Win a Happiness Is Homemade kit!

happiness is homemade finished


Have you been wanting your very own Happiness Is Homemade kit?  Well now is your chance to win one!  Leave a comment on this post and become a follower of the blog by clicking the +Follow button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and you could be receiving your kit in the mail!



Never done crewel before?  Don’t worry!  This thing is easy enough for a beginner.  And you can always email me if you have trouble.  I’m hard at work on some new, exciting designs that I can’t wait to show you!  But in the meantime, leave a comment and follow me before the drawing on the evening of March 24th, this Sunday.

WARRENTON!!  NEXT WEEK!!!  Prepare yourself for a couple weeks of obsessive posting about its wondrous bounty.

41 thoughts on “Win a Happiness Is Homemade kit!

  1. I want to be YOU when i grow up!!! I love all the funky and über cool crafts that you make. Rock star status for you..always!!

  2. I am totally jealous you are going to Warrenton next week. I want to go so bad but we have a wedding to attend and have to sit this one out. We don’t go in the fall because it is toooooo hot and I am a wimp. Ha.

  3. My Granny did beautiful crewel when I was a kid in the 70s. Since her passing I realize just how talented she was and wish I had asked her to teach me. Thankfully all of her amazing handywork is still in our family for us to treasure throughout our lives. This kit would be perfect for me to learn this delightful skill.

  4. Ohhh I’d LOVE this!! (But then any vintage lover worth their salt would!)
    I love crewel, but I’ve never made one before. The fact that its easy for beginners is perfect. It would get a prominent place on my wall, that’s for sure!

  5. This is so fun! Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been admiring your crewel for quite a while now. It would be fun to try it myself!

  6. I picked up a crewl at the thrift store a few months back for $3. I didn’t even realize what it was until you posted about them.

    I’d love a chance to in a kit and try it myself :)

  7. Have been following along since The Dainty Squid wrote about you on her blog! This giveaway is adorable. I’ve never done crewel before but I’d love to give it a go <3

  8. I’d love to win this, it would look perfect in my studio. I’ve been hoarding embroidery wool from thrift stores and I’ve never gotten around to learning to do crewel work, this would be the perfect opportunity. Fingers crossed!

  9. As a collector of vintage crewels I’ve been happy to have found your blog a couple of weeks ago. All my crewels so far have to have three things on them: a birch, some water (lake or sea) and a red cottage. For some reason a very popular motiv in 40′-60’s here in Finland. After seeing your work I’ve began to be more and more obsessed with the thought of trying to make one my self – to start practising with your kit would be great! :-) Thanks for a inspiring blog!

  10. Love your blog and love the crewel kit! I’ve been eyeing it ever since you introduced it. It would look so fantastic in my sewing room!

  11. So, today is my first time ever visiting your blog, but I can already tell that you are awesome because CREWEL! haha. I just scored a “beginner” crewel collection at my local Thrift store, 3 sets of 2: a yellow/orange waterpump and well, a brown set of flowerbaskets (complete with fuzzy bee), and (my fave!) grey/lime mushrooms. 50 cents each! I am now a hardcore crewel-lover and want to grow my collection rapidly. That said–I am definitely casting in my lot for the giveaway!

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