Warrenton Round 2! Also, Little Betty Loves Santa. A Lot.

Oh how I love the Antique Festival.  Today I went with my mom and Little Betty and it was glorious.  There was so much eye candy there!  Observe.

I need this.  I really REALLY need this.  Alas I resisted. I also really need one or five of these letters.  Again I resisted. Mr. Crafter really scored today.  My main goal was to find him an anniversary present. When I saw this old windshield wiper display I just knew it was perfect for his new office.  And the orange chair I bought for the store but when Mr. Crafter spied it in the back of the van it didn’t have a chance.  And I have to admit it does look perfect in his office. I also brought back this Mobil trash can for his office. It’s always a good day when I find a vintage dress that fits just right and this 50s taffeta-ish number did not disappoint! It photographed terribly and got wrinkled in the bag so you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s awesome.

You know what I don’t have enough of?  Salt and pepper shakers!  What’s that?  I already have too many?  But these are elves! Aren’t they the cutest?  I thought so too.  Then when I unpacked them at home I discovered this: I also came away with these 3 amazing purses for the shop.  They were just so great I had to share them with you.

Aren’t those Enids devine??  They are in really great shape.  And the mushroom purse absolutely KILLS me.  I heart it big time.

But the real story today lies with Little Betty.

I think I may have overdone it at Christmastime because ever since Little Betty has had a pretty major obsession with my Christmas blow molds.  The nutcracker (whom she has named Cree) and the Santa have taken up permanent residence in her playspaces.  Santa is her special favorite.  She calls him her darling, whispers secrets to him, and throws him multiple tea parties a day.

Well what do you think was the first thing we saw today?

It was love at first sight folks.  I actually made her put this down but she kept talking about how she wanted to go see Santa so we turned around and went back for him.  After that she didn’t put him down for a second.

Her first collection!  *sniff*  She is definitely a girl after my own heart.


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