A Case For Dressing Vintage

There are a lot of things to love about dressing vintage – being unique, recycling, wearing clothes that have stood the test of time and won’t fall apart after a few years.  But today another major benefit became evident to me.  I was dressed in one of my favorite 50s sundresses with cowboy boots and some Native American turquoise jewelry and twice when leaving a store a man held the door open for me saying something along the lines of “let me get that for you, ma’am.”  These were not vintage gentlemen.  They were young men.  And it occurred to me that this seems to rarely happen anymore.  Chivalry seems to be on the downswing, especially with the younger generation.  But when I’m wearing a vintage dress, I see it more.  I get doors held open.  I get respectful smiles and hellos.  I do not get cat calls or lecherous glances.  Why is this?  Does a vintage dress remind a man of his mother or grandmother?  Does the flattering but non-revealing cut of a 50s dress invite respect or suggest class?  I would like to think so, but of course it could be a byproduct of wearing a dress when most everyone else is wearing yoga pants.

Do any of you notice a kinder and gentler public when dressed vintage?

Here are some pictures from my pinterest of modern day people wearing vintage or vintage inspired items, and doing it very well.




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