The one where I bought all the salt and pepper shakers. And planters. (and some cameras.)

The Crafter family just returned from a classic Griswold Family style road trip.  We really had a great time!  We got to visit lots of great kid friendly roadside attractions, spent time with far flung family and friends, visited some great museums, and yes, of course, pick up a carload of goodies on the way!  The theme of this trip definitely seemed to be salt and pepper shakers.  I bought 11 great sets!  I just kept running into them.  Of course they aren’t all for me – I’m only keeping one believe it or not.  I bought a few for friends and I will put the rest in the shop.



Here are some highlights.



These adorable piggies I’m keeping.   The pepper one I have as an orphan and have always wondered what its mate looked like.  Now I have a complete set!



I think these little American Indian kids sitting in mocassins are just TOO cute.  Look at their little faces!



The sea captains!!  It’s going to be hard to let these guys go.  Seriously – Cap’n Pepper and Old Salty??  Love.

And now for the copious amount of planters I brought home.



2 of these Little Betty picked out.  Can you tell which ones they are?  Here are some of my favorites from the planter haul:



Dog or cat?  I really can’t decide, but who cares anyway?  I’ve already planted him a cactus tail and set him in my kitchen window.  I love it so much.



I know this is technically a vase and not a planter, but whatevs.  I really like bud vases for the flowers Little Betty is always bringing inside for me.  And I especially love the peacock drip glaze on this one!  So lovely.



You may have noticed that most of the planters I brought home had a woodland theme – deer, squirrels, a bear, acorns, and this saucy little raccoon!  I’m not sure I can part with this guy.  Right now he’s sitting on my piano while his fate is being decided.

I didn’t just buy squirrel planters, of course.  Check out this cookie jar!



He’s wearing a top hat!!  AND A TINY SUIT!!  GAH!!  Mr. Squirrel No Pants marks cookie jar number three for me, so I guess I collect cookie jars now too.  Great.  I think I definitely need professional help.

Here’s some more highlights from the scores.  Most of these are for the shop, not to keep.



Mugs!  I really love the boy scout ones – so Moonrise Kingdom!  And you know I can’t pass up anything zodiac.



A little American Indian chalk ware guy!  How sassy is he?  I was very excited to find him – I thought he would look great in my shop.  But predictably Mr. Crafter yanked him for his office.



These mirrored Turners are fabulous, no?  I wish I had a good place for either one of these, but sadly they are shop-destined.



This funeral parking sign is super rad.  I love everything about it.



And lastly, I scored a new novelty alpine cuckoo clock!  This one came in the original box with the key too!  I was super pumped to find it.  And I didn’t have any with the bouncing girl yet!  Whee!  I bet the key will fit some of my others, too.

So there you have it folks – the hit list of the best of what will fit in a car with a family of three on a 2 week road trip.  Kind of impressive when you think about it, no?