Matching Mother/Daughter 4th of July Outfits. Because Duh.


And also, because what else are you supposed to do when the thrifting gods gift you with 8 yards of vintage bicentennial fabric?

Seriously, this fabric is so baller.


The founding fathers!  The constitution!  I shiver in the wake of it’s colonial awesomeness.  Ok, sure.  I’ve always had a bicentennial fetish.  But I think we can all agree this fabric rules.

Here’s a close up of Little Betty’s skirt.  Mine was exactly the same, only bigger.

FullSizeRender (1) copy


And you know I used vintage patterns!

FullSizeRender copy


FullSizeRender (1)


It all went together like a dream.  I had to do quite a bit of adjustment on my top to get it to fit right but now I love it.

And now Little Betty has one more photo contender to submit to Awkward Family Photos someday.

God Bless Our Pad kit 50% off this weekend!

god bless our pad

I’ve been a busy little bee planning out a brand new crewel kit that I’m REALLY excited about.  Just to get everyone else as excited as I am about crewel, I decided to offer a 50% off coupon for my God Bless Our Pad kit just for this weekend!  Head on over to my etsy store here and use the coupon code happyeaster when checking out.  And stay tuned over the coming weeks for my new design!  I hope you like it as much as I do.

Enid for Everyone!


Enid must be smiling down on me lately because I’ve run into some great stuff lately!  First, I found 2 really great Enids while on vacation in Florida last week.  In case you didn’t know, Florida is a GREAT place for thrifting and antiquing.  I wish I could say I thrifted these beauties, but I wasn’t that lucky.  They were both antique store finds, but still very decent prices.



!!!!!!!!  Aren’t they perfection??


This one, Dutch Treat, I’ve been looking for for a long time, and was beyond thrilled to see it twinkling at me from behind some other purses on the bottom shelf of a cabinet in a charming tea house stacked to the rafters with old stuff for sale.   As you fellow Enid lovers know, it’s so rare to find Enid in the wild, and especially rare, good condition Enids!  And super extra especially, 2 Enids in the same day!



This fabulous paper mache Enid was at the very next Antique Mall we stopped at.  I was giddy because it’s one I’ve never seen before!  I have 3 other paper mache Enids but they are all a different style.  I absolutely love the Enid style birds on this one!  Maybe I should do a post on paper mache Enids soon.

Anyhoo, finding those 2 beauties was enough to make me glow with the warmth of a thousand Enid style suns, but my luck was not over yet!  Just a few days ago I went to an estate sale that a lovely friend tipped me off to as she had been tapped to help them price some craft supplies.  She said that the house was FULL of vintage crafty goodness, and would I be her plus one to the invite only preview?  Um, yes.  Yes I will.




A box full of replacement jewels and frames!  Actual real vintage ones pried off old purses!  And it was only $4!!!  I was beyond ecstatic over this.  Of course, I have replacements already, but a gal can never have too many.  You never know what you’re going to need! She also had a couple Enids there but they were not handsome enough to tempt me.

I felt like I was at my own estate sale, in a weird way, except that this lady had all her craftiness wonderfully organized, which I do not, to put it mildly.  Moving on.  I could have binged on containers of half done felt Kitschmas crafts, vintage wrapping paper and tags, boxes of wonderful beads, and all manner of kitschy crafty odds and ends.  I was able to resist by reminding myself I already had boxes and boxes of that exact stuff at home.  But I did walk away with gobs of great vintage Tupperware and these:



2 great pattern storage boxes and a bobbin storage case with a starburst!

Ok, back to Enid.  Fellow Enid lovers, I have 5 Enids for sale on Ebay right now, with low starting bids, no reserve, and reasonable Buy It Nows!  Take a lookie here.  Next weekend I’m going to Warrenton and mama needs some pocket money…

Little Betty’s Fairy Tea Party

Once again, February finds me frazzled and knee deep in birthday party planning mode!  I was sure I would have lovely weather this year, since the last two years totally boned me and my party plans.  So, ever the optimist, I planned a Fairy Tea Party for sweet Little Betty’s 5th birthday party.  If I do say so myself, it was everything I’d hoped.

