Christmas in July!

Have I mentioned how much I adore vintage Christmas goodies?  How I stalk estate sale pre-photos scanning for glittering bits of red and green, creepy faces of elves and Santas, and plastic mistletoe?  Oh, I have?  Well.  I did that today.  This particular estate sale hinted at an entire box of knee hugging elves.  Sadly, they escaped before I got there.  But I did find plenty to tickle my fancy in the Christmas department. (Oh yes, and a Danish modern lamp, a chenille toilet seat cover, and a chalet weather house too!)

Oh sad, dented plastic Santa. I don’t care that you appear to be trying too hard to be a part of any self-respecting Christmas vignette.  I shall display you proudly with your own kind.  Like the sneaky pine cone elf making plots that shall likely not be in your favor…

I did manage to swipe one lone straggling knee hugging elf perched atop some plastic mistletoe that must have escaped the attention of the elf-hoarder that beat me to the sale.  Score!  And indent ornaments!  And…

An indent tree topper in the original box!  Yes!  And an elf clanging a glittering bell wrapped with plastic holly!  And two plastic reindeer wearing Cleopatra eyeliner!  Success!    And who could resist Betty Crocker’s Cooky Carnival?  Not this Betty.

So I guess missing out on an entire box of knee-hugging elves can be excused.

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