Expanding my Kitschmas fever

Yes, I’ve been wreath crazy.   And the fact that they’ve been selling like hot cakes in the shop is only encouraging me to make more.  But believe it or not, as I start to run out of wreath supplies, I’m starting to focus on other vintage Christmas craftiness.  For example, I’ve been rehabbing Putz houses:

And I’ve also been throwing together random vintage Christmas odds and ends to make things like this:

I’ve also been scouring my vintage craft magazines and patterns for Christmas crafts I find interesting.  I am obsessed with making this helpful little elf card holder:

but sadly some very rude person tore out the pattern page.  Waaahhhh!  That’s ok though!  Betty is not so easily discouraged.  I think I can recreate it based on the picture and the measurements you can see in the picture.  Stay tuned to witness my sparkling success/crushing defeat.

Oh, and no, you absolutely do not see Christmas decorations up in my house already.  That would be crazy.

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