Cozy little town that it is…

Sorry for the silence around here but Mister Crafter and I went on a much needed little getaway to New York City for a few days.  I had grand plans of blogging while there, but was finding myself too busy with staying out way too late and sleeping in way too long to even open my computer once.  I blame it on the uber hip, super comfortable Ace Hotel where we stayed, the delicious cocktails we enjoyed, and great friends…

But!  I have some great things to show you.   Mister Crafter was an excellent sport and allowed himself to be drug to the Garment District for some fabric shopping!  What a guy, right?  My plans were to purchase fabric for a dress I’ve been wanting to make for awhile – Simplicity 3034, view 1:

Isn’t she gorgeous??  But I ran into a major problem:

I was so entirely overwhelmed by the volume and variety of fabrics in shop after shop after shop that I just could not settle on anything.  It was kind of ridiculous.  I felt a tad better after a fashion designer galpal told me she has the same problem.  However, the fabulous Mister Crafter saved the day and whisked me off to Brooklyn to show me some incredible vintage shops he had scouted out on a recent tour.  Happines – no, elation, ensued.

Gratuitous vintage COWICHANS!!  For both the fellas and the ladies!

Mouth watering vintage textiles!

And we even found a warehouse of bargain vintage furniture!

We walked away with winter coats for the whole family – a 60’s Coke delivery man uniform jacket for Mister Crafter with insanely awesome patches, a beautiful green and yellow tapestry coat for mama, and the most adorable red and black buffalo plaid hunting jacket for Little Betty.  Success.

The weather was so wonderful for our stay – the perfect opportunity to wear some of my favorite vintage dresses with boots and a jacket while exploring the city and strolling through Central Park:

The only problem is that we had so much fun we’re already planning our next getaway…

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