Scenes of Summer at Casa Crafter

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer.  We’ve been soaking up all the sun and free time with glee around here.



I’ve even been doing some baby crafting!  I knitted up these cute mary jane booties for a grand niece who will be arriving soon:



And I’ve been sewing up a sweet doll for my dear tiny niece’s first birthday present:



We’ve been enjoying the many gifts the backyard is providing:





…even if that means fighting off a persistently broody hen!



We also set up shop at our very first antique fair.  It was a lot of fun meeting both the other dealers and the shoppers.  Plus it was pretty profitable!







We also welcomed a new member to the family!  Meet the incredibly adorable Millie:



Did your eyeballs explode from the cute??  Even though we are all shredded to bits from her tiny razor-sharp kitten claws, everyone in the houes adores her.







We plan on wringing every last drop of enjoyment we can out of this summer.  What are you doing to enjoy the summer?

Warrenton!! Week 1 finds

I hit up Warrenton a couple of times already this week and have a few nice little finds to show you.  I didn’t come away with tons, but I did get a few things I’m really excited about.



First of all, I think I feel a new collection of these little juice glasses coming on.  Aren’t they they sweetest?  And GAH!  One has a squirrel!!  Of course that one was a no brainer.  The huge hot air balloon glass had to go home with SOMEONE and my shopping pal wouldn’t buy it so I stepped up.  But the squirrel glass?  The other side has a FAWN.  Perfection.



I also acquired another cool rusted metal planter:



This is an old cream separator, but I thought it was screaming to house succulents in my yard.  At just $35 I couldn’t leave it behind.



And of course I had to get Mister Crafter a prize, just for being adorable and awesome.  He was well pleased when I brought this home for him:



I thought a vintage advertising door push was just the extra pop the entrance to his office needed.  And he’s all about vintage soda stuff these days (as long as it’s not Coke – too played out he says.)  I’ve never heard of Golden Girl Soda, but I sure like this sign.  And so did the mister!  I think I scored some points.


You may know about me that it’s not a successful Warrenton shopping trip until mama gets some bakelite.  Well this trip I did manage to rustle up 2 pretty great bakelite pieces:



This wood and butterscotch bakelite necklace is a great, long length and something I think I’ll wear all.the.time.  And I’ve been wanting a horse pin for awhile and this one is just about perfect!  I love the color and the twine bridle – it’s perfect!

Next up I have some things to show you that I didn’t buy but are definitely worth showing off!

A shopping trip with my best gal.

Last week Little Betty and I headed a few hours out of town to hit a huge flea market I’ve had some luck at in the past.  We made a few days of it so we could shop all the way there and back.  Although it wasn’t that successful of a shopping trip, we sure did have fun!  And by successful, I mean, I didn’t get as much as I was hoping for the shop.  I found PLENTY for me.  Oops.

I love driving through little country towns.  Such great eye candy.  We even saw a fossil!


When we got there we stayed in a super cute and friendly little bed and breakfast called Buffalo Girls Hotel.  It was in a little Old West town full of ramshackle shops and restaurants.  It was awesome.




The flea market, as always, was exciting and fun.  So much to see!



Wouldn’t this candy display make the best toy storage in a kid’s room?  I would have loved to get it for all Little Betty’s vintage Fisher Price toys.



I was confused and annoyed by this sign.  So is the jewelry vintage or not??  Inappropriate use of quotation marks really gets under my skin.  But Sherry was super nice to Little Betty and gave her some free jewelry just for being adorable so I decided to overlook it.



This amazing metal hot air balloon sculpture was only $5!  I did not haggle.  I just grabbed it gleefully and it now sits proudly beside my piano.


This trip marked the maiden voyage of our new, amazing wagon – the Radio Flyer Ultimate Comfort Wagon.  It was awesome!  It has 2 seats with tons of configurations – 1 seat with table w/ cup holders and crayon holders for drawing, 1 seat with huge storage area, 2 seats facing each other, 2 seats facing the same way.  It’s amazing!  Plus it has that huge storage bag on it, a canopy, pockets galore, and about 7 cup holders for everyone.  Little Betty was totally comfy and I had lots of room for my goodies.  That is, until the end when we had to take the canopy off and load poor Little Betty down with all my purchases.  Anyhoo – totally recommend this wagon to other moms.  And check out that amazing Indian Chief embroidery!  How boss is that?  The big metal thing is part of something I’m now using as a planter.  More details on that in a day or so.



I mentioned I was a bit of a bad girl and spoiled myself.  Here are some of my splurges.  Me likey bracelets.



I also treated myself to the most amazing squirrel mugs EVER.  I only kept two and sold the other two.  They lasted about 7.3 seconds in the shop before they were snapped up.



Also lasting about 7.3 seconds in the shop was this super incredible wolf cowichan.  I’ve never seen one with a wolf, and who doesn’t love a good cowichan anyway?

Here are a couple things I didn’t get, although I wanted to:



Oh how I coveted those McCoy rainbow canisters!!  They are all perfection.  But sadly they were $75.  That is just not going to work for me.

