Here a lamp, there a lamp, everywhere a lamp!

The recent mother-load of amazing lamps has made me a little daft for lamps.  I have scrutinized every area of my home looking for areas that could use a lamp, hoping to hold on to more of Mr. Crafter’s amazing finds.  For example, I really did like the lamp that used to be in our bedroom that got usurped by the green beauty he brought back.  And after my analysis of lamp-light areas, I find that it always wanted to be in our dining area:

(Don’t mind the cord – it’s driving us crazy but we haven’t had a chance to attempt to move the buffet yet to get to the outlet back there!)

Anyhoo – that only encouraged me that there were certainly other areas that were under-lamped in Casa Crafter.  And that sweet tulip lamp that I had already put in the store was stuck in my mind like a bad TV jingle.  I had a flash of brilliance, called the shop hoping against hope it hadn’t sold yet, and brought it home to create this!

My sewing room/guest room has never looked cozier.  The table is also a recent find – an adorable industrial typewriter table that just needed some love with some danish oil and steel wool to look like a million bucks.

Also a recent acquisition that I’m head over heels for that looks perfect with my Indian Chief needlework?

How sweet is that?  It was in a friend’s booth and I can’t believe I debated it for a couple weeks before deciding I’d hate myself forever if I didn’t spring for it.  I think it’s my new favorite, maybe even more than the Indian Chief!

In other new developments at Casa Crafter, I found this little sweetie running in the street and couldn’t help but bring her home:

I’m trying to find her family but no luck so far.  Mr. Crafter and Little Betty REALLY want to keep her but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a 2 dog household.  And big ole Karl back there is plenty enough for us already.  But Little Betty has already named this little lady Lunchbox and she seems to fit right in.  Oh no.  I’m in for a battle here…

I Love Lamp.

Mr. Crafter, the dear, chivalrous man that he is, drove halfway across the country to pick up all the goodies I bought on my recent picking trip and drive them back in a UHaul. Because he loves me. And because he is awesome, he did some pickin’ of his own on the way home, with incredible results! So incredible, in fact, that he needs a whole post dedicated to his finds.

First, the lamps. Sweet baby Jesus, the lamps. I had already found about 10 lamps that I thought were great. But then Mr. Crafter moseyed on back with 11 of the most gorgeous 1950s lamps I’ve ever seen, putting my hard-sought lamps to shame!  Here they are in all their glory.

One is not pictured here because it is elsewhere in my house, where it has found a permanent home. Stay tuned on that one. But lets take a closer look at these beauties, shall we?

I think this wood grain lamp with a tulip is really special. It’s so different from all the other 50s lamps you usually see.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this gold and turquoise lamp with starburst shade. I REALLY want to find a good spot in our house for it, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. We just don’t have a spot that would do it justice. And the black and gold lamp is super special too. The shade is pretty spectacular on it’s own. The white lamp on the end reminds me a bit of a Moss lamp. It’s so sculptural and beautiful.

How about this little peach and gold cutie? Isn’t she a doll? And that gold confetti lampshade! *swoon*

A matched set of olive green zig zag lamps. Incredible. I truly think there are very few things as gorgeous in this world as a 1950s lamp, and Mr.Crafter’s finds are all perfect examples of my theory. And as you other vintage lovers can attest, beautiful 50s lamps with shades are so hard to find anymore. This is a real score!

But he found more than just lamps!

He brought back tons of gorgeous mid century pottery and planters.

He also scooped up this amazing shadowbox. It needs some of it’s mirrors replaced, but these are so rare and hard to find that we both think it will be worth it. He found so much more – a 50s working Motorola TV with stand, floor lamp, and even 2 gingerbread men blowmolds for Little Betty!

And now for the Mr. Crafter finds that are just too good to let go of.

These deer salt and pepper shakers make my head explode. They are perfect.

We did pick out a few pieces of pottery for our credenza in our entry way. I’ve been feeling like that area needed a little better decorating, and this does the trick for me. Please excuse the sticky strips on the caning on our credenza. Bad kitty!

And the lamp that is just too perfect for our house to say goodbye to?

