Make a vintage-style Putz house Halloween style in Kids Craft 123!

Got kids?  Like to craft?  Then you MUST check out the brand spankin new magazine Kids Craft 123 sold exclusively at Wal Mart.  And your old pal Betty Crafter has her very own craft project featured!  In fact, I’ll be a regular contributor to this fab magazine.  Yay!

In this issue I share how to make a spooky Hallwoeen Putz-style house.  You know you need one for your Halloween decor, even if you don’t have kids, right?

Super fun and easy to make, and the best part is you can get as creative as you like decorating it!

The premiere issue featuring this project will be on news stands at Wal Mart Sept. 18.

4 thoughts on “Make a vintage-style Putz house Halloween style in Kids Craft 123!

  1. Oh, neat…yes, we love to craft and last year I finally made Christmas “Putz” houses and they were adorable…gave them as gifts, too. I will get to Wal-mart this week & pick up a copy. I have Halloween crafting going on now.

  2. I’ve checked two Walmarts in the Denver area and they’ve never heard of it! I’ll check back in a week or so. The houses look really cute.

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