Work or play? I’m not sure.

It’s been said that the key to happiness is finding a job that doesn’t feel like work.  Well, folks, I’ve done it!  The mister and I did a quick one day buying trip yesterday to load up on goodies for the shop and while we came home with a van packed to the ceiling with inventory, we did score a couple amazing things for keepsies, and had a great time together in the process!  The first rad thing we came home with was something for Little Betty.  She asked us to bring her home a surprise, and did we ever!

I had a Victorian dollhouse as a child and it was my favorite thing ever.  I’ve never seen one in this style though – how perfect is it??  Just like the little Swiss chalets I collect.  I just need to replace the missing balcony, flowers in the window boxes, and landscaping.  I might put some rocks on the roof too like those little chalets always have (why is that by the way?  I can’t figure it out for the life of me).

Inside will get a whole remodel.  Wallpaper, flooring, maybe even electricity!  I think I’m going to put in some stairs and divide the upstairs into 3 rooms – 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.  Little Betty was SO excited when we unveiled it.  She immediately said “I love it!” and has been playing with it nonstop since.  She calls it her gingerbread house.

Mister Crafter had some luck as well.  Look what he pulled out of a dilapidated barn in the pouring down rain!

It’s HUGE – 4×8 feet!  I think it does a good job of filling up the massive wall in our dining room, making it feel a little less like a cavernous banquet hall.  Mr. Crafter keeps saying how glad he is I don’t mind him bringing stuff like this into the house.  Please notice the handmade cardboard sign he liberated from a coffeeshop, for the local indie play American Bear.  Residing proudly in our dining room.  But I think Mr. Crafter has great taste.  He puts things together in a way that I never would, but look fantastic.  I think our styles blend together very well.

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