2013 – Also known as the year I lose my dang head over crewel.

I’m warning you now, friends.  I’m about to fall down the deep and colorful crewel rabbit hole, and I have every intention of taking you with me!  I find myself becoming more and more obsessed with it and have several projects lined up that I’m pretty excited about.

Today I want to show you the enviable crewel collection of reader Melinda!

First of all, how much do we love how she painted the frames in bright colors?  Such a nice contrast to the muted colors of the burlap and linen the crewel is on.

One of Melinda’s big crewel goals is to find an original God Bless Our Pad.  This one is a screen print from Urban Outfitters.  You can hardly tell, right?  They did a nice job on it.

And how about those sweet mushrooms in the pink frame?  I can’t decide If that one or the mushrooms in the turquoise frame is my favorite.  Or the trees and birds!  Yikes!  I love them all.

Melinda is also sitting on a Try A Little Kindness kit and we have plans to do a little stitch along.  Anyone else have one of these and want to join?  If you don’t but want to, here is one for sale.  Seems expensive, but that’s how much I paid for mine.

Melinda, thanks so much for sharing pictures of your great collection!  I’m inspired to rehang my pieces – yours are so artfully done!  I’m also tempted to go reclaim every piece of crewel I have hanging in my shop right now…

8 thoughts on “2013 – Also known as the year I lose my dang head over crewel.

    • Michele, crewel is embroidery with wool, usually on burlap, linen, or homespun fabric. I usually search for “vintage crewel kit.” Also, I just found a Try A Little Kindness kit for sale and edited the post to link to it if you want to start out with that one! Let me know what you find! I would love to feature reader projects here on the blog :)

  1. Wonderful! I like the screen print of the god bless our pad one! At first I was jealous that she had one of those. I have been dreaming of fining one at an estate sale for just a few bucks.
    I love crewel too, I have a few kits I keep threatening to start.

  2. Omigosh, I *know* I stitched one of those flower gardens in the lower left when I was a kid/teen. Thanks for the blast from the past! :)

  3. Love the crewel art you’ve created and displayed. The best place to find a wonderful selection of inexpensive vintage crewel kits is on eBay. I started searching two years ago and found too many beautiful kits to stitch in my lifetime, so I’m auctioning some of them on eBay. With their Buyer Protection Plan, you’ll rarely have a problem with any of the kits you purchase as most sellers will work with you to make you happy; and, if not, eBay is there to help. Once on eBay, search under Category CRAFTS, then NEEDLECRAFTS & YARN, then either CREWEL EMBROIDERY SUPPLIES, or HAND EMBROIDERY SUPPLIES, then EMBROIDERY KITS. Currently, I have more than 125 crewel kits listed for AUCTION or BUY IT NOW with Free Shipping. Please visit by performing an ADVANCED SEARCH for SELLER ID AllThingsCreative4u2. If you’re interested in fine tuning your needlework skills, the Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA) and the Williamsburg School of Needlework offer great classes. You’ll find them online.
    Happy Stitching!

  4. I have a God Bless Our Pad that is ‘yarn embroidered’ that I found at a Salvation Army in rural Upstate NY circa 2002. Perhaps its original? Figured they were a dime a dozen once I saw the same design at Urban Outfitters. Maybe mine is a repro too? I have no idea. Love this look though!

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