First craft in the new house

All my craft supplies are still packed up, but I did manage to complete a quick crafty project for Little Betty’s playgroup.  This meeting was an activity bag swap –  each mom signed up to make one for every participant, and we go home with 8 different toddler activity bags. They’re great for rainy (or hot, in our case) days when you can’t go outside.  Little Betty is totally enamored with her stash of activities and has played with each one several times already!  I signed up to make felt play mats.  I really like working with felt and liked the fact that I could do the play mats with no sewing at all since my machine was buried in storage.  So without further ado, here is my woodland play mat:

Nothing too complicated or earth shattering, I know, but fun and easy!  First, I drew out the scene I wanted and then cut out the elements to use as a pattern.  I used spray adhesive to attach the sky and grass to a piece of card stock and Alene’s Tacky Glue to glue the tree stumps to the trees and assemble the mushrooms.

Little Betty and her friends really seemed to enjoy arranging all the items into scenes and making up stories.  I plan to cut out more pieces over time so she has more to choose from.  I would definitely like to make more of these activity bags to add to her stash.  Here are lots of tutorials if you’re interested.  A great way to ease back into crafting after a hiatus!  I even feel inspired to pick up my knitting needles tonight…

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