Warrenton!! Week 1 finds

I hit up Warrenton a couple of times already this week and have a few nice little finds to show you.  I didn’t come away with tons, but I did get a few things I’m really excited about.



First of all, I think I feel a new collection of these little juice glasses coming on.  Aren’t they they sweetest?  And GAH!  One has a squirrel!!  Of course that one was a no brainer.  The huge hot air balloon glass had to go home with SOMEONE and my shopping pal wouldn’t buy it so I stepped up.  But the squirrel glass?  The other side has a FAWN.  Perfection.



I also acquired another cool rusted metal planter:



This is an old cream separator, but I thought it was screaming to house succulents in my yard.  At just $35 I couldn’t leave it behind.



And of course I had to get Mister Crafter a prize, just for being adorable and awesome.  He was well pleased when I brought this home for him:



I thought a vintage advertising door push was just the extra pop the entrance to his office needed.  And he’s all about vintage soda stuff these days (as long as it’s not Coke – too played out he says.)  I’ve never heard of Golden Girl Soda, but I sure like this sign.  And so did the mister!  I think I scored some points.


You may know about me that it’s not a successful Warrenton shopping trip until mama gets some bakelite.  Well this trip I did manage to rustle up 2 pretty great bakelite pieces:



This wood and butterscotch bakelite necklace is a great, long length and something I think I’ll wear all.the.time.  And I’ve been wanting a horse pin for awhile and this one is just about perfect!  I love the color and the twine bridle – it’s perfect!

Next up I have some things to show you that I didn’t buy but are definitely worth showing off!

Warrenton – the finds!

So, as I said, Warrenton wasn’t the free-for-all of awesomeness that it usually is, but never fear – we did come away with some goodies! Wanna see?

You already saw the great Dr. Pepper soda machine and reach in cooler that are now gracing our deck.  Well what do you think was one of the first things I saw on day 2?

And it was cheap!  But I wasn’t sure Mr. Crafter would be down with another one so soon after the Dr. Pepper scores.  So I texted him a picture and went on about my day.  His response a few hours later?  “Please tell me you got that!”  So I went back and loaded this little lady into the van.

The barn/gas station project was a major focus of this round of Warrenton.  The mister was focused on scoring some signage and he did not leave disappointed!

These have since been hung on the barn and look great.  I’ll show you soon.

You know we had to get blow molds, right?  Well this one cost a pretty penny but I absolutely could not say no to Bella Lugosi’s Dracula:

I also couldn’t say no to this cute/creepy lollipop jar.  Little Betty sure does love her lollipops!  The surrounding deer are Warrenton finds too.

And you remember the miles of pine cone elves I showed you in my last post?  Well of course one of them came home with me:

And remember the shelves full of dead stock Acme children’s boots?  Did you ever doubt that Little Betty now owns one of those pairs?

I usually don’t show you too much of what I buy for the store, but I did want to show you a couple things from this trip that were for the store.

First, I am fully in love with this spooky painting of owls.  It’s huge, the colors are great, and it’s perfect for Halloween!

And last is this uh-may-zing pair of 1930s art deco style lamps.  They have metal shades and are all original.  They look gorgeous lit up.

And that’s it for Warrenton fall 2012!  Can’t wait for spring already…

Warrenton – the sights!

Oh Warrenton, how I love you!  (Even though you wear me down to raw nubs by about 2 pm!)  Day 2 was so full of eye candy I just had to share some with you before I get down to the things that came home with me.  Look at these Kitschmas pine cone elves!  Love!  This is one thing I love about Warrenton – anything you love, you can find it there in abundance. Like pine cone elves.

Or blow molds.

But there are also many many head-scratchers about. Like this poor Santa with smallpox, trapped in a house:

I just couldn’t bring myself to ask about the price even for comic value.  It was just too disturbing.

But back to the eye candy!  Like Gulf gas pumps?  Take your pick!

Been searching for hard to find vintage children’s cowboy boots?  Look at all these dead stock Acme inlay boots!!


Speaking of yum, I think this was safely the most delicious thing I have ever eaten:

Yes, that says served over fritos.  It was insane.  I want to try to recreate this for Thanksgiving.  Watch out, family.

I’ll be back soon to share what made it home with us!


It’s that time of year again my lovelies…

The antique fair in Warrenton is here!!!  Oh how I anticipate the precious 2 weeks, twice a year, this festival comes along.  It is heaven to me.  Little Betty, Mr. Crafter, and I went yesterday even though it hasn’t officially started yet and people were just getting set up.  We still had a great day and got some amazing things which I will show you more of as the 2 weeks progress (cause you know mama ain’t just going once!)

But I did want to take a quick moment to show you our most exciting score:

Aren’t they amazing?  I can’t wait to have frosty cold beverages at my disposal right on the deck in that reach in counter cooler.  Yes, we do already have a functioning vintage Pepsi machine in the mister’s office stocked full of beer and glass bottle sodas, but this will be great for things like bottled water and iced teas and stuff.  The original plan was to resell the 1960s Dr. Pepper soda machine to recoup the cost of the cooler, but once we put it on the deck to take pictures for craigslist, it was immediately clear it wasn’t going anywhere!

In other house news, Mr. Crafter is making serious progress on his latest super creative home design idea.  A little backstory – my darling husband has added the most wonderful whimsical touches to every home we’ve lived in.  He has the best ideas and I’ve learned it’s best to embrace them because they always turn out great.  Some of his wild brainstorms in previous houses included a backyard astroturf bowling alley complete with gymnasium scoreboard, a grass octopus rising up out of our lawn with bowling ball eyes, and a complete, to-scale replica of James Dean’s 1954 New York City apartment in our guest room.  His current project is to turn the exterior of his office (our backyard barn) into a 1950s gas station.  It’s now been painted, a vintage Mobil gas pump acquired, and signs are being collected.

One of his friends commented that we live in a Tim Burton movie.  I find that a huge compliment.

Check back in the coming days for the Warrenton extravaganza to come!