Job Perks – I Got Em!

One of the great things about being a vintage buyer and seller for a living is that sometimes I can buy something, keep it for awhile to see if it works for me, and sell it if it doesn’t.  This weekend I headed out of town to pick up a couch and chair from an estate sale that I bought based on the pictures only.  It looked like a great set, but appeared in the photos to be a royal blue, which is not a color I have in my house.  No problem, I knew they would sell lickety-split.  But when I arrived at the sale and saw the set, my heart stopped.  Friends, they were not royal blue at all but a definite TURQUOISE!  I immediately began turning my house around in my head, trying to think if there was some way I could work them into my decor.  They were in perfect shape, a perfect color, and quite possibly too good to let go of!  After a texted photo and quick phone consultation with Mr. Crafter, it was decided that the comfortable, practical, yet design-awkward IKEA sectional we have would be replaced with the turquoise mid century jaw dropper – at least on a trial basis.

Again, I’m having trouble accurately photographing the color.  The last picture is the best representation of the true color.

Today I bought a cocktail ottoman off craigslist for the sake of comfort.  I am a girl that needs to have her feet up to be comfy!  It’s big – about the size of our coffee table, and is perfect.  Or will be once I re-upholster it!  I’m also going to grab a couple side tables out of my backstock as placeholders until I find the perfect ones.  Another key to my comfort is a convenient place for my coffee or glass of wine and this couch doesn’t have the wide, table-like arms of the IKEA couch!

So, what do we think – does the furniture look at home?

Uh-Oh – I think I Have A New Collection…

Sweet baby jeebus. Y’all know I need another collection like a hole in the head, but sometimes these things cannot be helped.  Besides, this one has been brewing for awhile as some of you may have already suspected.  Let me just start off by saying I blame the estate sale company of the sale I went to today (who are readers of my blog – hi Anne Dee Estate Sales!) because they purposely posted pictures of these knowing I would come running for them!  And of course their evil plan worked like a charm.  Here is my new collection:

Aren’t they glorious??  There was another great one that I narrowly missed out on, but that’s ok.  Betty Crafter is not greedy (although I may have shed an internal tear over it.)  They look perfect with my No Smoking sign!  And I can pretty much guarantee you there will be more 1960s crewel work on this wall before all is said and done.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

I think what totally sends me over the edge on this one is the little ladybug peeking out the window of the mushroom house.  I had to fight Little Betty for this one – she really wanted it in her room.  I’m such a mean mommy.

So, yes, I do already have a God Bless Our Pad pillow.  But put yourself in my shoes.  Would you be able to pass up this awesomeness?  That’s what I thought.

And no, no one in my house is a Libra.  But again, could YOU leave this behind?

Oh, but there was more at this sale.  SO much more.  Like THE DRESS.  Some of you may be familiar with the expression “foodgasm.”  Well, friends, I had a total “dressgasm” when I put this little number on:

“Oh god.  This is amazing.  Yes!!!”  The dress form isn’t doing the dress any favors, but believe me – it fit me PERFECTLY!  Even with gym hair, I looked like a million bucks!  And it has POCKETS!!  Seriously – Audrey Hepburn herself would have knocked me down and wrenched this dress out of my hands.  It’s that amazing.

Believe it or not, this is the second dressgasm I’ve had this week.  Little Betty and I went to Florida to visit Grandma – land of thrifting milk and honey – and I found this 50’s Hawaiian halter dress made of barkcloth:

Again, fit like it was tailor made for me and made me look like a movie star!  I have had some good dress karma lately.  Keep it coming!

Keep your eyes peeled on my etsy shop – in addition to Enid Collins purses and bakelite, I’ll be adding a killer dress tonight that I also got at the estate sale today.  Dressgasms for everyone!


An Enid Nailbiter

Recently on ebay an elusive Enid Collins box purse that I have long wanted, Happy Cat, came up for auction.

Isn’t it great?  I had decided that I would put in a decent bid amount and hope to finally bring one of these home.  Well folks, apparently I have not been the only Enidophile waiting for this bag because I was absolutely astounded at this auction!

