Under Pressure

I have spent the last few weeks knitting so furiously to finish my cowichan in time for my desert getaway with Mr. Crafter.  Well, folks, against all odds, I can say I met my goal!  Never mind the fact I knitted the belt in the car on the way, and there are STILL no belt loops to be seen on the sweater, or that I desperately tried to dry it in front of the space heater the first night since after 3 days it was still damp from blocking.  Here’s Mr. Crafter graciously playing records for me while my poor sweater dries next to the heater:

And here she is!

I do love it so.

It’s SO warm – it’s basically a coat.  Yes, friends, I knitted myself a coat.  Crazy.  Anyway, I’m in love with the colors, and the style is so wearable.  It’s definitely a new favorite.

More pictures of my dreamy desert vacation soon…

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