Warrenton Round 2! Also, Little Betty Loves Santa. A Lot.

Oh how I love the Antique Festival.  Today I went with my mom and Little Betty and it was glorious.  There was so much eye candy there!  Observe.

I need this.  I really REALLY need this.  Alas I resisted. I also really need one or five of these letters.  Again I resisted. Mr. Crafter really scored today.  My main goal was to find him an anniversary present. When I saw this old windshield wiper display I just knew it was perfect for his new office.  And the orange chair I bought for the store but when Mr. Crafter spied it in the back of the van it didn’t have a chance.  And I have to admit it does look perfect in his office. I also brought back this Mobil trash can for his office. It’s always a good day when I find a vintage dress that fits just right and this 50s taffeta-ish number did not disappoint! It photographed terribly and got wrinkled in the bag so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s awesome.

You know what I don’t have enough of?  Salt and pepper shakers!  What’s that?  I already have too many?  But these are elves! Aren’t they the cutest?  I thought so too.  Then when I unpacked them at home I discovered this: I also came away with these 3 amazing purses for the shop.  They were just so great I had to share them with you.

Aren’t those Enids devine??  They are in really great shape.  And the mushroom purse absolutely KILLS me.  I heart it big time.

But the real story today lies with Little Betty.

I think I may have overdone it at Christmastime because ever since Little Betty has had a pretty major obsession with my Christmas blow molds.  The nutcracker (whom she has named Cree) and the Santa have taken up permanent residence in her playspaces.  Santa is her special favorite.  She calls him her darling, whispers secrets to him, and throws him multiple tea parties a day.

Well what do you think was the first thing we saw today?

It was love at first sight folks.  I actually made her put this down but she kept talking about how she wanted to go see Santa so we turned around and went back for him.  After that she didn’t put him down for a second.

Her first collection!  *sniff*  She is definitely a girl after my own heart.


A few little things…

Little Betty and I headed out for some shopping for the store and you know what always happens – a few things for ourselves invariably sneak into our bags!  Wanna see?

A few little accessories for Little Betty’s playhouse:

I absolutely could not resist this honey jar, even though it wasn’t exactly cheap.  The other sides of the jar have really cute cartoon bees.   Adorbs.   Little Betty herself picked out the antique flour scoop, water dipper, and vinegar bottle.

We picked up some more accessories for Mr. Crafter’s “playhouse” too!

Like this plastic anatomy model:

And these old gas station maps:

But coolest of all I think is this snake bite kit:

We have long lusted after a gas pump.  I just barely resisted this one:

When I saw this squirrel planter, my squeal of delight was entirely with anticipation of how cute it would look in the shop.  Who was I kidding?  It’s never going to leave my house.

The fate of this ridiculously awesome donkey toothbrush holder is still unknown.  I don’t need it, but can I resist it?  If history is any indication, the answer is no.

All this was from a little pre-shopping of my favorite antique festival that starts next week – Warrenton!  So stay tuned for some more finds throughout the next couple of weeks from the antique bonanza the festival always proves to be!

Did you score anything great this weekend?

Office Space – Mid Century Style!

Remember me talking about how Mr. Crafter and I were starting the process of renovating our barn into an office for him?  Well you saw the before pictures.

Now we are proud to say our “if Don Draper was an oil exec” office is complete(ish)!

The steel tanker desk gives the space exactly the look we were hoping for.   I’m so glad we didn’t go with the danish modern style we were considering!  Plus, Mr. Crafter really needs the extra workspace this extended “executive edition” tanker desk provides.  He often has guests so these vintage auditorium seats are much needed.  Comfortable too!  The school maps are a functional window covering as the mister needs to refer to maps quite often in his work.  It’s a bonus that it looks cool!

There were a few cabinet doors missing and the replacements aren’t a perfect match.  Maybe some more coats of stain will do the trick.  The truck door used to be part of a couch an artist friend made which fell apart long ago.  Glad we could salvage at least part of it.

Here is our cursive typewriter and an old radio we converted into an ipod player.

I can really see a collection of vintage perpetual calendars coming on!  I love this globe one.  I’m having serious regrets over selling the fawn one I came across last summer.  I hope whoever bought it at the shop loves it!

