Scenes of Summer at Casa Crafter

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer.  We’ve been soaking up all the sun and free time with glee around here.



I’ve even been doing some baby crafting!  I knitted up these cute mary jane booties for a grand niece who will be arriving soon:



And I’ve been sewing up a sweet doll for my dear tiny niece’s first birthday present:



We’ve been enjoying the many gifts the backyard is providing:





…even if that means fighting off a persistently broody hen!



We also set up shop at our very first antique fair.  It was a lot of fun meeting both the other dealers and the shoppers.  Plus it was pretty profitable!







We also welcomed a new member to the family!  Meet the incredibly adorable Millie:



Did your eyeballs explode from the cute??  Even though we are all shredded to bits from her tiny razor-sharp kitten claws, everyone in the houes adores her.







We plan on wringing every last drop of enjoyment we can out of this summer.  What are you doing to enjoy the summer?

Texas in Springtime

Springtime in Texas is one of my favorite times – such gorgeous weather, wildflowers, and lush trees and grass.  And this spring we’ve been gifted with record breaking cool temperatures so the Crafter fam has been soaking up as much outdoor time as possible!  We’re totally all about camping right now:



Roasting vegan marshmallows and veggie dogs, swimming, hiking, and enjoying Little Betty’s surprisingly good ghost stories around the campfire – perfection.


I’ve also been way into watching my little garden grow!







I’m already harvesting a few veggies here and there which is so exciting!




I’m not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but with 5 tomato plants I’ll have plenty of homemade bloody mary mix.





Soon, blackberries.  Soon.



And figs, don’t think I haven’t noticed you filling out by the hundreds in my little fig orchard. I’m VERY excited about the figs.



Everything is expanding nicely too.  My little herb corners are spreading and pumpkin and melon vines are exploring the surrounding areas.



My succulent centerpiece is filling out too.  I love having a bit of ornamentation in my garden.

How is the spring weather in your neck of the woods?

Spring is in the air…

and you know what that means!  It means a new vegetable garden at Casa Crafter!

Last year, this is what my “garden” looked like:

garden before


Those two metal tubs were my previous attempt at a veggie garden.  It was a flaming, tailspinning, crashing failure.  I didn’t have them drained correctly and after the first big rain my small crop of peppers, squash, cucumbers, and cantaloupe was drowned.  I was super bummed.

This year I was determined to do better!  I REALLY want to use our huge lot (for being in a city anyway, half an acre is pretty good!) for producing some of our own food.  We have the chickens, fig trees, and persimmon tree already which are great fun.  A successful garden along with the beehive I’m planning will round it out nicely!  I bet you didn’t know I was such a hippie, huh?  Anyway, since I really want to get serious about making my yard more edible, I decided to get some professionals involved.  I worked with an amazing company whose tagline is “Grow Food.  We’ll Help.”  Perfect.  And here is my garden now!



As you can see my ill-fated metal tubs have been put to use again!  They have been set up to drain properly, had trellises added, and are now planted with cucumbers and snow peas.  Since this area is on a slope we added all this terracing to keep the decomposed granite pathways in place.  I’m super happy with the way it looks.  The slope also makes it really hard to photograph!



All around the perimeter in those mini stone beds are blackberries.  Little Betty will eat every one of them I’m sure.



Do you recognize my metal planter score from my recent shopping trip?





Although I think vegetable gardens are beautiful enough on their own, I didn’t want my garden to be ALL business.  I wanted a focal point.  And my favorite plants are definitely succulents!  They are so beautiful and easy to propagate.  I’ve always got new starts going in a few vintage planters somewhere in my house or yard!


There’s also herbs tucked into a few of the corners.


The wood raised beds are pretty awesome.  They’re wicking beds, which means there is a reservoir underneath the soil that holds water and provides water to the plants from underneath.  Great for our scorching summers!   I stick a hose down this PVC pipe and fill it until water comes out of a hole on the other side:



Brilliant, right??

I’m super excited to see how my garden will change over the coming months, hopefully into a lush, Texas style cottage garden with densely packed fruit and vegetables!

Have any of you put in your spring gardens yet, or are planning them out?

Planting Fairy Gardens = A Perfect Sunday

Little Betty and I went to a fabulous garden center on Sunday to get some plants for the big garden project we have coming up this week.  We were diverted, however, when we discovered this place had an entire area devoted to fairy gardens!  Well at that point it was over for us.  We were obsessed and decided we both needed one.  We gleefully planned our respective fairy gardens and got right down to business as soon as we got home.



I already had the start of one in my bullet planter – meaning I had some mushrooms and gnomes in there.  Please don’t mind my naughty gnome – he is harmless.  Mr. Crafter brought him back from Scotland for me when we were just dating.



So I just added some sweet little ornamental plants, a footbridge, and a gazing ball.



I heart it bigtime.



This one is Little Betty’s.  Isn’t it darling?  She picked out everything for it all by herself – all the plants and accessories.  I think she did a lovely job.



Now we have plans to make tons more little accessories out of polymer clay.  I see a new obsession coming on…