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Eartha Kitsch is my total girl crush (shh!! Don’t tell her!)  I love her blog and eagerly wait for her posts which are always hilarious and often poignant.  Anyhoo…recently she posted about wanting to know who her readers were and I thought – yes!  I want to know about my readers too!  So I’m totally stealing her thunder here, but I would love if you’d leave a comment telling me about yourself and linking to your blog if you have one.  I’m tired of being the taker in our relationship, friends.  I’m ready to give back and hear about YOUR lives too!

And as a token of how much I care about y’all, here’s some eye candy I scored at the flea market today.  I dedicate this photo of my new squirrel buttons to my sister in squirrel love, Eartha.

40 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. I found your blog over at Retro Renovation when Pam featured your gorgeous knotty pine aqua kitchen! I also live in an mid-century ranch here in the Midwest. We are updating it as time and finances allow. I sell vintage items in my Etsy shop and also on Ebay. Thanks for sharing your home and life with us :-)

  2. I met you the same way as Sherree– when Pam shared your fabulous knotty pine kitchen. My blog links up with my name in this post; I’m a relatively new blogger. I’m the single mom of four boys, rehabbing a 1939 Cape Cod in the Midwest. I read Eartha’s post too, and I love that she was being neighborly on the internet. You too; thanks!

  3. Ahhh…that is TOO CUTE! I love your blog :) I forget how exactly I found it….it was quite a bit ago. Now I can also say I “know” you through the FB Vintage Resellers group :) I need to post regularly on my blog, though. Only sporadic thrift find posts at the moment!

  4. I began following along about a year and a half ago, at your post about your new front door, I believe. Can’t remember how I found you though! Would be lovely if you dropped by :)

  5. I found your blog through Retro Renovation when your kitchen was featured. So pretty! My son graduated from the U of T at Austin, and I am from Little Rock, Arkansas. Austin is a big place, and I was treated to Kerby Lane pancakes.I did have a mid-century home, but sold it. Miss that home so much!
    So, I enjoy reading blogs about how other people renovate and decorate their mid-century homes. I do not have a blog. I don’t even have a digital camera!

    • I’m so glad you did find your way over here! You are my Kitschmas inspiration – the way you decorate your home for the holidays is definitely my ideal!

  6. Aww! The crush is mutual. Thank you! : ) And those buttons and the card that they’re on……ADORABLE. You know who I am – a hot mess of a nut. I can’t wait to read everyones’ answers and follow their links here. Thanks for the shout-out. : )

  7. What a great idea for a post! I just found your site last week through a link in the sidebar of the “By Gum, By Golly” blog and was instantly smitten. I read your entire blog back to your very first post!

    I also love vintage things, we seem to have similar tastes and I’m totally jealous of all the awesome things you and your hubby find out thrifting 😉 I have a terribly neglected blog about vintage “stuff” that I hope to get back up and running in the not too distant future… http://lollipops-and-roses.blogspot.ca/ I also have a fan blog dedicated to Rock Hudson who I’m sort of obsessed with which is also in serious need of an update… http://rockhudsonblog.com/

    I look forward to reading your future posts, keep up the good work!

  8. I also found you from RetroReno and loved your knotty pine kitchen since I grew up in one in the Midwest & one of my aunts had one, too. It always felt so warm & cozy in these kitchens….sad, you just don’t see them anymore…and, oh, it pains me that people just get rid of them to slap on the greige ugly look.
    I live in SoCal in a ’54 tract home with some of the original features (and, even that little bit was hard to find out here) & I have always been drawn to vintage…always felt I should’ve been born 40 yrs earlier as I LOVE the ’40s-’50s. I’m a SAHM with one having autism so crafting/visiting blogs is one of my great stress relievers…and, I daydream about winning the lottery and moving away to a cute cottage-y/chalet/farmhouse type place with land & trees & seasons & my very own crafting/sewing room…and, I would also have time to help with historical buildings and land preservation!
    Your squirrel buttons are too cute!

    • Tammy, I know as well from experience, especially in a city – it’s so hard to find un-renovated homes that aren’t falling apart! I was lucky enough to find one that was original owners who didn’t renovate but did take really good care of everything. The problem is a lot of times when a home is original, it means it hasn’t been maintained.

      • “A lot of times, when the home is original, that means it hasn’t been maintained.” Word. I looked at one of those just today…it’s sad when it would be so expensive to restore what is falling apart that it puts the house out of budget. But, there are a few gems like your home out there, so we will keep looking!

