Playhouse Renovations

Little Betty’s playhouse is getting a little renovation too!  The cracks in the walls and floors let in a lot of dirt and bugs, and even though I tried caulking the cracks, the caulk washed away pretty much after the first rain.  So…after seeing Miss Birdie Blue Sky’s awe-inspiring playhouse, I decided to completely steal her idea take some inspiration from it for Little Betty’s playhouse to solve our problem!  We had some leftover green VCT tile from our kitchen, living, and dining room, so all we needed was some wainscoting and crown molding and here we are!

Now with the smooth clean floors and walls it’s looking bare to me so you know what that means – more accessories STAT!  And its clear I can no longer put off making curtains.  I’m thinking some yellow polka dots or calico.  I’d also like to find some sort of cabinet to store dishes and other goodies.  Next I plan to hit up Grandad to build a loft.  Poor Little Betty.  She doesn’t have any good toys :)

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