Matching Mother/Daughter 4th of July Outfits. Because Duh.


And also, because what else are you supposed to do when the thrifting gods gift you with 8 yards of vintage bicentennial fabric?

Seriously, this fabric is so baller.


The founding fathers!  The constitution!  I shiver in the wake of it’s colonial awesomeness.  Ok, sure.  I’ve always had a bicentennial fetish.  But I think we can all agree this fabric rules.

Here’s a close up of Little Betty’s skirt.  Mine was exactly the same, only bigger.

FullSizeRender (1) copy


And you know I used vintage patterns!

FullSizeRender copy


FullSizeRender (1)


It all went together like a dream.  I had to do quite a bit of adjustment on my top to get it to fit right but now I love it.

And now Little Betty has one more photo contender to submit to Awkward Family Photos someday.

New Obsession Alert! Scandinavian Pewter Jewelry

Ok, I fully admit that I am the LAST person who needs a new collection.  But blame it all on my mother who got me this insane necklace for Christmas:

photo 1

Right?  I have literally worn it every day since Christmas and get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Well of course I started researching the stamp on the back:  R Tennesmed Sweden.  Hooooo-doggies.   Talk about drool worthy modernist jewelry!

photo 2

Like this:

R Tennesmed

Photo credit here

And this:

r tennesmed 2

Buy it here!

Good thing this pin was sold, cause I’m not sure I could have passed it up:


Photo credit here

Then I really fell down the Scandinavian pewter jewelry rabbit hole.  You know, like I do. How about this ridiculously awesome necklace:

cat 2

Snag it here!

I had to really resist buying this ring:


But you can here!

There was only one piece I came across that was too good of a deal to pass up:

my necklace

Photo credit here

One more piece and I’m officially a collector.  Oh geez.  The mister is going to kill me.  But a girl must adorn herself, am I right?  I can’t be all bakelite and turquoise.  Gotta mix it up and all.


I haven’t talked too much about making dolls here on the old blog, but I really enjoy it!  Especially the dolls in the most excellent book Wee Wonderfuls – 24 Dolls To Sew And Love.  Each pattern in the book is one I’d love to make, and I have made 6 of the patterns so far, and two of them twice now!  I’d like to show you one of those today, the pattern Margot, which I absolutely adore.

Margot is a “topsy turvy” doll, which means you flip her skirt to reveal a new doll underneath.  When I was little I had one that was Little Red Riding Hood on one side and the wolf on the other.  Margot is 2 versions of the same doll – one dressed up and one dressed down.  I made Little Betty one a couple of years ago.  Please keep in mind that she has been well loved for a couple of years now and has gotten a bit worn!

Here is the dressed up version:



Isn’t she precious??  I of course used sumptuous heavy vintage fabrics.  Dolls and doll clothes are wonderful applications for vintage fabrics because you can use those small scraps you can’t bear to let go of.



The facial features are so simply embroidered.  I love them.   It is truly a beautiful pattern.  I used muslin for the body of the doll – I like how the flecks sort of look like freckles.

Here is the dressed down side:



Well my darling niece recently enjoyed her 1st birthday and I thought her very own Margot would be a great way to mark the big day!  It’s a good doll for small children because there are no buttons or doll eyes or anything that cold be choking hazards.  This is the case with most of the patterns in the book.

Here is my niece’s dressed up Margot:



I didn’t use vintage fabrics on this one because I thought these would be more her style.  They are still heavy canvas and corduroy, though.  I think the weight works well for the skirt-flipping feature.



I really love the oversized bow I did on this one – I think it makes her look very 1930s!  I forgot to add the rosy cheeks to this one; however, I still think it looks ok.  I initially tried to use a heavier canvas for the body but after 2 evenings of sweating and cursing trying to embroider the hair I pitched it and started over with muslin.  It was dang near impossible to get the doll needle through with the yarn!



And here is her dressed down side!  I like the longer braids on this one vs Little Betty’s version, although they peek out of the bottom of the skirt a bit when the dressed up version is out.



Since the apron fabric was a bit plain I decided to embroider my niece’s initial on it, and I’m glad I did!  It adds a bit of personalization and jazzes it up just a tad.

If you enjoy this sort of thing and need a gift for a little one, definitely check this book out!  There are so many great patterns.

