New Obsession Alert! Scandinavian Pewter Jewelry

Ok, I fully admit that I am the LAST person who needs a new collection.  But blame it all on my mother who got me this insane necklace for Christmas:

photo 1

Right?  I have literally worn it every day since Christmas and get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Well of course I started researching the stamp on the back:  R Tennesmed Sweden.  Hooooo-doggies.   Talk about drool worthy modernist jewelry!

photo 2

Like this:

R Tennesmed

Photo credit here

And this:

r tennesmed 2

Buy it here!

Good thing this pin was sold, cause I’m not sure I could have passed it up:


Photo credit here

Then I really fell down the Scandinavian pewter jewelry rabbit hole.  You know, like I do. How about this ridiculously awesome necklace:

cat 2

Snag it here!

I had to really resist buying this ring:


But you can here!

There was only one piece I came across that was too good of a deal to pass up:

my necklace

Photo credit here

One more piece and I’m officially a collector.  Oh geez.  The mister is going to kill me.  But a girl must adorn herself, am I right?  I can’t be all bakelite and turquoise.  Gotta mix it up and all.

4 thoughts on “New Obsession Alert! Scandinavian Pewter Jewelry

  1. My hubby and I are thinking of going to Sweden and Copenhagen next summer to see where his side of the family is from. I was pretty excited about all the design and modernist stuff there but now you’ve really got me going…..! Thanks! You would have had to fight me over that pin…. wow.

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