Elf Cardholder Recreated – Sucess?

Remember how I said I wanted to recreate this cute little elf cardholder that was in a craft magazine of mine but was missing his directions?

Well, I did it but I’m not sure it can be called a success.  Something seems a little…off…

Does he kind of look like he has “one chromosome too many?”  Where the original looks very cute, my version is about 35% creepy, and 25% like it was done in a kindergarten class.  Both versions are 100% kitsch.  There is a fine line between kitsch and bad taste, people.  I’m not sure where this guy falls.  Although I do have him hanging up in my house, and will put Christmas cards in his envelope as they arrive, I’m not sure I’ll put him up again next year.  We’ll see – maybe he’ll grow on me.

Anyway,  I had mentioned doing a tutorial for this if anyone was interested, but now I’m not sure it’s tutorial worthy.  If you’d like to make him, let me know and I’ll put one together.

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