Last Kitschmas Post of 2013

There are a couple last Kitschmas projects I wanted to show you before I pack everything away for another year.  *sniff*  Although my new job and the God Bless Our Pad kit prevented me from being as prolific with my Christmas crafts as I wanted – there were so many I had in mind that I just didn’t get to! – I did get a few things done.  I already showed you this year’s felt mouse ornament, but I also started another ornament series that I plan to make one of a year.  Last year I bought this adorable Nutcracker ornament kit made by Bucilla:



I had originally planned to make all four this year, but I quickly realized that was crazy business.  These little guys are pretty fiddly and intricate!  So I wisely came to the conclusion that I should make one a year, just like the mice.  Requested by the boss Little Betty, the ballerina was first:



It’s all hand sewing and embroidery, adding beads and sequins, then sewing the layers together, and finally sewing the back and fronts together and stuffing as you go.



The sewing was definitely the least fun part as the spaces were so tiny it was darn near impossible to get stuffing in there!  Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to eventually having all 4 of these sweet ornaments on our tree.

Next up was hands down the most fun project this season.  Little Betty, my sister in law, and I made over 40 of these sweet diorama bell jar ornaments.  We used this tutorial.



I wish I had pictures of more of them but we gave them to co-workers, teachers, and family members as gifts.  They were so fun to make and turned out tooth-achingly sweet, in my opinion!



They were so cute, in fact, that my sister in law agreed they actually made us angry.  Now that, friends, is pretty darn cute.



They are made out of plastic wine glasses, scrapbooking paper, vintage Christmas miniatures, and glitter.  In other words, magic.



Little Betty had so much fun making these with us!  She was pretty prolific, actually, churning out adorable Kitschmas vignettes in record time for us to encapsulate in plastic domes covered with glitter for generations to come.



Well, folks, that’s it.  Kitschmas is officially over.  I think this coming year I may start making Christmas crafts in July so I can get everything I want finished!  What were your favorite Christmas crafts this year?

New Obsession Alert! Scandinavian Pewter Jewelry

Ok, I fully admit that I am the LAST person who needs a new collection.  But blame it all on my mother who got me this insane necklace for Christmas:

photo 1

Right?  I have literally worn it every day since Christmas and get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Well of course I started researching the stamp on the back:  R Tennesmed Sweden.  Hooooo-doggies.   Talk about drool worthy modernist jewelry!

photo 2

Like this:

R Tennesmed

Photo credit here

And this:

r tennesmed 2

Buy it here!

Good thing this pin was sold, cause I’m not sure I could have passed it up:


Photo credit here

Then I really fell down the Scandinavian pewter jewelry rabbit hole.  You know, like I do. How about this ridiculously awesome necklace:

cat 2

Snag it here!

I had to really resist buying this ring:


But you can here!

There was only one piece I came across that was too good of a deal to pass up:

my necklace

Photo credit here

One more piece and I’m officially a collector.  Oh geez.  The mister is going to kill me.  But a girl must adorn herself, am I right?  I can’t be all bakelite and turquoise.  Gotta mix it up and all.

Introducing….My Version of God Bless Our Pad!

god bless our pad

Friends!  It’s finally here!  I have received SO many requests to release a God Bless Our Pad kit that I finally gave in and produced a version of it.  It’s now ready for pre-order and will be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks!  Just like my Happiness Is Homemade kit, the kit finishes at 18×24 inches, includes high quality linen blend fabric stamped with the pattern, enough 100% wool to complete the design, a crewel needle, and instructions.  Beginners, don’t be scared!  You can do this!  Order here to get the first round of kits!

Kitschmas Craft – A New Mouse Ornament!



There is so much fabulous felty goodness in this sweet magazine, but by far the best seems to be the mice ornaments.  Ever since I posted about them last year I’ve been swamped with requests from people wanting a copy of the pattern.  They all remember them from their childhood and want to recreate them.  And I totally get it!  They are sweet as darn pie.  My plan was to make one each year.  Last year I made the elf mouse, and this year I made the mouse in a stocking.



Aren’t they cute??  You can read more about this project over at No Pattern Required.

I’ve got a couple more ornament crafts to show you in the coming days as well as a new crewel kit reveal!  Yay!!  So stay tuned, friends.

Kitschmas Time Is Here….

Possibly as a direct result of my new job keeping me from the sheer volume of Kitschmas crafts I’m itching to be churning out right now, I doubled up on the intensity of the decorations in the house.  So much so that even I questioned if it was too much.  Not that this was a snap decision, of course.  All year I’ve been adding little bits and bobs, stashing them away for Christmastime, like I do.  And when I unpacked everything Thanksgiving weekend, I discovered that I officially have a few new obsessions collections.  Wanna see?

New collection numero uno – Christmas trees!  You may remember the vintage pink Christmas tree I picked up at an after Christmas sale last year.  That got me thinking – why should I put up just one Christmas tree when I have so many fabulous trees?

So of course, the pink one went up:



And I put up my beloved iridescent white tree:



And speaking of white trees, guess who else wanted in on the action, much to her mother’s delight?  That’s right – our favorite Little Betty wanted a tree of her own.  She picked out a cute little white pre-lit tree and had a ball decorating her playhouse/bed for the holiday.



But what self respecting vintage lovin’ gal would leave a fabulous vintage aluminum tree languishing in storage when there was clearly room for everyone to shine?  Maybe it was the blinding brilliance of the silver tree, maybe it was the eggnog.  Who knows.  All I can tell you is that I had the BEST. IDEA. EVER.  My aluminum tree would be devoted to my one true love, elves!





Is it not glorious?  Does it not give your shriveled old heart a twinge of happiness?  It was also a great opportunity to showcase a new acquisition this year – my string of pixie lights.



They came in the original box and everything!  I definitely paid too much for them, but we all have our weaknesses.  Don’t judge.

There were more new acquisitions/collections that were born this year.  For example, I seem to have somehow ended up with a collection of vintage holiday plushies.  Like this elf:



And these Santas:




Speaking of Santas, I apparently now collect celluloid and plastic holiday decor, especially Santas.



I may have a Santa problem.  No biggie.  Although I’m a tad worried about Little Betty – she told me the other day that she and Santa got married and had a baby.  Might want to look into that.

Anyhoo – my budding Santa obsession is nothing compared to the Putz and glitter houses I’ve acquired this year.  I’m totally the Donald Trump of glitter houses.




Or small:



They’re like elves for me – I can’t leave one behind.  And yes, next year I promise to get a strand of lights with a white cord for this display.  I just couldn’t be bothered this year.

And you know I’ve always loved bottle brush trees, but I did ramp it up by a few trees this year:



I have managed to scrounge together some time for some crafting, which will all be revealed soon.  Stay tuned friends – just cause I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting!