Kitschmas time is here…

I just couldn’t wait, folks.  I had to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  I couldn’t help it!  Part of it was how excited I was about our new tree!  Although I love our classic vintage aluminum tree, it’s not as big as I’d like and it was starting to get a little raggedy after years of use and I really don’t want to ruin it.  So all this year I’ve been thinking about what kind of tree I wanted to get.  It’s a tough decision for us vintage lovers.  There’s not anything similar to the aluminum tree on the market.  But we are thrilled with what we ended up with.  Wanna see?

I thought a white tree might be a good substitute for the look of the aluminum but this one was especially awesome because it’s white iridescent pre-lit with multicolor lights.  Most white trees are not iridescent and have white lights.

It’s super kitschy and sparkly.  In other words, perfect!

Mr. Crafter says he likes it even better than the aluminum one and I’m inclined to agree.  Plus no more pesky color wheel!

Soon I’ll show you some other current vintage Kitschmas vignettes from around Casa Crafter.  I’ve also started my Christmas crafting and have some projects I’m excited to show you when they’re done!  Have you decorated yet?  Link to photos if you have them!

11 thoughts on “Kitschmas time is here…

  1. i held off because someone was coming to take pictures of our house. i will probably get stuff out on saturday! i like your white tree. I need to get some kind of tree because i feel like i can’t hang anything but balls on my aluminum trees.

  2. A very pretty tree! We’ve only ever had real trees but I’ve been wanting a second tree just for my vintage shiny brites, and other pastel-y delicate ornaments that seem to get lost in the evergreen. I think this kind of tree would be perfect.

  3. Beautiful! I love how it shimmers. And you can put lights on it which can’t happen with aluminum trees <–I love them but have always missed the lights on the actual tree. Merry Christmas and Merry Kitschmas to y'all.

  4. Loooove! Since it’s iridescent you may not have this issue but just in case: we had a gorgeous white tree several years ago but no one told us you’re apparently supposed to store them in black plastic once you take them down, to keep them from yellowing. Which ours did, terribly. So you may want to check and see if that might be a possible issue so your gorgeous tree doesn’t look like someone peed on it next year (like ours did). 😉

  5. I love your blog. And your house is to die for, my dream home! So I was reading some of your past posts and came upon this one. This tree is absolutely beautful and I knew I have to have one for this christmas. I clicked your link and to my surprise there are 4 left in stock. So I was just curious, would you be willing to share the price you paid? They are kind of pricey ($357) and I’m thinking maybe I should keep an I on them just in case the price goes down? Or do you think this is a good price currently. Any information and opinions would be appreciated. You also have the most beautiful decorations! I better start collecting now :).


    • Hi Susie! I actually watched it for a long time wanting to see if the price ever dropped but it didn’t. I paid $350 and although it seems like a lot, I’m THRILLED with our tree.

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