I have NEVER seen an Enid Collins bag sell for this much money!  Even the jaw droppingly amazing and rare Sophistikit with adorable original box I got outbid on before Christmas didn’t go for this much.

But never fear!  There was another great Enid I also had my eye on and that one did make its way to me.

Isn’t she lovely?  I’ve never seen one like this.  The entire thing is paper mache and the handle pivots.  I love the colors and it’s in perfect condition.

I just love the signature across the bottom.  And believe me, I got this for a lot less than $700!



Enids for Sale!

In my collecting, I often come across Enids that do not fit in to my collection for one reason or another.  What happens to these gals?  Well you know I’m not going to leave them behind!  They wind up in my store, of course.  And their numbers have been growing – I now have eight Enid Collins purses in my store!

Don’t they look pretty all gathered together?  Here’s some detail:

The Tres Flores is missing the small jewels around the starbursts but I don’t think it detracts from its beauty much.  It’s otherwise clean and looks good.

The Model T is pretty much immaculate.  Jewels are all present, shining and bright.  This gal looks like she’s never been carried!

The Pear Tree has some “age spots” on the canvas, but again, all the jewels are present and glittering.

I really love the Liberty Bell purse and kinda want to keep it!  It’s in good shape with all the jewels present.  The canvas is slightly “aged” , but not a big deal.

Night Watch is missing a few of the tiny jewels on the owl but it’s not that noticeable. The canvas again has a few spots, but this is in all a very good carrying purse!

Sittin’ In A Treetop is in lovely condition – the canvas looks almost new and all the jewels are there.  A few of the large flower jewels have a petal or two broken, but hey, this girl is 50 years old!

Pavan is in just about perfect condition.  The canvas is new looking and all the jewels are there and shining.  This is a special bag.

And lastly, the Glitter Bugs you may remember me cleaning up and posting about recently.  Although she still has some scratches, at least she has jewels again!  And she’s cute as a bug’s ear.

All these bags will be showing up in my etsy shop soon, along with some bakelite I’ve got in the shop.  Stay tuned!


Whee! Estate Sale Excitement!

You might not have been able to tell from my posts, but I’ve been in a bit of an estate sale rut lately.  I haven’t seen many that looked decent, so I have only hit a couple here and there if it was super convenient or if I saw something in the pictures I thought looked interesting.  But then there was this sale.  I’d been checking out the pics for a week and was pretty geeked up about some interesting antique toys they had pictures of.  Poor Little Betty doesn’t have any toys, you know!  Heehee.  I couldn’t get there right when it opened (a girl doesn’t want to miss Pilates a few weeks before having to wear a bikini, of course) so I got there an hour and a half late and hoped for the best.

It was all still there!  I whizzed around gleefully scooping up adorable goodies left and right.  And there was more too!  I think this sale has revived my passion for estate sales!  Check it:

Even my kitty Walter thinks this 1950s toy kitchen is amazing.  Can you believe all those tiny pieces survived this long??  And lets take a closer look at that house in the window shall we?

*sigh*  I want that house.

I’m going to try to save this for Little Betty for Christmas.  Why?  Because this is not all that spoiled little girl scored today.

I’ve been on the lookout for a cabinet to put beside Little Betty’s toy kitchen for awhile to hold all her plates and cups and teapots and stuff.  And as my friend said about this hutch, I couldn’t have made it any cuter!  I am super in love with it.  You know how I love vintage Pennsylvania Dutch anyway.  This piece absolutely kills me with its sweetness.

The only thing Little Betty likes as well as cooking in her kitchen is putting her babies down for a nap.  These little metal doll beds are in great shape and are too cute for words.  I can’t wait to see her putting her babies down in them!

That turquoise typewriter was a must have, even though I already have an awesome typewriter.  But it’s perfect!  I love it.  The yellow McCoy planter will look great on our new deck, and those strawberry napkins are for the shop. And check out that light up Santa that hangs on the wall!  He might be a new favorite of mine.  Just can’t let Little Betty see it

And lastly, what self respecting vintage sewing enthusiast could resist a gallon sized ziplock bag full of vintage zippers, most still in their packaging?  Not me, that’s for sure!

Whew!  That was a whirlwind indeed!  Now I wonder what other sales are going on this weekend?