Kitschmas Time Is Here….

Possibly as a direct result of my new job keeping me from the sheer volume of Kitschmas crafts I’m itching to be churning out right now, I doubled up on the intensity of the decorations in the house.  So much so that even I questioned if it was too much.  Not that this was a snap decision, of course.  All year I’ve been adding little bits and bobs, stashing them away for Christmastime, like I do.  And when I unpacked everything Thanksgiving weekend, I discovered that I officially have a few new obsessions collections.  Wanna see?

New collection numero uno – Christmas trees!  You may remember the vintage pink Christmas tree I picked up at an after Christmas sale last year.  That got me thinking – why should I put up just one Christmas tree when I have so many fabulous trees?

So of course, the pink one went up:



And I put up my beloved iridescent white tree:



And speaking of white trees, guess who else wanted in on the action, much to her mother’s delight?  That’s right – our favorite Little Betty wanted a tree of her own.  She picked out a cute little white pre-lit tree and had a ball decorating her playhouse/bed for the holiday.



But what self respecting vintage lovin’ gal would leave a fabulous vintage aluminum tree languishing in storage when there was clearly room for everyone to shine?  Maybe it was the blinding brilliance of the silver tree, maybe it was the eggnog.  Who knows.  All I can tell you is that I had the BEST. IDEA. EVER.  My aluminum tree would be devoted to my one true love, elves!





Is it not glorious?  Does it not give your shriveled old heart a twinge of happiness?  It was also a great opportunity to showcase a new acquisition this year – my string of pixie lights.



They came in the original box and everything!  I definitely paid too much for them, but we all have our weaknesses.  Don’t judge.

There were more new acquisitions/collections that were born this year.  For example, I seem to have somehow ended up with a collection of vintage holiday plushies.  Like this elf:



And these Santas:




Speaking of Santas, I apparently now collect celluloid and plastic holiday decor, especially Santas.



I may have a Santa problem.  No biggie.  Although I’m a tad worried about Little Betty – she told me the other day that she and Santa got married and had a baby.  Might want to look into that.

Anyhoo – my budding Santa obsession is nothing compared to the Putz and glitter houses I’ve acquired this year.  I’m totally the Donald Trump of glitter houses.




Or small:



They’re like elves for me – I can’t leave one behind.  And yes, next year I promise to get a strand of lights with a white cord for this display.  I just couldn’t be bothered this year.

And you know I’ve always loved bottle brush trees, but I did ramp it up by a few trees this year:



I have managed to scrounge together some time for some crafting, which will all be revealed soon.  Stay tuned friends – just cause I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been crafting!

8 thoughts on “Kitschmas Time Is Here….

  1. it is all gorgeous! i LOVE that pink tree! i just have two up this year. my green one and my aluminum one. a friend borrowed my red tinsel one. I’ve got a think for dream pet deer, pine cone elves, knee huggers (i don’t find them ofter around here! what is the deal!) and of course, ANYTHING Santa!

  2. Very festive! I finally got a second tree this year..I have many cute handmade & vintage ornaments found and the artificial tree is so pretty & unlike the real one doesn’t droop & drop the ornaments. Still will always have a real one for the tradition & scent.
    Glad to hear your crafting – I love making stuff for little gifts.

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