Today was a good day.

Today I headed out of town at the crack of dawn with Little Betty and a girlfriend to hit some promising looking estate sales.  While the estate sales did not live up to expectations they did turn over some great smalls, and the extended thrifting expedition afterwards saved the day!

First of all, you know how they say you will get back what you put out into the universe?  Well I think the universe has been reading my blog because CREWEL!  And lots of it!  Plus some other needlework pieces.

I think my favorite is the pink flowers behind glass.  I can’t wait to create a big crewel display at the shop!  I already have a few really great pieces there.  Those two little pillows were picked out by Little Betty.  She is always scouting things for her baby dolls and apparently they can never have too many pillows.  Santa clearly approves of my selections.

Little Betty scored a whole lot more than those tiny pillows today though.  Feast your eyes on this booty:

She already has a wool hunting jacket, but this one was too cute to pass up!  Plus it’s a size too big so hopefully it will fit after she outgrows the other one.  And how about that blanket?  It will be perfect on her bed during the cold nights we’ve been having here.  It’s wool like a Hudson Bay blanket, and I’m am over the moon for that white and pink.  She’s too young for those little embroidery kits still, but they’ll be super fun in a year or so.  They’re so adorable I’m considering hanging them on the wall as art.

We’re not big liquor drinkers around these parts but I could not resist these shot glasses because next Christmas when my visiting family decides to tear though a bottle of bourbon like they did this year, I’ll be prepared to serve them in style!

Cute right??

Now, I know Christmas is over.  Really I do.  And I’m ok with it!  I’m actually wanting to take the decorations down but Little Betty and Mr. Crafter are resisting.  I swear!  But do you think I can resist after Christmas sales?  I think you know the answer.

I am head over heels for the little Santa town in a hurricane glass thingie.  Like, I love it bigtime.  The partridge in a pear tree glass is part of a 12 glass set – one for each day of Christmas, each one different.  I was too lazy to unwrap them all to show you though.  You’ll just have to trust me that they’re awesome.  And I’ve been super wanting one of those Build-It-Yourself Santa decorations!  Whee!

But my FAVORITE find of the day?

13 Christmas, handmade, felt napkin rings, each one different and kitsch-tastic!  All the necessary elements are present here – elves, Santa, reindeer, angels, sleighs, stockings… I am so excited to use these for every Christmas dinner for like, ever.

Have you been taking advantage of after Christmas sales?  And am I the last one with decorations still up?

19 thoughts on “Today was a good day.

  1. Awesome finds! You inspired me today with the Crewel! I went out on ebay and bought two vintage, super cute kits. I am so excited to get to work on them! I have done embroidery/needlework since I was a kid so this should be lots of fun!

    • 12 totes and 3 trees??? Rae I had no idea your Christmas decorations were so prolific! Color me impressed. I passed on a really cute pink pre-lit tree yesterday and now I’m kind of regretting it.

    • Lenny, I really want to come to your place during Christmas one of these years. I have a feeling you’d put us all to shame!

  2. We intended to take down Christmas last weekend but didn’t get to it, so it’ll be this weekend. You’re not the last! I love that hurricane jar thingie. Have you seen from Pinterest the tutorial showing how to make similar ones with an upturned plastic wine glass? You’d love it! Those napkin rings are amazing too. Just think all the hours someone spent making each! You really found some goodies.

  3. Christmas isn’t over until the 6th! So yes, decorations are still up. Speaking of 12 days, i grew up with those same 12 days of Christmas glasses and my parents still have them! Well, we do only use them once a year. Really loving the framed crewel and pillows. Yeah you!

  4. I know which tutorial it is:
    I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago while looking for something else on pinterest and of course, I knew I had to make it…had to get a dremel drill for Christmas first. :)
    Love the vintage bell jar santa scene you found. I don’t find vintage Christmas too often..but, the few elves, santas, angels I have I just love. In fact, this Christmas I was making vintage inspired angels, pine cone elves, trees as little gifts and everybody loves them.
    I am reluctant to put away the Christmas cuties…had to take down the tree & lights the day after New Years, but still have my cuties on the shelves…and, I’m still in Christmas crafting mode…it flew by too fast!

      • If you go to the retrorenovation blog you can see the Christmas pinecone elves (they are skiing) & cardboard houses I made. I’ll try to get some pics of some other crafties I made to send you after I get over this cold.

  5. What incredibile finds, I need to get my butt out and look today. I’ve been feeling that pull of vintage crewel all last year. I’ve been hoarding crewel yarn so that I can make some kind of awesome project. In my spare time, right! I’m always shopping for vintage christmas, like 24/7 but all the decor came down the day after. All 22 boxes and 7 trees are packed up back in the attic, whew! xo, suzy

    • Suzy, I think you and I are vintage Christmas kindred spirits! I shop all year round too :) But sounds like your home decorations are way more extensive! Next year you should post a home tour on your blog. As for vintage crewel, I’m working on some fun projects in that vein I’m excited to reveal!

  6. Well, we did already take down the Christmas decorations, but girl I can never stop shopping for them! Just last week Mike found a ton of vintage elf Christmas stuff, OMG I about died! I’m doing a post on it next week so you can check it out! And wow, are you the Crewel Queen now or what?!? Great finds!

  7. What great finds! I am drooling over the Once Upon a Wintertime book-it looks like it was illustrated by Mary Blair, who I am absolutely crazy about!

    • Maureen, I love Mary Blair too! This book might have been before her time – it was first copyrighted in 1948. It says it’s adapted from the Disney movie Melody Time – I’ll have to look for it!

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