Changes are afoot at Casa Crafter!

This coming week brings some exciting new changes to our house!  We’re getting a few things done around here, like a fancy new chicken coop, some renovations to Little Betty’s playhouse, and restorations to our pink bathroom.  But most exciting, I think, is that we are finally beginning the renovations to make the first floor of our “barn” into an office for Mr. Crafter.  Here’s what it looks like right now:

Our design goal is mid century gas station office.  Or,  more specifically, the office Don Draper might have if he were a petroleum mogul.  We scored the ultimate executive steel tanker desk this week, as well as some great vintage chairs and an end table, and Mr. Crafter can’t wait to decorate with all the eclectic odds and ends he loves.  So stay tuned to see what kind of difference some paint and freshly sealed concrete floors can make!

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