You can’t be Texan if you don’t love cowboy boots.

One of the great things about living in Texas is access to a plethora vintage cowboy boots.  Now, I am not a shoe person.  In the warmer weather you will find me in flip flops or ballet flats.  I care more about purses and dresses and jewelry and do not enjoy being uncomfortable, which cute shoes often are.  But when it starts to cool off, boy howdy, I love me some cowboy boots.  They go with everything!  They’re comfortable to wear all day!  Plus, they’re just awesome.  On my recent trip to the Warrenton flea market, my shopping pal scored the cutest Goding shorties with inlaid shamrocks.  I was green with envy.  *I* need vintage inlay shortie boots y’all!  It’s not fair!  So I headed southwest of town to Wimberly to pay a visit to the boot whisperer.

Whaa??  What is a boot whisperer you ask?  Well.  I’ll tell you.  At the Wild West Store in Wimberly Texas is Ulli, a German gal who can take one look at your naked foot and bring you your perfect vintage boots.  I hear your snorts.  I too was skeptical.  But I walked in the store and she said “Hi!  Are you looking for brown boots today?”  Why, yes I was actually.  She looked at my foot and proclaimed me a size 7.  Also true.  And while I didn’t walk out with my dream inlay shorties, I did score an amazing pair of boots that feel like butter on my feet.  And there were so, so many lovely boots there…

Are you drooling yet?  I know – it’s hard to process so much awesomeness.  And my fit-like-butter boots?

Not super unusual or anything, but I will wear these all the time.  Definite wardrobe staple.  And while I didn’t hit the boot jackpot at Warrenton like my friend, these boots do look awfully cute with the dress I scored there!

And just you wait – some shortie inlays are in my future…

3 thoughts on “You can’t be Texan if you don’t love cowboy boots.

  1. I see you mentioned shorty Godings with shamrock inlay, I have s pair and am trying to research them as far as time period, value, etc.

    • Hmmm…I’m not really sure Penny – it all depends on age and condition. Probably in the $100-$200 range I’d think.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. Any chance I could send you a picture? I’m curious if they’re the sane as the boots your friend found

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