Office Space – Mid Century Style!

Remember me talking about how Mr. Crafter and I were starting the process of renovating our barn into an office for him?  Well you saw the before pictures.

Now we are proud to say our “if Don Draper was an oil exec” office is complete(ish)!

The steel tanker desk gives the space exactly the look we were hoping for.   I’m so glad we didn’t go with the danish modern style we were considering!  Plus, Mr. Crafter really needs the extra workspace this extended “executive edition” tanker desk provides.  He often has guests so these vintage auditorium seats are much needed.  Comfortable too!  The school maps are a functional window covering as the mister needs to refer to maps quite often in his work.  It’s a bonus that it looks cool!

There were a few cabinet doors missing and the replacements aren’t a perfect match.  Maybe some more coats of stain will do the trick.  The truck door used to be part of a couch an artist friend made which fell apart long ago.  Glad we could salvage at least part of it.

Here is our cursive typewriter and an old radio we converted into an ipod player.

I can really see a collection of vintage perpetual calendars coming on!  I love this globe one.  I’m having serious regrets over selling the fawn one I came across last summer.  I hope whoever bought it at the shop loves it!

This vintage phone is from Italy.  Wish there was a way to hook it up.  Oh well – still cool as an art piece.  

Mr. Crafter does love his tchotchkes…

Being able to open the garage door and look out into the yard is such a great feature of this space!  That is, until the scorching Texas summer is upon us…


The Pepsi machine has been a favorite of our party guests for many years now as it holds over 100 beers!  We have yet to restock it but I think Shiners and Topo Chicos are on the short list.

All in all, we’re both very excited about how the office turned out!  Mr. Crafter can easily host meetings or have a quiet workspace away from Little Betty and I vying for his attention.  The barn was one of the things that sold Mr. Crafter on this house when we first saw it.  There is also a second story that he has some big plans for.  Oh just you wait.  You have no idea.

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