St. Enid Trauma Center

I got an emergency text from a friend over the weekend who spotted some Collins purses at a local estate sale.  I of course dropped everything and rushed right over and snatched up 2 Enids.

Obviously they have seen better days, especially the Glitter Bugs, who had sadly had every one of its jewels removed.  There was also a Money Tree there that was in even worse shape than the Glitter Bugs – someone had tried to remove the silkscreening as well as all the jewels and coins; it was sadly beyond repair.  The Tres Flores is in decent shape (just missing several of those tiny jewels) and needs some G00-Gone applied to the sticky handle.  And luckily at St Enid Trauma Center, Casa Crafter branch, I had a stash of replacement jewels I just knew would save the day!

Ta-da!  Now her Glitter Bugs are glittering once more!  Clearly it’s still not perfect (there are some scratches and I think the butterfly originally had a plastic body/frame/antennae piece) but now this bag could be carried or displayed proudly.  Both bags have been delivered to the shop where they are awaiting the person who will love them as much as they deserve.

On that note, the number of Enids I have at the shop has been growing quite rapidly.  I have been taking Collins bags there that did not fit into my collection for whatever reason and I now have 8 – EIGHT! – Enid Collins purses in my store!  I plan to do a post about them very soon as well as add them to my *empty* etsy store.  I may also add some bakelite pieces that are in the shop.  So stay tuned…

There was another rescue project I just couldn’t leave behind at this sale.

Can’t you just see the inner beauty here?  It was so cheap there was no way it was getting left behind, even though it needs a lot of work.  It’s missing a cord entirely, the base needs repainted, and the metal shade needs repainted.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of paint to use to repaint a metal shade?

To Sell Or Not To Sell…That Is The Question…

I have a dilema, friends.  I picked up this little number at an estate sale yesterday and I’m pretty in love with it:

Isn’t she gorgeous?  What’s the problem, you ask?  Well, I already have 3, yes, THREE, vintage sewing machines.  How many vintage sewing machines does a gal really need, anyway?  But this one is turquoise!  I don’t have a turquoise one!  Wanna see what I do have?

A pink Jaguar!  I do love this machine.  Even though I don’t often sew with it unless my favorite one is messing up, she’s still serviced and ready to serve my sewing needs at a moment’s notice.  She’s a good girl.

A Singer Genie 353.  The flower power design of this one is what had me hunting down one of these machines for ever.  It sews well and has a few fancy extra stitches my other machines don’t do without an attachment, which is nice.

And the love of my life, the best sewing machine a girl could ask for, my darling Singer 301a.  I adore this machine and do 90% of my sewing on it.  It’s a tank.  It’s a sweetheart.  It’s my #1 favorite.

So what do I do?  Keep the pretty turquoise Home Mark (which would nicely round out my collection, I must say), or sell it and make a tidy profit since I got it for a steal?  Not to mention make some other gal giddy with excitement when she finds it in the shop?  Oh it’s a rough life for your old pal Betty, isn’t it?


Recent Finds

I haven’t done too much shopping in the last couple of weeks, but of course I have a few things to show you!  First, you know it’s all about squirrels for me.  I have no idea why.  But when I encountered this combination of squirrel + bakelite, my head exploded.

I knew I couldn’t leave it behind.  But as any of you bakelite lovers might guess, it wasn’t cheap.  Luckily, my darling Mr. Crafter offered to buy it for me as an early birthday present!  Wheeee!  I love it.

But that wasn’t the only squirrel that has crossed my path recently!  Our pal Eartha Kitsch loves squirrels as much as I do.  And one of the many forms in which she likes her squirrels is made out of nuts.  A few days ago while browsing a local vintage shop I felt the presence of a nutty squirrel.  Seriously!  It was like I had a nut-squirrel divining rod that led me straight to it.  I knew it would be there, and then there it was.

Now I just have to get off my lazy tuchus and put it in the mail!

I also came into possession of these cutesy, unused coloring books for Little Betty:

I had a pretty big shopping outing today with Little Betty.  We hit up an estate sale where I bought several pieces of furniture for the shop, and then to a favorite thrift where I scooped up 3 boxes of smalls.

Here’s what I got for the store:

I am a total sucker for souvenir plates, trays, hankies, pillows, etc.  Not for myself, but for some reason I have this idea that I need them for the store.  And they do sell pretty well.  So today I came away with 6 state trays and 3 plates.  To add to the 4 state trays, 6 state plates, and 3 state hankies I already have in the shop.  Obsessed much?  Anyhoo — look over here!  Aren’t those cookbooks cute?  They are filled with amazing graphics.  Besides, doesn’t everyone need to know how to throw a successful dinner party?  And those mushroom canisters and teaset?  Love.

Of course I also picked up a few things for Casa Crafter:

That coffe mug has the cutest little stamp at the bottom of the cup that says “Back To Work.”  And I’m pretty close to full blown collecting all the Alpine Chalet dinnerware I can find.

There is one more pretty great find from today that I’m saving for next time.  What could it be??

I’ve been busy, just not blogging

Sorry for the silence around here!  I’ve been wrapped up in my little world, enjoying the gorgeous Texas springtime.  Little Betty and I have been spending every possible moment in the backyard, taking full advantage of the new deck and treehouse.

As you can see we decided to move our “On Earth As It Is In Austin, TX” sign from the chicken coop to the deck.  This sign has always been a favorite of ours ever since we liberated it from a closed down BBQ restaurant years and years ago.