BIG Sale In My Etsy Shop!

happiness is homemade finished


Have you been wanting to try one of my crewel kits?  Are you hunting for a killer vintage dress for an amazing price?  Well now is the time!  For a limited time I’m running a 50% off sale in my shop!!  Why?  Well, that’s a funny story.  I’ve got my eye on something special.  Something totally frivolous that I do not need at all.  Something I cannot live without.  So I have decided to raise the money through my etsy shop so I don’t feel so guilty!  Be the beneficiary of my shopping addiction – go scoop up some great deals in my shop while the sale is ON!

Just enter the coupon code “bettyneedsbling” and get 50% off the list price!  That means my Happiness Is Homemade kit is only $24, and KitKat is only $7.50!  Plus there are some killer vintage dresses up for grabs.  Go check it out here!


Pink Bathroom Nirvana Status : Achieved!

I went with a friend to look at a house across the street from me that he is interested in buying.  I knew the house was in original condition and that it had the potential to be great, but as the house isn’t on the market yet I had no idea what was inside.  Yes, the house was cute as a darn button with adorable features like a kitchen/dining pass through window with sliding door, original yellow patterned laminate kitchen countertops, and that scalloped trim above the kitchen window that I covet so much.  But oh sweet baby jeebus – the hall bath was the most glorious pink bathroom in all the land!

photo (17)


Oh yes my friends.  This pink bathroom has lavender trim and tile floor!  Have you ever in your vintage loving life seen such awesomeness?

photo (18)

Here’s a better picture of the colors.  Seriously, have your eyes ever beheld such perfection??   I literally got goosebumps!  Since my friend is a single guy, he is open to my help in fixing the place up – yahoo!!  I’ve decided he should get this wallpaper for the bathroom:



Bradbury Googieland Wallpaper

And yes, the master bath is awesome too – 2 tone green.  Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share about this great house!

Who are you?

Eartha Kitsch is my total girl crush (shh!! Don’t tell her!)  I love her blog and eagerly wait for her posts which are always hilarious and often poignant.  Anyhoo…recently she posted about wanting to know who her readers were and I thought – yes!  I want to know about my readers too!  So I’m totally stealing her thunder here, but I would love if you’d leave a comment telling me about yourself and linking to your blog if you have one.  I’m tired of being the taker in our relationship, friends.  I’m ready to give back and hear about YOUR lives too!

And as a token of how much I care about y’all, here’s some eye candy I scored at the flea market today.  I dedicate this photo of my new squirrel buttons to my sister in squirrel love, Eartha.

Here a lamp, there a lamp, everywhere a lamp!

The recent mother-load of amazing lamps has made me a little daft for lamps.  I have scrutinized every area of my home looking for areas that could use a lamp, hoping to hold on to more of Mr. Crafter’s amazing finds.  For example, I really did like the lamp that used to be in our bedroom that got usurped by the green beauty he brought back.  And after my analysis of lamp-light areas, I find that it always wanted to be in our dining area:

(Don’t mind the cord – it’s driving us crazy but we haven’t had a chance to attempt to move the buffet yet to get to the outlet back there!)

Anyhoo – that only encouraged me that there were certainly other areas that were under-lamped in Casa Crafter.  And that sweet tulip lamp that I had already put in the store was stuck in my mind like a bad TV jingle.  I had a flash of brilliance, called the shop hoping against hope it hadn’t sold yet, and brought it home to create this!

My sewing room/guest room has never looked cozier.  The table is also a recent find – an adorable industrial typewriter table that just needed some love with some danish oil and steel wool to look like a million bucks.

Also a recent acquisition that I’m head over heels for that looks perfect with my Indian Chief needlework?

How sweet is that?  It was in a friend’s booth and I can’t believe I debated it for a couple weeks before deciding I’d hate myself forever if I didn’t spring for it.  I think it’s my new favorite, maybe even more than the Indian Chief!

In other new developments at Casa Crafter, I found this little sweetie running in the street and couldn’t help but bring her home:

I’m trying to find her family but no luck so far.  Mr. Crafter and Little Betty REALLY want to keep her but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a 2 dog household.  And big ole Karl back there is plenty enough for us already.  But Little Betty has already named this little lady Lunchbox and she seems to fit right in.  Oh no.  I’m in for a battle here…