Also in the category of McCoy and too expensive, yet awesome, was this:



Is it not glorious?  If it had been half the price I might have been tempted.  But this was at the end of the trip and after my splurges on bakelite and turquoise.  I resisted.

Although the trip was not as fruitful as I had hoped, I am not too bummed, for guess what awaits me in a mere week and a half??  WARRENTON!!  I shiver with anticipation at the thought of her endless tents of vintage perfection.


My holy grail of bakelite

It finally happened.  After about 2 years of faithfully searching the internet, antique shows, high end antique stores, and putting the word out to my favorite bakelite dealers, I have found it.  My bakelite holy grail.  Feast your eyes, friends:

Isn’t it glorious?  Doesn’t its perfection hurt your eyes?  I am beyond thrilled!  Ever since I became aware of the existence of this piece by stumbling across a picture on our old pal, the internet, I have been determined to score one for my very own.  It wasn’t easy!  It took a lot of persistence, but don’t you know, recently this beauty popped up on ebay!  I was prepared to blow our 401k on it if need be, but luckily it did not come to that.  Apparently I am the only one in a frenzied panic over procuring a wood and green bakelite acorn clamper bracelet.  I won it for a very fair price – it was meant to be!

I love love LOVE how it’s half wood and half bakelite.  And the bakelite parts are a gorgeous marbled green.  The wood acorn has a few nicks in it, but hey!  This thing is probably 70 years old.

But the best part is that with this acquisition I have completed my ideal bakelite trifecta:

Oh yeah.  Acorn earrings, squirrel pin, and acorn bracelet.  My woodland bakelite fantasies are complete.



Come get yer Bakelite!

It has been positively raining Bakelite around these parts, y’all, and I want to share the wealth!  I’ve added a few sets of Bakelite bangles to my etsy shop if you’re interested.  I’ll also be adding some other pieces soon – I’ve got some lovely pins and earrings I plan to add.  If you’re itching for something specific, let me know – I might have it!

A Bakelite Repair

You may have picked up from me by now that I really REALLY adore bakelite jewelry.  I love it’s casual, but quality, look, and they way it stands up to the test of time.  I don’t often worry about wearing out my bakelite pieces, even though some are close to 80 years old.  But I recently purchased a piece that required some repair.  I always buy bakelite at the Antique Weekend and this spring was no exception.  My favorite bakelite vendor didn’t have anything that knocked my socks off and I was feeling a little let down at the idea that I might actually not go home with any new pieces this time.  All of the sudden I said to my shopping buddy  “In here!” like I had a bakelite divining rod or something.  Sure enough, inside the building it was waiting for me.  A bakelite cherry necklace.  It was glorious, and it was mine in under 5 minutes.  The only problem is that the cherries were held on by wax covered strings that were beginning to fray, like the one in this picture:

Photo credit:  Morning Glory Jewelry

The first and only time I wore it cherries were falling off like it was picking season.  Luckily I didn’t lose any and headed straight for my favorite jewelry repair guy.  I was nervous because he had no idea what bakelite was and concerned that the cost to fix it ($65) was going to be more than what the necklace was worth.  Um, no.  I took this opportunity to educate him on the value of bakelite.  Anyhoo, I was kind of worried that I would ruin the necklace – that it would look too new, or repaired.  So, Betties, tell me what you think!  Did I ruin it or is it ok?

He replaced all the fraying string with green copper wire.  I really don’t think it’s too noticeable, and now I’ll be able to wear it without fear!  The cherries still lay pretty well too – here’s a terrible shot of them on:

What’s the verdict?  Have any of you ever had to repair any bakelite?  What were the results?

Dreams of sewing…

One nice thing about the Mister going away for work is presents!  He picked up these really great vintage packages of colored pencils at a flea market in Berlin:

Aren’t those graphics to die for?

But wait!  There’s more!  He also stopped into the Cath Kidston store in London and loaded up on some sewing goodies for me!  How great a husband is that?


All this great sewing swag got me daydreaming about sewing projects.  And you know how they say if you visualize something it can bring more of it into your life?  Well, wouldn’t you know it, a couple days later I scored the motherload of vintage barkcloth fabric:

That blue geometric panel at the front is so fabulous and in such perfect, brand new condition I’m seriously considering framing it as art.

This estate sale was nuts, y’all.  The homeowner had owned an antique store at one time and had a house packed to the gills with amazing stuff!  It was one of those sales you’ve got to hit every day to get the good stuff on the first day and all the overpriced stuff on the 50% off day.  I walked away with TONS of goodies!  Draperies, old tins, wall art, dishes, glasses, pottery, vintage baby clothes, and something I NEVER find at estate sales….

BAKELITE!  I couldn’t believe it!  On the 50% off day too!  I was pretty much beside myself.  Also on the 50% off day?

A Turner flamingo mirror!  It’s in perfect shape and lovely in every way.  This was one of those sales you dream about and was a perfect way to wrap up by buying trip.