Pink Bathroom Nirvana Status : Achieved!

I went with a friend to look at a house across the street from me that he is interested in buying.  I knew the house was in original condition and that it had the potential to be great, but as the house isn’t on the market yet I had no idea what was inside.  Yes, the house was cute as a darn button with adorable features like a kitchen/dining pass through window with sliding door, original yellow patterned laminate kitchen countertops, and that scalloped trim above the kitchen window that I covet so much.  But oh sweet baby jeebus – the hall bath was the most glorious pink bathroom in all the land!

photo (17)


Oh yes my friends.  This pink bathroom has lavender trim and tile floor!  Have you ever in your vintage loving life seen such awesomeness?

photo (18)

Here’s a better picture of the colors.  Seriously, have your eyes ever beheld such perfection??   I literally got goosebumps!  Since my friend is a single guy, he is open to my help in fixing the place up – yahoo!!  I’ve decided he should get this wallpaper for the bathroom:



Bradbury Googieland Wallpaper

And yes, the master bath is awesome too – 2 tone green.  Hopefully I’ll have a lot more to share about this great house!

13 thoughts on “Pink Bathroom Nirvana Status : Achieved!

      • I showed my husband and he just said “well that’s.. interesting” which is our code for when we don’t like something. But then he also said he wouldn’t want to rip it out if we bought a house with a pink bathroom (because he knows I would like it) -so yay! Now I need to find a house with a pink bathroom…

  1. So pretty! Why is my house apparently the only one in the neighborhood without a pink bathroom?!? I feel like whining ‘No faaaaair!!’ Hehe. But for now I’m content with my green bathroom, which also has the googieland paper!

  2. Wow! What a coincidence. I just went to an estate sale on Saturday where there was a pink bathroom that looked exactly like this one! It even had that clear type toilet seat and lid (cant remember if it had butterflies or flowers on it) like the one on this pink toilet.How funny.
    I was going to buy the vintage pink towel set they had in hopes that I would eventually move into a house with a pink bathroom.

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