Happy Easter Y’all!



I hope the Easter Bunny brought everyone lots and lots of candy!  Besides the usual candy and stuff, Little Betty got this sweet little felt doll in her basket.  It was way too much fun to make.  I want to make a ton more!  It was all hand sewn which is a lovely way to make dolls in my opinion.  The pattern came from Noia Land who just has the most adorable doll patterns on the planet.

Now go hunt for some eggs!

A Vintage Kitschmas Treasure Chest!



My pickin’ mojo has been off lately – I’ve been kind of striking out and it’s a total bummer!  So today when I managed to pack my van to the ceiling with amazing goodies I was pretty stoked to officially declare an end to my pickin’ dry spell.  Check out that turquoise chair!  It’s actually part of a 1950s curved modular sectional.  Totally amazeballs.  And that pink luggage just might end up staying with me and not go to the store.

But the REAL story of today is the Vintage Kitschmas Treasure Chest!!



I actually owe this all to the amazing Mister Crafter.  When I saw the stack of old military trunks in the garage of the house we were picking, my gaze just skimmed right over them.  A little while later I hear the mister’s voice coming in from the garage:  “Hey, did you even look in these trunks?”

I said “No!  Is there anything in them?”

“Oh yeah.”  He says.  “This one is full of vintage Christmas stuff.”


After I caught my breath and picked myself up off the floor, I dug through the first couple layers, just enough to realize that I was going home with the entire trunk.  We were both super excited to get home and fully excavate the old trunk and see what was in store for us.

Here are some highlights of what we found.



Oh yeah.  Vintage Putz village.  Major score.



Adorable vinyl tree skirt in the original package.



GOBS of ornaments.



Cute as a button window stencils.



Never opened tinsel.



Dainty and sparkly tree icicles.



I never really know what to do with these kinds of cutouts, but this Santa, sleigh and reindeer is a total must-keep.



How adorable are these little NOEL angels?  They’re not Holt Howard (although they look like they could be) but they are definitely keepers.

Once I had the box empty, this happened:



Cat is drawn to box as child is drawn to cat.  This may be the saddest looking cat in a box in all of the internet.  Poor Walter is a saint.

Warrenton!! Week 1 finds

I hit up Warrenton a couple of times already this week and have a few nice little finds to show you.  I didn’t come away with tons, but I did get a few things I’m really excited about.



First of all, I think I feel a new collection of these little juice glasses coming on.  Aren’t they they sweetest?  And GAH!  One has a squirrel!!  Of course that one was a no brainer.  The huge hot air balloon glass had to go home with SOMEONE and my shopping pal wouldn’t buy it so I stepped up.  But the squirrel glass?  The other side has a FAWN.  Perfection.



I also acquired another cool rusted metal planter:



This is an old cream separator, but I thought it was screaming to house succulents in my yard.  At just $35 I couldn’t leave it behind.



And of course I had to get Mister Crafter a prize, just for being adorable and awesome.  He was well pleased when I brought this home for him:



I thought a vintage advertising door push was just the extra pop the entrance to his office needed.  And he’s all about vintage soda stuff these days (as long as it’s not Coke – too played out he says.)  I’ve never heard of Golden Girl Soda, but I sure like this sign.  And so did the mister!  I think I scored some points.


You may know about me that it’s not a successful Warrenton shopping trip until mama gets some bakelite.  Well this trip I did manage to rustle up 2 pretty great bakelite pieces:



This wood and butterscotch bakelite necklace is a great, long length and something I think I’ll wear all.the.time.  And I’ve been wanting a horse pin for awhile and this one is just about perfect!  I love the color and the twine bridle – it’s perfect!

Next up I have some things to show you that I didn’t buy but are definitely worth showing off!

Pink Bathroom Nirvana Status : Achieved!

I went with a friend to look at a house across the street from me that he is interested in buying.  I knew the house was in original condition and that it had the potential to be great, but as the house isn’t on the market yet I had no idea what was inside.  Yes, the house was cute as a darn button with adorable features like a kitchen/dining pass through window with sliding door, original yellow patterned laminate kitchen countertops, and that scalloped trim above the kitchen window that I covet so much.  But oh sweet baby jeebus – the hall bath was the most glorious pink bathroom in all the land!

photo (17)


Oh yes my friends.  This pink bathroom has lavender trim and tile floor!  Have you ever in your vintage loving life seen such awesomeness?

photo (18)

Here’s a better picture of the colors.  Seriously, have your eyes ever beheld such perfection??   I literally got goosebumps!  Since my friend is a single guy, he is open to my help in fixing the place up – yahoo!!  I’ve decided he should get this wallpaper for the bathroom:



Bradbury Googieland Wallpaper

And yes, the master bath is awesome too – 2 tone green.  Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share about this great house!

Win a Happiness Is Homemade kit!

happiness is homemade finished


Have you been wanting your very own Happiness Is Homemade kit?  Well now is your chance to win one!  Leave a comment on this post and become a follower of the blog by clicking the +Follow button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you could be receiving your kit in the mail!



Never done crewel before?  Don’t worry!  This thing is easy enough for a beginner.  And you can always email me if you have trouble.  I’m hard at work on some new, exciting designs that I can’t wait to show you!  But in the meantime, leave a comment and follow me before the drawing on the evening of March 24th, this Sunday.

WARRENTON!!  NEXT WEEK!!!  Prepare yourself for a couple weeks of obsessive posting about its wondrous bounty.

Spring is in the air…

and you know what that means!  It means a new vegetable garden at Casa Crafter!

Last year, this is what my “garden” looked like:

garden before


Those two metal tubs were my previous attempt at a veggie garden.  It was a flaming, tailspinning, crashing failure.  I didn’t have them drained correctly and after the first big rain my small crop of peppers, squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe was drowned.  I was super bummed.

