Estate Sale Goodness!

Today was a memorable and lucky day for estate sailing.  I can’t even begin to tell you about all the awesomeness I scored.  However, the most awesome thing I encountered all day was by far this kitchen backsplash.  Are you ready for this?

I will give you some time to pick your jaw up off the floor.   Yes, those are Franciscan Starburst tiles set into the backsplash.  I about had a stroke.  Then the director of the sale told me about the entire set of Franciscan Starburst they had that sold immediately the first day.  I am still grieving over that.

The same house also had this mod built in room divider:

Isn’t that great?  I love that connected square pattern.  And that poodle you can spy in the corner?  He would have come home with me had his neck not been broken.  Poor little dude.

I went to a different sale where a sweet preschool teacher lived.  You could tell by all the early childhood education paraphernalia and holiday themed vests that were there.  But then, in the bathroom, I found this under the toilet seat lid and it cracked me right up:

I love it when people fall out of line with their stereotype, don’t you?

I will show you one thing that I purchased today:

For some reason I’m ridiculously in love with this portrait.  I found it languishing in the garage of yet another estate sale and immediately had to have it.  Am I crazy or is this incredibly awesome?  It’s so Mad Men, don’t you think?

What’s the coolest feature you’ve seen in a house at an estate sale?

3 thoughts on “Estate Sale Goodness!

  1. Wow that backsplash is so awesome. I didn’t know anything about Franciscan until today. I picked up at 5 place setting set of Franciscan Harvest Gold at a thrift shop for $10. I thought it was so pretty! But from what I can tell I guess it’s worth a lot more than what I paid, though I won’t part with it. (9 cups, and 5 each bread and butter plates, saucers, dinner plates, 2 each salad and fruit bowls and 1 creamer). Know anything about the Harvest Gold pattern? Thanks!

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