Dreamy Desert Solitude

I wanted to tell you a little about the great trip Mr. Crafter and I just took to Marfa, TX.  If you’ve never heard of Marfa, it’s a tiny town out in the desert well known to hipsters as being an artistic haven.  It’s like Austin’s Palm Springs.  We stayed at El Cosmico, where you can stay in a vintage trailer, a teepee, a yurt, or a safari tent.  Rad, right?  We chose to stay in a trailer.  Since there’s not a whole lot to do in Marfa and not much cell reception or wifi, we spent our time reading, listening to records, riding bikes around town, and checking out the exceptional art this little town has to offer.   Perfection.  We also came to the conclusion that an outdoor shower is definitely in our future here at Casa Crafter.  Here’s a snippet of our getaway in pictures:

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