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I love mail!  Feel free to contact me to share ideas and finds, ask for sources or advice, or to just connect!

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  1. Hello Betty, I’am Lesly and i love you playhouse bed ! i’m looking for one for my little princes and i find the 2 plans… you talk about NOT start browsing the kids’ bed ideas on this site. Especially loft beds. I just asking you, why? the plans is not safe for bed? I just want to know …. thank you ! have a great day !

  2. Hello Betty
    Am planning a US trip next year and would love to come to your real-world shop if possible. Where in the US are you?


    • Hey Kate! I’m in Austin Texas, and my store is named Hog Wild Vintage. Let me know if you make it this way! Would love to catch up :)

  3. Hi,
    I love your blog–you are a FUN person. You are so up beat.
    I have 3 very old Bucilla needlework unopened kits. I can’t find any info on them to know how to price them. They only have the Bucilla kit number on them; but, that didn’t help any. Do you know how I can get info on these kits.
    Thanks so much,
    Beverly Reese

  4. Hello Betty,
    Love your site, and the Heywood Wakefield is to die for. We don’t come across HeyWake much in Toronto, Canada. Mid-Century here runs to Danish modern, at least that’s what my parents and their friends bought from the most popular dept store then, the now defunct Eaton’s. Anyway, I was wondering if your amazing blue sectional couch is a vintage reupholster or new? I adore the mod crewel pillows, but you need more of them! (Kidding). Found you on on Retro Reno (Heck yeah!), and I will definitely be watching out for finds in your Etsy store.

    • Hey Karin!
      The couch is new actually, from Thrive Furniture. They are online only so we weren’t able to sit on it or anything first, but we’re so happy with it! They have really great mid-century inspired pieces.
      I love Toronto! And you’re right – I definitely notice lots of Danish Modern in the shops there. Not a bad thing at all :)

    • Thanks Patty! The bed is brand new from Heywood Wakefield actually. Heywood Wakefield is still around and making furniture and the great thing is that you can get a beautiful Heywake bed in a queen or king size, which is almost nonexistent in vintage. Mine is a king. We love it.

  5. Just received my copy of crafts 1.2.3. Reindeer Romp on page 57 says to cut out patterns. What patterns? I love the craft,but for the life of me, I can’t find any patterns. Please enlighten me.


    • Hi Penny- for some unknown reason they didn’t include my templates for the patterns! I have no idea why they did that b/c it’s not possible to complete the craft without them. I’ll email them to you.

  6. Hi! I just bought my first Enid Collins purse today (Jewel Bokay for $4.99 at Goodwill!) and wanted to tell you. Plus I love your blog. My daughter and I really enjoy the pictures of your beautiful house and lovely family. We love the b-day party pictures!


    • Hi Betty, Hope this isn’t as freaky sounding as I think it probably is, but I have a presents to mail to you and Mr. Crafter, plus I want to moonlight as a picker and write a business proposal to start a vintage ephemera fulfillment service. Can I mail these little somethings to your store (its not a a scary stalker present, its a vintage craft, one for each of you! that I KNOW you will enjoy.) Can I mail it to you at your store? :) Liz

  7. I have been looking for paint by numbers for my kids, but I want them in the classic style. Scenes my mother painted as a kid. Am I wasting my time?

  8. Hi Betty,
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    It’s heart warming to see when her work is cherished.
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  9. Hi!
    I am so glad I found you! Your home is darling. GAH! I love what Mr. Crafter did with the yard. What you have done with your home is what I dream of doing to mine but probably never will because I’m mid century in age and I’m not all that creative.

    As for James Dean…my (late) dad was his high school friend and served as a pall bearer at his funeral. Many of the James Dean fans who have visited Dean’s hometown of Fairmount, Indiana established a friendship with my dad. Here is a link to an article that was published in our local newspaper after dad’s death. Dad was loved by the Dean fans and he generously devoted his time to keep memories of Jimmy alive.

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