A new sweater for Little Betty

As soon as I saw Tanis Gray’s Scherenschnitte Cardigan in the 2011 Holiday Issue of Intervewave Knits I just knew Little Betty needed one.  I loved it so much I decided to use the exact yarn and colorway the pattern called for, which I never do.  My girl is totally insane for the color purple – almost everything has to be purple – so this was perfect for her.

It took almost no time at all to knit!  She was wearing it 3 weeks after I started it, which is totally unheard of for your pal Betty, AKA The World’s Slowest Knitter.  When I found these vintage bakelite buttons I couldn’t believe my luck.  They were meant to be on this sweater.

We both love it!

In other news, my child is getting so grown up!  It breaks and fills my heart all at the same time.  Someone stop this time machine.  It’s going too fast.

3 thoughts on “A new sweater for Little Betty

  1. That turned out soooo cute! And you’re not the world’s slowest knitter – I recently finished a sweater for myself that it took me 2 years to complete, LOL

  2. So sweet! And, what a great find on the buttons. I envy those who can knit and crochet & especially if they have intricate design. I tried a few times to learn crochet and it was so hard for me being a leftie and everything came out skewed…so learning to knit would really scare me. :)

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