  9. I found your blog on Retro Renovation, too. It was your gorgeous knotty pine kitchen that caught my eye and I’ve been reading ever since. We have a 1956 modern ranch that we’ve been slowly working on for the last three years and have some gorgeous knotty pine in our basement that’s a work in progress. I enjoy seeing your house and your “finds” but I have to say I’m most jealous of Little Betty’s cottage playhouse bed. I’m almost 40 and I want one for myself, really, really bad 😉

  10. Slightly new reader, but loving your site! My blog is mostly personal, about my family and little projects around the house. Mollie D, 34, Kansas City via Minneapolis

  11. I am a new follower of your blog & love it! I love reading about crafty projects & vintage finds :)

    I’m Tina & I live in Northern California (Berkeley, to be precise) and love to sew & dress in vintage! I collect all things vintage & especially love the forties. It’s nice to meet you :)

    My blog is: http://vintagelovingal.wordpress.com


  12. Hello! I love your blog! I simply adore all the amazing vintage things you find!! I can’t remember how I discovered your blog but the first post I read was “The Whimsical World of Mr Crafter” and I have been reading since :-) As for who I am, my name is Emily, I’m from Australia and I just started a blog this year (http://thimblecat.blogspot.com.au/). :-)
    thanks for writing such a wonderful blog!
    p.s. those squirrel buttons are WAY to cute!

  13. I know you know my blog but I’m trying to remember how I found out about yours! I’m pretty sure it was before we bought our house, and I saw your kitchen on Retro Renovation. I’m pretty sure I actually shouted out loud (in total glee and amazement, of course), “THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HAVE KITCHENS THAT LOOK LIKE THIS?!!!”

  14. I think I followed you over from the blog No Pattern Required-love that site!

    I don’t have a blog, I live in Anchorage and am getting used to life as an empty nester. Instead of applying for jobs I browse the internet looking for sites about vintage things :) I really should get on the job thing so I can buy vintage when I find it! I love to collect vintage pyrex, that is my biggest obsession, I also love vintage greeting cards.

  15. Hi! I can’t recall if I found your blog through Retro Renovation or No Pattern Required. I read those sites regularly, along with Retro Ranch Revamp and By Gum By Golly. I live in Chicago, fell in love with vintage dresses when I was in high school, and now buy kitschy objets for my 1920s condo.

  16. Like many others, I am not sure exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I am sure glad I did! I enjoy seeing the pictures of your buying trips and of your fabulous home projects.

    I live in MI, which I learned through your blog that you visit every so often, in a 1963 ranch that belonged to my Grandma. Old home are the best!

  17. I can’t remember exactly how I found you, but I have a fuzzy memory of some teal metal kitchen cabinets on some site…My husband’s parents had those in their home in Ava, MO. When they passed we sold the home…have regretted it ever since. They had a lovely pink bathroom also. Pink sink. Pink toilet. Pink walls. Pink carpet. Yeah, Pink. Everywhere. I don’t collect, but I get a nostalgic feeling when I see your things…a longing for simpler times…a warm “Remember Great Aunt Roxie’s tar paper vinyl floor in Cherryvale, KS” kind of feeling that makes me feel a way that nothing else does. Sometimes I come look at your site just to feel that. Thanks.

    • Debra, that is the sweetest comment ever! That is exactly why I love old things – to get that feeling. So glad I can help you find it too :)

  18. Retro Reno reader as well! I live in Fresno, CA and have a 1955 California Bungalow with an Atomic Ranch kitchen and I love vintage as well. However, I never find all the awesome stuff you do when I go thrifting.

  19. I found you through Retro Renovation too! For some reason your feed stopped working on my blog so every now and again I “remember” and rush over here to see what’s up. I’m going to fix that right now. I’ve just started a new blog where I’m making a dress from a vintage pattern every week this year. Come on over if you get a minute! (Your crewel piece is amazing. I have kit that I found at the Goodwill last year. It’s two Prairie Dogs—yeah I know, kind of weird.)

    • What a great blog you have Lisa! Sadly I can’t comment on it (Open ID never works for me) but I will check back often to see what you’re making!

  20. Love your blog. And your pics of Antique Weekend made me KNOW I had to go – so we’re going in April. Can’t wait! Thanks for all your fun posts, I hardly post any more, need to get back into it-
    Diane at Rancho Tostado (ranchoredux.blogspot.com)

  21. Another reader from Retro Renovation. I love all your crewel stuff. I have so many projects started that I need to get done, but I keep telling myself, yeah, I’ll sew that, when I really don’t like to.

  22. I have been blogging for years as was my soulmate Rob. Now we are together blogging about our life and our collecting, we decorate our (rented) house with our estate sale finds, we hope to own one soon!!!!!! I can not remember how I found your blog? from Eartha? I am not sure!!!!

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