Estate Sale Score!

It is truly one of the great pleasures of my life to go to estate sales.  I don’t know what it is – feeling like I’m giving a second life to the very personal possessions of someone who can no longer take care of them or the thrill of the hunt and fighting off other treasure-seekers.  Either way, this Betty is H-O-O-K-E-D!  This weekend I hit up a great estate sale of a departed professor who had some really lovely, old things.  I went in to momentary cardiac arrest when I saw the gleaming pink Atlas sewing machine.  But $100?  Not today thanks.  My shopping partner found some great jewelry, sewing notions, and farm dresses (lucky girl – good thing I didn’t see them first!) and another shopper made off with some frothy pastel nighties.  But I still left happy!

The Mister was giddy with happiness when I came home with that Brownie for him. (We have a burgeoning collection of obsolete yet beautiful old cameras)  I could not be more thrilled with those adorable recipe cards.  Every self-respecting granny needs cutsey recipe cards, right?  I totally heart the ones that say “Kissin wears out…cookin don’t!”  Not pictured are some turquoise and pink Tupperware containers.  Love me some vintage Tupperware!  I also got a pretty rockin olive green sharkskin 50’s dress that turned out to be a perfect fit.  It was languishing at the bottom of a box and is in bad need of a dry clean which is why I didn’t photograph it.  Did anyone else out there score anything great this weekend?

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