I sewed a dress! It isn’t awesome.

I’ve been hankerin’ for some cute sundresses this summer, but not the tight waisted 50s dresses my closet is full of.  I’ve been wanting 70s and 80s breezy, colorful sundresses.  I have a few now and I’ve been wearing them out!  I’ve had this pattern in my stash for quite some time and finally decided I’d give it a whirl:



I decided to try it with a cute ikat fabric.  The fabric I chose worked out great – it has a wonderful drape and is light without being sheer.

The dress is not what I would deem a total success, however.  First of all, why can’t my finished products ever look like the cartoon models on the envelope??  I like it much better when they have photos of real people wearing the project, but vintage patterns never do.  Anyhoo, mine turned out WAY too big and baggy – not at all flattering like it is in the picture, of course.  I took the bodice in an inch and a half on each side and that helped a lot.  Still, it’s not something I’ll wear if I’m trying to look nice.  I think it makes me look heavier than I am.  Ok, enough stalling – here it is.



The bows on the shoulders look and feel a bit bulky for my taste as well.  But it sure is comfy!  It will be great for errands or gardening or loafing.

Next up – I need to take a class on how to custom fit patterns to your own body so I stop investing so much time in clothes that don’t fit right!

BIG Sale In My Etsy Shop!

happiness is homemade finished


Have you been wanting to try one of my crewel kits?  Are you hunting for a killer vintage dress for an amazing price?  Well now is the time!  For a limited time I’m running a 50% off sale in my shop!!  Why?  Well, that’s a funny story.  I’ve got my eye on something special.  Something totally frivolous that I do not need at all.  Something I cannot live without.  So I have decided to raise the money through my etsy shop so I don’t feel so guilty!  Be the beneficiary of my shopping addiction – go scoop up some great deals in my shop while the sale is ON!

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Scenes of Summer at Casa Crafter

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer.  We’ve been soaking up all the sun and free time with glee around here.



I’ve even been doing some baby crafting!  I knitted up these cute mary jane booties for a grand niece who will be arriving soon:



And I’ve been sewing up a sweet doll for my dear tiny niece’s first birthday present:



We’ve been enjoying the many gifts the backyard is providing:





…even if that means fighting off a persistently broody hen!



We also set up shop at our very first antique fair.  It was a lot of fun meeting both the other dealers and the shoppers.  Plus it was pretty profitable!







We also welcomed a new member to the family!  Meet the incredibly adorable Millie:



Did your eyeballs explode from the cute??  Even though we are all shredded to bits from her tiny razor-sharp kitten claws, everyone in the houes adores her.







We plan on wringing every last drop of enjoyment we can out of this summer.  What are you doing to enjoy the summer?