Little Betty is over the moon about her new treehouse and spends hours climbing and sliding and moving things from her playhouse up there to set up a real treehouse.  While she’s busy playing, I’ve been reading in the hammock or watching my garden grow.

Cucumbers and squash along with various other fruits and veggies I planted in farm stock tanks…

Blackberries from the bushes I planted just this spring…Persimmons….(anyone have a good recipe for persimmon pudding?)

And lots and lots of figs.

I had never eaten a fig before moving to this house last summer (that is, except in a Newton!) and I’m pretty excited about making full use of them this year.

The chickens are laying plentifully too, which means it’s pretty easy to fix a full meal just out of the backyard!  Even more so in a few weeks when everything starts to ripen.  On earth as it is in Austin, indeed.

I’ve been busy inside, too.  I’ve finally picked up my knitting needles again to work on a darling little pixie hat for the precious niece whose arrival is fast approaching:

Are you enjoying your spring?  How are your gardens coming along?

Warrenton Finds And…The Giveaway!

Before I show you the find for YOU, my lovely readers, I’d like to show you the things I couldn’t live without yesterday.

Now, I already have a cookie jar.  A very cute little birdhouse, which I have always loved and has fulfilled my every desire as far as cookie jars are concerned.  Until yesterday when I saw a cookie jar that turned my head away from my little birdhouse and convinced me that 2 cookie jars could peaceably coexist in my kitchen.

The cuteness of this squirrel cookie jar absolutely floors me.  I tried to leave it behind but I was powerless against its charms.  So here it is in my kitchen, beside the birdhouse.  Can you blame me?

I’m super excited about this sweet 50s sundress and celluloid and wood leaf necklace.  The dress fits like a dream and the necklace is fabulous.  Plus it will go perfectly with my green-bakelite-leaf-with-wood-acorn earrings that usually go with nothing.

I’ve been wanting a Hudson Bay wool blanket for quite awhile.  This one isn’t Hudson Bay – it’s called Whitney Point – but I love the soft teal color and it was in way better condition than the Hudson Bay blankets the vendor had.  It’s perfect for our guest room which was in desperate need of a warm extra blanket.I promised Little Betty I would bring her back a present.  But she got 3.

Even though the price was a little steeper than I wanted and the vendor would not deal at all, I just had to get her this little house purse.

She of course loves it and it is currently full of Little People and her toy cell phone.

This dress ended up being too big but will be a favorite next year for sure!

And lastly I just had to get this 30s feedsack fabric.  I’m already envisioning a summer dress much like the yellow one that was too big.

Now if I could just get past that pesky crafting block…

Now for the REALLY exciting part!  Want to see what I picked up for one of you lucky readers?  Are you ready?  Because it’s pretty darn cute…

The most adorable squirrel planter ever!!  Isn’t he just too much?  Well if you love him as much as I do, he can be yours!  All you have to do is:

1) Like my Facebook page or become a Twitter follower (button in the sidebar)

2) Leave a comment!

You can be anywhere in the world and you can earn an extra entry by posting about the giveaway on your own blog or social networking platform!  Just leave a second comment with the link to your post.

I’ll announce the winner a week from today – Thursday April 12th!

Warrenton Round 3! Plus an upcoming giveaway!

Dudes.  Is it possible that the 3d time is the charm?  We had SO much great luck today!  Today I had the pleasure of shopping with my super fun pal Cassie and the fabulous Chelsea from Atomic Summer.  We got there early and stayed late which is a good thing because it was like an avalanche of awesomeness!  We could hardly contain ourselves and were positively giddy for much of the day.  Here are a few things I thought y’all would want to see.

This aqua and gold fleck laminate drawer made me salivate just thinking about the kitchen it must have belonged to.  Oh what I would do for aqua gold fleck laminate….

I have absolutely no idea what this is but I found it fascinating.  It has bunny ears, feathers, and a Christmas tree base.

This strawberry bakelite necklace was simply incredible.  I’ve never seen one before and was about to spring for it until I realized I was misreading the price.  What I thought was $125 was actually $1250.  Oops.  Even though she was willing to drastically cut the price, it was still too much.  However, Cassie did score a very similar bakelite necklace here with oranges instead of strawberries for a far more reasonable price.  Chelsea came away with a bakelite necklace with lemons that was way too cute, and I settled for another great necklace that I’ll show you tomorrow.  But the mouth watering bakelite didn’t stop there!  Behold:

I cannot even tell you how badly I wanted that black clamper with the sparrow.  But it too was WAY out of my price range.  Maybe it will still be there next year…  And don’t overlook the green clamper with the swordfish and the wood/red combo clamper!

This vendor had so much jaw dropping bakelite!  This is the vendor I bought my cherry necklace from (which I was wearing today and got a gazillion compliments on!)

Lastly I’d like to show you something I did come home with.  It’s for the shop, but I’m pretty excited about it.

A Brasilia dresser/credenza!  Isn’t it insane?  The matching highboy and headboard were not at a good price for resale but I just couldn’t leave the dresser behind.  They sell like hotcakes in the shop and this one is very special.

Ok, now for the exciting news! Tomorrow I’ll be announcing a giveaway!  It’s something I bought today and I can assure you it’s cuteness is off the charts.  It’s hard for me not to keep it actually.  But I want to share the fun of all my great scores!  So come back tomorrow to see all the great stuff I couldn’t leave behind and what will be up for grabs in my very first giveaway!