Here a lamp, there a lamp, everywhere a lamp!

The recent mother-load of amazing lamps has made me a little daft for lamps.  I have scrutinized every area of my home looking for areas that could use a lamp, hoping to hold on to more of Mr. Crafter’s amazing finds.  For example, I really did like the lamp that used to be in our bedroom that got usurped by the green beauty he brought back.  And after my analysis of lamp-light areas, I find that it always wanted to be in our dining area:

(Don’t mind the cord – it’s driving us crazy but we haven’t had a chance to attempt to move the buffet yet to get to the outlet back there!)

Anyhoo – that only encouraged me that there were certainly other areas that were under-lamped in Casa Crafter.  And that sweet tulip lamp that I had already put in the store was stuck in my mind like a bad TV jingle.  I had a flash of brilliance, called the shop hoping against hope it hadn’t sold yet, and brought it home to create this!

My sewing room/guest room has never looked cozier.  The table is also a recent find – an adorable industrial typewriter table that just needed some love with some danish oil and steel wool to look like a million bucks.

Also a recent acquisition that I’m head over heels for that looks perfect with my Indian Chief needlework?

How sweet is that?  It was in a friend’s booth and I can’t believe I debated it for a couple weeks before deciding I’d hate myself forever if I didn’t spring for it.  I think it’s my new favorite, maybe even more than the Indian Chief!

In other new developments at Casa Crafter, I found this little sweetie running in the street and couldn’t help but bring her home:

I’m trying to find her family but no luck so far.  Mr. Crafter and Little Betty REALLY want to keep her but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be a 2 dog household.  And big ole Karl back there is plenty enough for us already.  But Little Betty has already named this little lady Lunchbox and she seems to fit right in.  Oh no.  I’m in for a battle here…

10 thoughts on “Here a lamp, there a lamp, everywhere a lamp!

  1. I’m so glad that the snafu earlier this week was not a misunderstanding but instead turned into an opportunity to get to know you better! I don’t know how you can STAND having that many really gorgeous lamps in your possession and not just keeping them all! The ones you’ve found room for look they belong perfectly at Casa Crafter. How many more do you think you can shoehorn in? 😉

    • Me too Laura! So glad it occurred to me that my website issues might be misinterpreted!
      I’m not sure if I can squeeze in any more lamps but you know if i can I will!

  2. Too much lamp amazingness! I love the places that you’ve placed them in. And Lunchbox – first off….CUTE! Secondly, Lunchbox is an amazing name for a dog! I say you’ve just gotta keep him. Do y’all have a local Craigslist? Might want to check the lost and found section there just in case he has nice parents somewhere. And get him checked for a microchip at the vet. And maybe put up a few very vague “Found Dog” signs and call the shelter. But if those don’t pan out…pleaaaaase can we keep him? I promise to walk him and feed him and love him and…

    • Eartha, I have had her scanned for a microchip but she doesn’t have one :( I’ve been calling on lost dog signs with no luck, and also registered her as a found pet with the animal shelter, so anyone looking for a lost dog of that description can call me. Seems like that would be the first step for anyone who had lost a dog, right? I think she might have come from a not-so-great situation b/c she’s really head shy and skittish, but her personality is very outgoing and friendly so she’s getting a lot better even in the few days we’ve had her. We’ve pretty much decided to give it a “trial period” and see how it works out. We’ve definitely fallen in love with her!

    • Maureen, unfortunately we didn’t, although we did find her a new home. 2 dogs was just too hectic for us, sadly. But we found her a great home with a friend, and sent her off vetted with a new microchip. I do miss her :(

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