Isn’t she lovely? She compliments our bedroom perfectly. I really needed some dark green to echo the green in the drapes, and the chartreuse lampshade looks great against the wall. I adore this lamp. Don’t worry -the turquoise zig zag it replaced is just moving to a different room in the house where it will make much more design sense.

I definitely think Mr. Crafter deserves the fancy meal of his choice cooked by me as a thank you for his good taste and general awesomeness.


A sweet new “kabin” for Little Betty

I picked up this adorable Liddle Kiddles Kabin for Little Betty at an estate sale a few days ago.  Isn’t it cute?  It still has the tag on it and the graphics on it are awesome.

We do have a few Liddle Kiddles around (a couple of which are actually from my childhood!) but in Little Betty’s bedroom it is an equal opportunity playspace:

She wasted absolutely no time in getting a new crew settled in to their new home.  Little Betty’s room can be a fascinating place sometimes!

Little Betty’s not the only one who got a new bed…

Mama and Papa did too!  Our new Heywood Wakefield bed was finally delivered and we couldn’t be happier with it.  They only offer one color and we were nervous it wouldn’t match the rest of our vintage set of wheat colored Heywood Wakefield (Rio? I’m not for sure.  Anyone know?)  but it turned out to be an almost perfect match.  I can highly recommend getting this to anyone else who has a vintage Heywood Wakefield bedroom set but doesn’t want to squeeze into a full size bed.  We got the king size.  I’m pretty happy with the bedding, but we’re still vacillating on whether or not we need king size pillows.  Thoughts on that?  I do, however, really like the bedding.  The quilt and shams are from West Elm and I love the coral color.  I think it pulls the other colors in the room together.  And the aqua vintage Whitney Point blanket echos the turquoise lamp.  I can’t decide if I need a larger piece of art over the bed.  What do you think?

So I figured with the room finally feeling complete it was a good time to give you a tour of the whole bedroom!

One of my favorite little details in our bedroom is our bedside lamps – 2 50s TV lamps.  A squirrel for me and a ship for the mister.  Quite appropriate as you all know my deep love for squirrels and the mister probably has at least 7 huge ship tattoos.

You can also get a good view of our barkcloth curtains here.  They aren’t wide enough to cover the whole window and I wish I had been able to find 2 more panels but finding 4 panels of vintage barkcloth drapes is hard enough!  And these were the exact colors I wanted.  I really love the dark green background and the chartreuse and coral colors echo the chartreuse wall color and the coral/burgundy bedding, wall art, and chair.

This is one of my favorite spots in the house.  I really enjoy doing all my girly stuff here.  One  constant challenge for me is jewelry storage, as you can see.  I’ve got it stashed everywhere.

Necklaces on tole hooks…

Necklaces on a C Jere wall sculpture (the missing leaves are perfect for hanging them on!)

Bakelite bracelets on a bracelet tree, alpine chalet jewelry box for rings and earrings.

Lucite and silver bracelets on a gold confetti serving plate.  I may have a jewelry problem.

Purse storage is also a challenge.  This bookshelf does a good job of holding my non-Enid, smaller handbags. I still don’t have a good system for my larger and shoulder bags.

Of course the spaces in our home are always a work in progress, but it’s nice to finally feel that this room is “done.”  It’s a warm and relaxing space for us that feels functional and pulled together at last.  The only thing left on my list is figuring out a way to create a walk in closet.  The one thing I can’t live with mid century style are the closets!


Hacked :(

My poor lil ole site was hacked and I almost lost everything.  I did lose all pending comments and questions, so if you posted a comment or question that you don’t see on the site, please resubmit it!  Thanks :)

Quite possibly the coolest kid bed ever. Also – Little Betty is officially spoiled rotten.

Mr. Crafter and I have been co-sleeping with Little Betty since her birth, which has been really awesome.  She’s such a little cuddle bug and I’ve loved being close to her at night so I could easily check on her and thus, sleep better.  But Mr. Crafter and I have missed cuddling with each other, too, and have slowly started to come around to the idea that maybe it was time for Little Betty to start sleeping in her own room.  But alas, she was not at all interested in doing that.  So we devised an evil plan.  We decided to get her a bed so awesome she’d be jumping at the chance to sleep in it.

