Warrenton – the sights!

Oh Warrenton, how I love you!  (Even though you wear me down to raw nubs by about 2 pm!)  Day 2 was so full of eye candy I just had to share some with you before I get down to the things that came home with me.  Look at these Kitschmas pine cone elves!  Love!  This is one thing I love about Warrenton – anything you love, you can find it there in abundance. Like pine cone elves.

Or blow molds.

But there are also many many head-scratchers about. Like this poor Santa with smallpox, trapped in a house:

I just couldn’t bring myself to ask about the price even for comic value.  It was just too disturbing.

But back to the eye candy!  Like Gulf gas pumps?  Take your pick!

Been searching for hard to find vintage children’s cowboy boots?  Look at all these dead stock Acme inlay boots!!


Speaking of yum, I think this was safely the most delicious thing I have ever eaten:

Yes, that says served over fritos.  It was insane.  I want to try to recreate this for Thanksgiving.  Watch out, family.

I’ll be back soon to share what made it home with us!


It’s that time of year again my lovelies…

The antique fair in Warrenton is here!!!  Oh how I anticipate the precious 2 weeks, twice a year, this festival comes along.  It is heaven to me.  Little Betty, Mr. Crafter, and I went yesterday even though it hasn’t officially started yet and people were just getting set up.  We still had a great day and got some amazing things which I will show you more of as the 2 weeks progress (cause you know mama ain’t just going once!)

But I did want to take a quick moment to show you our most exciting score:

Aren’t they amazing?  I can’t wait to have frosty cold beverages at my disposal right on the deck in that reach in counter cooler.  Yes, we do already have a functioning vintage Pepsi machine in the mister’s office stocked full of beer and glass bottle sodas, but this will be great for things like bottled water and iced teas and stuff.  The original plan was to resell the 1960s Dr. Pepper soda machine to recoup the cost of the cooler, but once we put it on the deck to take pictures for craigslist, it was immediately clear it wasn’t going anywhere!

In other house news, Mr. Crafter is making serious progress on his latest super creative home design idea.  A little backstory – my darling husband has added the most wonderful whimsical touches to every home we’ve lived in.  He has the best ideas and I’ve learned it’s best to embrace them because they always turn out great.  Some of his wild brainstorms in previous houses included a backyard astroturf bowling alley complete with gymnasium scoreboard, a grass octopus rising up out of our lawn with bowling ball eyes, and a complete, to-scale replica of James Dean’s 1954 New York City apartment in our guest room.  His current project is to turn the exterior of his office (our backyard barn) into a 1950s gas station.  It’s now been painted, a vintage Mobil gas pump acquired, and signs are being collected.

One of his friends commented that we live in a Tim Burton movie.  I find that a huge compliment.

Check back in the coming days for the Warrenton extravaganza to come!

Make a vintage-style Putz house Halloween style in Kids Craft 123!

Got kids?  Like to craft?  Then you MUST check out the brand spankin new magazine Kids Craft 123 sold exclusively at Wal Mart.  And your old pal Betty Crafter has her very own craft project featured!  In fact, I’ll be a regular contributor to this fab magazine.  Yay!

In this issue I share how to make a spooky Hallwoeen Putz-style house.  You know you need one for your Halloween decor, even if you don’t have kids, right?

Super fun and easy to make, and the best part is you can get as creative as you like decorating it!

The premiere issue featuring this project will be on news stands at Wal Mart Sept. 18.

A fun and satisfying DIY reupholstery project

This chair is the oldest thing in my house, by far.  It is at least 200 years old I believe.  My mom got it from my great grandfather, who had a barn full of old furniture.  (Oh what I would give to be able to pick through that barn now!)  She reupholstered it a few times, most memorably in a cow print, and since she has given it to me we have reupholstered it another couple of times.  Well since moving to our new house this chair has stuck out like a sore thumb.  Last year I bought some gorgeous barkcloth that I’ve had earmarked for this chair and today was finally the day to see that dream through!

Job one was to pry out all the upholstery tacks we used last time with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  We had 3 generations contribute to this step!

Once that was done we could take off the unwanted upholstery.  The cool thing about this chair is that underneath there is still some really old feedsack or ticking fabric, which is covering the original brocade:

The next step was to cut around the discarded fabric pieces on my barkcloth as a pattern.

Then we laid the pieces where they went, for example, a square piece on the back, and folded the edges under so it fit perfectly.  We stapled one side down, then stretched it taut across and stapled the other side, starting in the center and working our way out to the sides.  Then we stapled the top and bottom.

On the seat, we just folded and pleated the corners until they looked right.  It’s not an exact science, but no one will ever know the difference.  Unless they are a professional reupholsterer.

After my whole chair was newly reupholstered, we covered the staples with braid, hot glued down over the staples.

The corners we “mitered” with a dab of hot glue on the top of the braid at the corner and then folded braid over so it looked like this:

After covering all the staples with glue it’s done!  Except for oiling up all the scratches made by the screwdriver, but never mind that for now!

And ta-da!

I’m totally loving this most recent incarnation of this well loved chair.  Not only is the pine cone / autumn leaf barkcloth my most favorite barkcloth ever, but I really love the juxtaposition of it on this super old, ornate mahogany chair.  Thanks to my mom for once again ripping this chair apart with me!

Easy peasy!  Now go give your out-of-place furniture some love!