Exhibit 976 why Mr. Crafter is the best husband ever

I know I’ve been talking a lot about how awesome Mr. Crafter is these days, and I would totally tone it down if he would quit doing awesome things but he has done something so incredible that I just knew you would want to know about it.

Some of you long time readers may remember a post I made about a year and a half ago about seeing the best vintage lamp ever in a shop in Chicago that was not for sale.  It broke my heart, and you can see why:

Yes, friends, that is a 1950s squirrel lamp with fiberglass shade.  It is the mothership of vintage lamps.  The pinnacle of lighting greatness.  The holy grail of 1950s functional art.  I have never stopped talking about it, and bless his precious soul, Mr. Crafter has been listening.  Ever since then every time Mr. Crafter has gone to Chicago, he’s made a visit to the shop and tried to talk the owner into selling it to him.  She loves the lamp as much as I do and could not be persuaded.  Believe me, Mr. Crafter has exceptional acquiring and persuading skills.  His whole career revolves around getting impossible things to happen.  This lady was not budging.  So the other day I squealed like a 14 year old girl when I got this picture texted to me:

I love this man.  Seriously, this is probably the sweetest thing he’s ever done for me.  I am giddy with love for my new lamp and my thoughtful husband!

Doesn’t it look like it’s always been in my house?  I feel that it’s finally come home where it belongs.  I made sure to put it right by our couch and TV so that I can maximize my time gazing at it adoringly.

Is it not the most perfect lamp in all the land?  Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in vintage home decor?  And most importantly, how in the heck is Mr. Crafter ever going to top this one?

5 thoughts on “Exhibit 976 why Mr. Crafter is the best husband ever

  1. That lamp is, well–I was going to say the bee’s knees, but in this case it’s the squirrel’s tail! How awesome is that? Mr. Crafter is a skilled negotiator!

  2. wow! that lamp really is a thing of beauty! i’m glad he finally wore them down!!
    ( i was just talking about mr. crafter today! we saw a vintage 7up machine at the flea market and i tried to explain how cool mr. crafter’s outbuilding was!)

  3. What an incredibly sweet and thoughtful thing for him to do, and how happy and excited you must’ve been! I love where you’ve placed the lamp, it looks so pretty there.

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