I’ve been busy, just not blogging

Sorry for the silence around here!  I’ve been wrapped up in my little world, enjoying the gorgeous Texas springtime.  Little Betty and I have been spending every possible moment in the backyard, taking full advantage of the new deck and treehouse.

As you can see we decided to move our “On Earth As It Is In Austin, TX” sign from the chicken coop to the deck.  This sign has always been a favorite of ours ever since we liberated it from a closed down BBQ restaurant years and years ago.

Little Betty is over the moon about her new treehouse and spends hours climbing and sliding and moving things from her playhouse up there to set up a real treehouse.  While she’s busy playing, I’ve been reading in the hammock or watching my garden grow.

Cucumbers and squash along with various other fruits and veggies I planted in farm stock tanks…

Blackberries from the bushes I planted just this spring…Persimmons….(anyone have a good recipe for persimmon pudding?)

And lots and lots of figs.

I had never eaten a fig before moving to this house last summer (that is, except in a Newton!) and I’m pretty excited about making full use of them this year.

The chickens are laying plentifully too, which means it’s pretty easy to fix a full meal just out of the backyard!  Even more so in a few weeks when everything starts to ripen.  On earth as it is in Austin, indeed.

I’ve been busy inside, too.  I’ve finally picked up my knitting needles again to work on a darling little pixie hat for the precious niece whose arrival is fast approaching:

Are you enjoying your spring?  How are your gardens coming along?

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