This year I was determined to do better!  I REALLY want to use our huge lot (for being in a city anyway, half an acre is pretty good!) for producing some of our own food.  We have the chickens, fig trees, and persimmon tree already which are great fun.  A successful garden along with the beehive I’m planning will round it out nicely!  I bet you didn’t know I was such a hippie, huh?  Anyway, since I really want to get serious about making my yard more edible, I decided to get some professionals involved.  I worked with an amazing company whose tagline is “Grow Food.  We’ll Help.”  Perfect.  And here is my garden now!



As you can see my ill-fated metal tubs have been put to use again!  They have been set up to drain properly, had trellises added, and are now planted with cucumbers and snow peas.  Since this area is on a slope we added all this terracing to keep the decomposed granite pathways in place.  I’m super happy with the way it looks.  The slope also makes it really hard to photograph!



All around the perimeter in those mini stone beds are blackberries.  Little Betty will eat every one of them I’m sure.



Do you recognize my metal planter score from my recent shopping trip?





Although I think vegetable gardens are beautiful enough on their own, I didn’t want my garden to be ALL business.  I wanted a focal point.  And my favorite plants are definitely succulents!  They are so beautiful and easy to propagate.  I’ve always got new starts going in a few vintage planters somewhere in my house or yard!


There’s also herbs tucked into a few of the corners.


The wood raised beds are pretty awesome.  They’re wicking beds, which means there is a reservoir underneath the soil that holds water and provides water to the plants from underneath.  Great for our scorching summers!   I stick a hose down this PVC pipe and fill it until water comes out of a hole on the other side:



Brilliant, right??

I’m super excited to see how my garden will change over the coming months, hopefully into a lush, Texas style cottage garden with densely packed fruit and vegetables!

Have any of you put in your spring gardens yet, or are planning them out?

A shopping trip with my best gal.

Last week Little Betty and I headed a few hours out of town to hit a huge flea market I’ve had some luck at in the past.  We made a few days of it so we could shop all the way there and back.  Although it wasn’t that successful of a shopping trip, we sure did have fun!  And by successful, I mean, I didn’t get as much as I was hoping for the shop.  I found PLENTY for me.  Oops.

I love driving through little country towns.  Such great eye candy.  We even saw a fossil!


When we got there we stayed in a super cute and friendly little bed and breakfast called Buffalo Girls Hotel.  It was in a little Old West town full of ramshackle shops and restaurants.  It was awesome.




The flea market, as always, was exciting and fun.  So much to see!



Wouldn’t this candy display make the best toy storage in a kid’s room?  I would have loved to get it for all Little Betty’s vintage Fisher Price toys.



I was confused and annoyed by this sign.  So is the jewelry vintage or not??  Inappropriate use of quotation marks really gets under my skin.  But Sherry was super nice to Little Betty and gave her some free jewelry just for being adorable so I decided to overlook it.



This amazing metal hot air balloon sculpture was only $5!  I did not haggle.  I just grabbed it gleefully and it now sits proudly beside my piano.


This trip marked the maiden voyage of our new, amazing wagon – the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon.  It was awesome!  It has 2 seats with tons of configurations – 1 seat with table w/ cup holders and crayon holders for drawing, 1 seat with huge storage area, 2 seats facing each other, 2 seats facing the same way.  It’s amazing!  Plus it has that huge storage bag on it, a canopy, pockets galore, and about 7 cup holders for everyone.  Little Betty was totally comfy and I had lots of room for my goodies.  That is, until the end when we had to take the canopy off and load poor Little Betty down with all my purchases.  Anyhoo – totally recommend this wagon to other moms.  And check out that amazing Indian Chief embroidery!  How boss is that?  The big metal thing is part of something I’m now using as a planter.  More details on that in a day or so.



I mentioned I was a bit of a bad girl and spoiled myself.  Here are some of my splurges.  Me likey bracelets.



I also treated myself to the most amazing squirrel mugs EVER.  I only kept two and sold the other two.  They lasted about 7.3 seconds in the shop before they were snapped up.



Also lasting about 7.3 seconds in the shop was this super incredible wolf cowichan.  I’ve never seen one with a wolf, and who doesn’t love a good cowichan anyway?

Here are a couple things I didn’t get, although I wanted to:



Oh how I coveted those McCoy rainbow canisters!!  They are all perfection.  But sadly they were $75.  That is just not going to work for me.

Also in the category of McCoy and too expensive, yet awesome, was this:



Is it not glorious?  If it had been half the price I might have been tempted.  But this was at the end of the trip and after my splurges on bakelite and turquoise.  I resisted.

Although the trip was not as fruitful as I had hoped, I am not too bummed, for guess what awaits me in a mere week and a half??  WARRENTON!!  I shiver with anticipation at the thought of her endless tents of vintage perfection.


Planting Fairy Gardens = A Perfect Sunday

Little Betty and I went to a fabulous garden center on Sunday to get some plants for the big garden project we have coming up this week.  We were diverted, however, when we discovered this place had an entire area devoted to fairy gardens!  Well at that point it was over for us.  We were obsessed and decided we both needed one.  We gleefully planned our respective fairy gardens and got right down to business as soon as we got home.



I already had the start of one in my bullet planter – meaning I had some mushrooms and gnomes in there.  Please don’t mind my naughty gnome – he is harmless.  Mr. Crafter brought him back from Scotland for me when we were just dating.



So I just added some sweet little ornamental plants, a footbridge, and a gazing ball.



I heart it bigtime.



This one is Little Betty’s.  Isn’t it darling?  She picked out everything for it all by herself – all the plants and accessories.  I think she did a lovely job.



Now we have plans to make tons more little accessories out of polymer clay.  I see a new obsession coming on…