This vintage phone is from Italy.  Wish there was a way to hook it up.  Oh well – still cool as an art piece.  

Mr. Crafter does love his tchotchkes…

Being able to open the garage door and look out into the yard is such a great feature of this space!  That is, until the scorching Texas summer is upon us…


The Pepsi machine has been a favorite of our party guests for many years now as it holds over 100 beers!  We have yet to restock it but I think Shiners and Topo Chicos are on the short list.

All in all, we’re both very excited about how the office turned out!  Mr. Crafter can easily host meetings or have a quiet workspace away from Little Betty and I vying for his attention.  The barn was one of the things that sold Mr. Crafter on this house when we first saw it.  There is also a second story that he has some big plans for.  Oh just you wait.  You have no idea.

Little Betty’s Little Cabinet

Remember this recent garage sale score?

Even in the sorry condition it was in, I knew $5 was a steal.  Now I’ve had my crafty little way with it and it’s happily situated in its new home in Little Betty’s playhouse!  Wanna see?

Isn’t it sweet?? Love.  Although I painted it in a dark room and can now see that some touch up painting is needed.  Little Betty helped me paint it too!  It was pretty simple – a coat of paint, some 40’s raspberry wallpaper (with a coat of Modge Podge over it due to it’s extreme fragility) and some Anthropologie squirrel knobs.  What more could a gal want?

Something else made its way out to the playhouse too.  Remember over the summer when I found this tea set at an estate sale?

I decided it was just too perfect for the playhouse to stay locked up in my china cabinet.  Besides, how much damage can she really do to a tin tea set?  And she was beside herself with happiness when I told her she could have it.  I’m a bit obsessed with the playhouse right now.  Next up – curtains!

Enid of the Week

It’s time for another roundup of my favorite Enids for sale on the web!

First off is a design near and dear to my heart – Texicana.

The Alamo, a cowboy boot, oil rigs, and a longhorn?  Love it.  You don’t see this design too often and it’s in great shape which explains it’s $275 price tag.   You can buy it here from etsy seller Vintage And Moore.

This next design is another favorite theme of mine – the bicentennial!

This bag appears to be in near mint condition without any signs of wear.  I also love the handles on this bag.  I actually came across this same purse this weekend for $10!  Of course it’s not quite as clean but does have all its jewels.  I still haven’t decided if it’s headed to the shop or staying with me.  But this one can definitely be yours right here for $149 from ebay seller Mad 4 Mod Vintage.

Now I want to show you something really special.

Although Enid was a talented artist across many different mediums, you almost never find any of her art for sale.  This St. Francis tapestry is quite a rare find.  I’ll be interested to see how much it goes for. Want to get in on the action?  Here is the auction from ebay seller zerubbabal.

I will leave you with a shot of my two reunited Gemma Taccogna pieces (you know I couldn’t resist going back for her!






I’m out of town on a shopping trip this weekend, like I do, so  I decided to hit up some local thrifts to see what I could see.  I found myself at a popular thrift/consignment shop, perusing the vast piles of furniture and housewares when from across the room I met the soulful eyes of a beautiful lady.  I knew exactly what she was right away.  I beelined for her, grabbed her off the shelf, and flipped her over to check the bottom.

That’s right folks.  I had clutched in my shaking little mitts an authentic Gemma Taccogna papier mache sculpture!

Sure, she’s not in mint condition.  She’s got a chipped nose and a bit of flaking paint.  But I think it only adds to her charm!  Her “patina” combined with the earthy colors and flower designs give her such a romantic appeal.  I just love her.  Oh how I have lusted after a Gemma Taccogna of my very own for so long!  But these suckers go for hundreds of dollars!  Who can drop that kind of dough except for serious collectors?  Not Betty, anyway.  But I never expected to find one in a thrift store!  There was another smaller one there that didn’t have the bottom anymore, so did not have a signature.  But I’m seriously tempted to go back for it because I feel pretty sure it’s a Gemma Taccogna too.

