St. Enid Trauma Center

I got an emergency text from a friend over the weekend who spotted some Collins purses at a local estate sale.  I of course dropped everything and rushed right over and snatched up 2 Enids.

Obviously they have seen better days, especially the Glitter Bugs, who had sadly had every one of its jewels removed.  There was also a Money Tree there that was in even worse shape than the Glitter Bugs – someone had tried to remove the silkscreening as well as all the jewels and coins; it was sadly beyond repair.  The Tres Flores is in decent shape (just missing several of those tiny jewels) and needs some G00-Gone applied to the sticky handle.  And luckily at St Enid Trauma Center, Casa Crafter branch, I had a stash of replacement jewels I just knew would save the day!

Ta-da!  Now her Glitter Bugs are glittering once more!  Clearly it’s still not perfect (there are some scratches and I think the butterfly originally had a plastic body/frame/antennae piece) but now this bag could be carried or displayed proudly.  Both bags have been delivered to the shop where they are awaiting the person who will love them as much as they deserve.

On that note, the number of Enids I have at the shop has been growing quite rapidly.  I have been taking Collins bags there that did not fit into my collection for whatever reason and I now have 8 – EIGHT! – Enid Collins purses in my store!  I plan to do a post about them very soon as well as add them to my *empty* etsy store.  I may also add some bakelite pieces that are in the shop.  So stay tuned…

There was another rescue project I just couldn’t leave behind at this sale.

Can’t you just see the inner beauty here?  It was so cheap there was no way it was getting left behind, even though it needs a lot of work.  It’s missing a cord entirely, the base needs repainted, and the metal shade needs repainted.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of paint to use to repaint a metal shade?

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