Misson = success!

I don’t even know what to call this thing.  A playhouse loft bed I guess?   I really fell down a rabbit hole on this project.  I started off looking at loft beds, thinking it would be cool to free up play space in her room and that she’d enjoy sleeping in a loft.  Then I realized you could buy curtains to put on the bottom to make a little playhouse like this, then found this Pottery Barn Kids bed

At that point I decided to call my contractor because I had really fallen off the edge of sanity over the whole bed issue.  I was a little nervous about the height and steep ladder on the Pottery Barn bed and thought we might be able to make something up on our own.    We finally decided to loosely base our ideas on two bed plans that are free online – this bed and this one.  I’m warning you now, do NOT start browsing the kids’ bed ideas on this site.  Especially loft beds.

In the end, I got everything I wanted and more!  A loft bed that she absolutely cannot fall out of, safe stairs instead of a ladder, and a playhouse underneath.   So, basically Little Betty has a little two story house inside her bedroom now!  We are all officially nuts over here.  My contractor definitely agrees.

One drawback of this bed is that it’s pretty much impossible to make the bed neatly.  Oh well.  We’re going for the comfy camping look I guess.  I love the book rack and the wide windowsills for putting her cup.  We even put a lip on the edge so things wouldn’t fall off. And as you can see I also finally gave in and let Little Betty have that framed crewel she’s been wanting of mine.

One of Little Betty’s favorite features of her new little playhouse-bed (bed-playhouse?) is the mailbox.  We’ve already spent hours playing mailman.  One of my favorite features is the flower box!  I love how it turned out and now I’m tempted to put fake flowers in the flower boxes in her outside playhouse.  I’m also pretty pleased with the little heart shutters.  My poor contractor was not thrilled about spending hours building those and cutting out the little hearts but in the end even he agreed they were adorable.

Little Betty did most of the decorating in this playhouse (SO glad I did the outside playhouse before she had design opinions!) but even though it’s not quite what I would pick it still looks pretty good I think!  For example, I really wanted a vintage Irmi lamp, but she had her heart set on this purple one.  And I must say, we had SO much fun doing it together.

She also refused to leave Hobby Lobby without this purple mirror.  You may have guessed her favorite color by now!  We haven’t decorated the secret space under the stairs yet, but I think we’re going to put pillows and stuffed animals under there to make it a comfy spot to hide in.  Maybe I’ll use the fabric I bought to make the curtains because I don’t think the curtains are needed after all.  I also bought a Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign to put on the outside that I don’t think I’m going to use.  The house looks cute enough already.

In the end, Little Betty is over the moon about her new bed and is sleeping in it right now.  And I’m now embarrassed to have any of her friends over to see it because it’s so insanely over the top that she’s totally going to be “that-spoiled-only-child.”  But it’s worth it because this is what I kissed goodnight tonight:

Little Betty Has Good Taste

My little munchkin is really turning into a good shopper!  Yesterday we headed out of town for some mid-week shopping.  Little Betty had been asking to go to Goodwill for a couple days, and who am I to deny a request like that?  So we decided to make a day of it and hit a couple other sales as well.  I must say, Little Betty impressed me with her finds! First of all, she found this adorable pillow and wanted it:

How cute is that?  I was so proud of her.

But then she found this:

Now a little backstory – Little Betty has loved drums since she was about 18 months old.  Recently she has been asking me for a drumset, and I was going to get her one for Christmas, even though they are big and ugly.  But this little cutie solves all those problems!  It now lives next to our piano and looks right at home.  She’s been playing it almost non-stop since she first laid eyes on it.

Now of course mama found a few things too:

I never did see a knee hugging elf I left behind.  True story.  And these Enids (which are for the store) are in great shape – the hummingbird one is missing a few minor beads but its not very noticeable.

I also found some lovely dresses for the shop:

They are really lovely and in great shape – the pink and blue one is 40s rayon!  They will be showing up in my etsy shop later today.

In other Little Betty news, there are some big changes happening in her room.  Stay tuned!