I am Betty Crafter, a vintage dealer and enthusiast, crafter of all things, and owner of a 1962 time capsule ranch house.  I live with Mister Crafter, Little Betty, a dog, cat, and 6 chickens.  The Mister and I both loved and collected vintage when we met, and then we began collecting mid century pieces for our home together!  My most beloved of all vintage things are Enid Collins box purses, bakelite jewelry, and kitchen goodies like Pyrex and salt and pepper shakers.  The Mister is always on the lookout for vintage matador decor, rusty signs with flaking paint, and danish modern furniture.  We work together to create a home that reflects our love of old things while remaining a space that is unique and artistic!  Here you will find my virtual overshare of all my vintage and crafty obsessions, as well as DIY projects and other crafty undertakings. You can email me at betty@bettycrafter.com.

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  1. Hi Betty: I just found a cute wooden Enid Collins purse at a flea. I needed some rhinestones and found what I needed on Ebay. Now I have a question and hope you can help! My box purse shows some staining plus where the rhinestones are missing, there is old glue glob. Do you have an idea on how I should clean this purse and remove the glue globs? Also, would you recommend a certain glue to replace the stones?
    Thank you so much for any help you can give me!! I love your blog.

    • Hi Roxy! Congrats on your find! As for gluing on your new replacement beads, I would use Alene’s Tacky Glue. That’s usually my go-to craft glue. As for removing the old glue globs, I would try to gently pry them off with a butter knife. Be super careful though so you don’t take any of the paint off! Good luck!

  2. Hello Betty,

    I just started to learn embroidery and am super excited to get my hands on a cool project. I have loved the Try A Little Kindness embroidery for a lonf time now but I haven’t been able to lay my hands on one.Would you be willing to sell me the instructions and chart that was included in your kit?


  3. Hello Betty!

    I’m a fellow embroidery nut, I was wondering if you would sell me the instructions for the try a little kindness kit you completed?


    • Hey Danielle!
      I’ve actually got plans to make a variation of the Try A Little Kindness piece! I’m currently working on God Bless Our Pad, but stay tuned in the future!

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