A Quick And Fun Earring Tutorial

At a recent estate sale I scored the most adorable pair of enamel strawberry earrings with matching pin.  They are amazing.  But there was one major problem- they were clip on and KILLED my ears! I find that’s the problem with all the cute vintage clip on earrings I have – I never wear them because they pinch my ears mercilessly and I can’t stand them for more than a couple hours.  So I decided to play around and see if I couldn’t convert my adorable strawberry earrings to a post back!  I was thrilled with the results and decided to replicate my process here so you too can convert your adorable vintage clip on earrings to post!

Here’s what you need:

  • Earrings you want to convert
  • Jewelry glue
  • Wire cutters or metal snips
  • Posts and backs

First, snip off the clip or screw on mechanism with your wire cutters or metal snips.  Be mindful that the metal you’re snipping off doesn’t fly up and take out your eye.  It can be a bit like a champagne cork.  An eye patch will totally overshadow your cute new earrings.

Next, use a small dot of jewelry glue on the back of the earring and gently set the post on the spot of glue.  You don’t have to aggressively hold it there – the glue will keep in in place and will bond very securely after it cures (about 24 hours).  Also, please be sure to thoroughly cover your work surface.  You will be very sad if this jewelry glue gets on your furniture.  In fact, just use the ironing board like I did.

Ta-da!  Adorable bakelite earrings that thought they had seen their last wearing 50 years ago have been given new life!  Maybe everyone already knew how to do this, but I was really excited to figure it out and wanted to share it in case anyone else has a jewelry box full of cute clip on earrings that never get worn.

Recent Finds

I’ve got a few things to show you from some recent estate sale and flea market shopping!  First, some flea market finds:

I’m not sure how much I’ll find that goes with this purse but it totally called my name and refused to be left behind.  So now I own it.  And those chipmunk salt and pepper shakers! They just looked at me so pleadingly!  The apple bank I had as a kid and had forgotten all about until I saw it at the flea.  And of course the Strawberry Shortcake dolls are for Little Betty.  They still smell.  Ahhh…fond memories…

We found this darling quilt at a dream estate sale by my new friends and Little Betty totally claimed it.  Purple is her favorite color, and I’ve been wanting to get her an old quilt for her bed.  This one was in great shape and only $35 so we couldn’t leave it behind.  This estate sale had TONS of amazing vintage.  I got lots of goodies for the shop – a couple dresses, a purse, a great lamp, sewing patters, some ceramics, etc.   But far and away the real score of this sale was these 2 incredible 1940s or 1950s bathing suits:

When I saw them I snatched them up so fast I wasn’t even sure what I had grabbed.  I just knew they were vintage swimsuits and quite possibly amazing.  I brought them home and tried them on.  The blue and white one and I are total soulmates.  It fits like a glove and makes me look like Esther Williams.  It made Mr. Crafter’s jaw drop which is not the easiest thing to do after 7 years of marriage.  So needless to say it’s a keeper.  The black one has the cutest novelty print of beachgoers in big hats reading newspapers.  It has a great shelf bust that creates the illusion of more assets than one might actually have.  It was pretty awesome too but I decided not to be greedy and only keep the one that looked best on me.  So, friends, the black one is up in my etsy shop if you’re interested!

Did you find anything good this weekend?

The Great Craft Block of ’12 is History!

Much thanks to Tasha and her great post about getting over a crafting slump.  I finally bit the bullet and took her good advice to just dive into something new and exciting and not be mentally bogged down with the responsibility of unfinished projects.  And it worked!  I made the vintage pattern Simplicity 7276 for Little Betty and couldn’t be more pleased with it:

I used vintage feedsack with the cutest Dutch/German print, vintage buttons, and blue cotton for my own drafted tulip pockets.  For more pictures and details, head on over to No Pattern Required to check it out!

I also finished a long-languishing knitting project that’s blocking now.  I’ll show you that soon…

Thoughts on Mid Century Bedding

Mr. Crafter and I have decided to enter the adult world and actually buy a REAL bed for the first time in our lives.  A mattress that’s not the cheapest one at the discount retailer, a headboard and footboard, and bedding with thread count over 150.

When we moved into this house last year we splurged on the Heywood Wakefield bedroom set we’ve always wanted.  We actually got a huge bunch of furniture – a full size bed, vanity, pouffe stool, highboy, 2 nightstands, bookcase, lamp table, 2 Aristocraft chairs, and another side chair.  We love it, but have never used the bed because there is no way we’re all fitting in a full size bed.  So….a year later we decided to take the plunge and order this:

credit: Heywood Wakefield

Did you know Heywood Wakefield is still producing furniture?  Their biggest seller is this dogbone bed in a Queen or King size, for all those folks like the Mister and I who have vintage bedroom sets but don’t want to squeeze into a full size bed.  We got the King size and are so excited for it to get delivered, along with the new fancy latex mattress we bought.  The problem is bedding.  It seems that all the bedding sets nowadays are poufy and boldly patterned, not at all appropriate for a mid century bedroom.  Mid century bedrooms were very minimalist in their bedding, like this drool-worthy example:

credit: Modern Home Designs

However, I’m not looking to go a purist route (partly because I don’t think that kind of bedding looks comfortable at ALL).

I really like the layered yet simple bedding style in this amazing room:

credit: Apartment Therapy

I’m also having a hard time deciding on a color palette.  I already know I don’t want pattern, but I also don’t think I want a monochromatic bed either.  Here are the colors and textures I’m working with:

The barkcloth curtains are the focal point here and a big reason why I don’t want pattern on the bedding.  I want the bedding to be a complimentary blend of colors.  I’m considering white sheets, coral quilt, and the aqua Hudson Bay blanket I got a couple of months ago at Warrenton folded at the bottom.   You can’t see it here but I have a turquoise lamp in the room so that would tie together.  We do have a drop dead gorgeous yellow peacock chenille bedspread that we have used in the past but alas, it’s too small for a king size bed.  And not comfortable for every day.

What do you think?  Do you have other color or style suggestions?  Should I stick with a 40s/50s purist style or the modern boutique hotel twist?  What kind of bedding do you have in your vintage bedrooms?

A Crafting Bug Is Starting To Itch…

and it’s about time!  I feel the old familiar stirrings of my long-missed crafting urge.  Finally I’ve been making mental plans, gathering supplies, and buying patterns.  Don’t get excited – I haven’t actually picked anything up yet, but I think it might happen soon!

I think part of this renewed fever is the winning of this on ebay:

I have been scouring the internet for one of these Try A Little Kindness crewelwork for literally about a year with no luck.  FINALLY this unopened kit popped up on ebay!  I was SO excited and determined I would get it.  I didn’t get it cheap, but at least it’s mine!  So once I finish up some baby gifts that need finishing – badly – I’ll make this for my crewelwork wall!  Yay!  I hope to have some finished objects to show you soon…

I’m back! And with a makeover too!

Did you miss me?  Sorry for the crickets around here, but I have spent the last week doing this:

And looking at this from my hotel room:

And did I mention plenty of this?

We had a blissful week in Vieques Puerto Rico where we totally crashed the honeymoon of the most adorable couple who are now our new BFFs and vacation buddies.  We night-kayaked in a bioluminescent bay, ate at incredible restaurants, off-roaded in a Jeep to reach remote and jaw droppingly beautiful beaches, drank numerous beers in the ocean of said beaches, ordered plenty of fruity drinks, and got more tan than we’ve been in years.  A most perfect vacation by all accounts.

And you may notice that the old blog has had a facelift as well!  What do you think of the new look?