Not familiar with the amazing Gemma?  She was a papier mache artist in the 60s who spurred an army of copy cats.  She did a lot of lady heads like this one.  She is also responsible for the following awesomeness:

Cathy Of California

Etsy seller Lily’s Porch

The Papier Mache Resource

Aren’t they lovely?  I’m so excited.  But that’s not all I scored at this shop.  Besides a pile of great art and lamps for the shop, I found myself unable to resist these:

A butterscotch bakelite ring in just my size, a carved bakelite clamper in the loveliest shade of orange, and an old turquoise cuff bracelet.  And there was tons more bakelite I didn’t get believe it or not!  Since it was part consignment, the prices were a bit more than you’d expect than a thrift store.  But the quality of stuff was far superior and the deals were still good enough not to be able to resist!

Are you finding anything good this weekend?

A Vintage Craft In Progress

I have mentioned here a few times how much I love vintage crewel work.  I always keep an eye peeled for it whenever I’m out shopping and have several pieces both in my home and my shop.  But never did it occur to me to buy a vintage kit and make my own until I happened upon the amazing work of local Austin company August Morgan.  You may remember me blogging about them in the past when I came away with an amazing God Bless Our Pad pillow.  After that experience my wheels started turning and I started keeping an eye out for vintage crewel kits just like are used at August Morgan.  Last week I hit the jackpot with a lovely kit of a design I had seen when shopping August Morgan’s pillows!

I’m so excited to make this to join the crewel giraffe pillow currently on Little Betty’s bed.  These vintage kits are amazing – they come with everything you need to make the pillow except the pillow form!  The stamped fabric, wool, trim, zipper, even the needle!

I don’t do too much embroidery but I’ve really been enjoying settling down in the evening with this project.  The organic textures of the burlap and wool really appeal to me.

If you think you’d like to try this too head on over to No Pattern Required where I just wrote a post about vintage crewel kits and featured several great designs currently for sale!

Enid of the Week

I’ve decided to start a new feature here on the old blog – Enid of the Week.  In this feature I’ll highlight one Enid Collins box bag and one canvas that are for sale on the interwebs that I think are fabulous.  I’ve gotten to the point with Enids that it takes a special one to pique my fancy.   And I’d like to share those special ones with all of you!

First up we have a lovely Flower Child box bag by etsy seller Kayskollectible.

This is a rare design, and super adorable too!  I love the varied and bright colors.  The jewels are all intact and clean.  The price is high, $255, but I don’t think it’s ridiculously high.  I am certainly guilty of paying this much or more for an Enid I really love.  It also features the coveted ec copyright (meaning the purse was produced during the time Enid herself ran the company).  If you would like this purse to be yours it can be purchased here.

Next is a canvas bag titled Gilded Cage by etsy seller medusacurls.

This is another design you don’t see too often.  I love the color palette on this bag.  Aqua, green, and gold?  Yes please!  And the styling of the birds and birdcage is so mod and lovely.  At $175 this bag is no steal either, but still well within the reasonable range for an Enid Collins bag with ec copyright.  If you love this bag, it can be yours!  Purchase it here.

Although I did not buy these Enids, I did get some scores this week!  Little Betty and I hit up a flea market this morning that we had great luck at a couple of weeks ago.  It was that occasion that she had her first official “pick!”  She saw something and totally claimed it.  And it was so awesome that I just had to buy it for her:

It’s a fiberglass race car off an old carnival ride.  Mr. Crafter might have been even more excited than Little Betty when he saw us unloading it out of the van.

Although we didn’t find anything quite so awesome this time, I did scoop up plenty of smalls for the shop (including a super awesome aqua typewriter that types in cursive!) and a few sweet books for Little Betty and myself:

I also couldn’t pass up this lovely Napco head vase from a dealer friend:

I absolutely love it.  I just knew she would look perfect in my bedroom and I’m so glad I sprung for it!

On the way home from our shopping I stopped at a garage sale in my neighborhood and picked this up for $5:

I’ve been wanting some kind of cabinet for Little Betty’s playhouse and this is more than I could have hoped for!  Once I have my way with some wood filler, paint, 40s wallpaper, and Anthropologie knobs, it’s going to be just perfect.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out!

What treasures did you find this weekend?