifically, the office Don Draper might have if he were a petroleum mogul.  We scored the ultimate executive steel tanker desk this week, as well as some great vintage chairs and an end table, and Mr. Crafter can’t wait to decorate with all the eclectic odds and ends he loves.  So stay tuned to see what kind of difference some paint and freshly sealed concrete floors can make!