IMG_1547I spent weeks cleaning out every thrift store in a 25 mile radius of all their teacups, saucers, and dessert plates.  My vision was mismatched shabby chic.  Not original, I know, but so lovely.IMG_1548I was expecting about 25 children, so instead of borrowing every child sized table and chair I could find I decided to improvise with a piece of 4×8 plywood, some bricks, and grass seating.  It worked like a charm.

For the traditional photo op (you know I can’t have a party without one) we did a fairy throne with breezy fabric, flowers, and a fairy house all decorated for a party.  It certainly wasn’t my best photo station, but we did get some good photos out of it.IMG_1545For activities, we had a station to make fairy flower headbands:IMG_6126                     We had a really amazing face painter too:IMG_1575

IMG_6190                       And of course everyone left with a new pair of fairy wings:IMG_6263               Wouldn’t you know, though, the jumpy castle was the biggest activity attraction:IMG_6132             Although the playhouse saw it’s share of adorable wee fairies fluttering in and out of it:IMG_6211Fairy food was of course in abundance, like chocolate pretzel fairy wands:IMG_6220                     And fruit fairy wands:IMG_6242                      We also had raspberry and cheese toadstools and cucumber, cheese, and bread fairy houses:IMG_1560Not a crumb was left over so I’m going to count that as a success.


In all it was a magical day.IMG_6281









IMG_1554In the end we had a very happy 5 year old fairy, and a very tired mommy.  But it was worth it.

Inventive Fiber Crafts



A fabulous friend of mine (who no doubt knows me very well) picked this seriously awesome book up for me at the thrift store.  Just by the cover, I could tell I was in for something great, but hoo-doggies!  It surpassed even my high expectations.



Now, your pal Betty is a dyed in the wool pattern follower.  I’m not the kind of gal who can just knit or sew up whatever her little heart desires.  Even my crewel designs are carefully planned out so that when I finally dig in, I have a pattern to follow.  But when I see these beautiful, organic, free form fiber creations, I want to dive headfirst into a big ole pile of yarn and see what I can come up with!  I especially like this “Angel of Death” piece.  Who would have thunk it – a simple chain stitch creating such beauty!



Can you imagine just sitting down with all your scrap yarn, knitting whatever methods and stitches struck your fancy, and creating something as gorgeous as “Convergence” above? I would pay money for that in an art gallery in a hot minute.



How about this mind blowing pillow, again created with only the simple chain stitch?



Of all the amazing images, this necklace is the thing that most captured my inspiration.  I am desperate to try to make something like it.  I adore it.



I want to hang out with a glass of wine under this knitted placenta forever.



Doesn’t this space look like it could be pulled from a current design magazine rather than a 35 year old book?  Also, yarn room divider.  Yes.



Judging by the bio at the front of the book, Elyse Sommer has written several things I’m going to have to dig up.  A New Look At Crochet, A New Look At Felt, Wearable Crafts, Make It With Burlap…are you kidding me?  Elyse Sommer is clearly my craft guru.

The Evolution of a Manspace

I’ve mentioned Mr. Crafter’s barn/office before – once when we first redid it into a useable space, then when we repainted the exterior.  But like a very wise friend of mine says, spaces in your home are like living breathing things, constantly changing, adapting, flexing.  Mr. Crafter’s office / man cave is a great example of this phenomenon.  Gradually, he has added bits and bobs, arranging them in that “perfectly staged to look like they’ve been there for 50 years” way he has.  It has evolved into something that would probably cause the American Pickers to slam on the brakes and race each other to our door.  I always enjoy going in there and looking around at all his little treasures, and I thought you might like to see it too!

IMG_1254      His original idea was to recreate a 1950s Mobil gas station, but he’s moved away from that idea slightly.  He still wants it to feel like a gas station, but he’s allowing himself to add other things if he wants, like this crazy awesome Hep-Ur-Sef sign.  We researched what this sign was all about after prying it off a falling down outbuilding.  Apparently it was a chain of self serve gas stations in Alabama in the 50s and 60s.IMG_1260Eventually we want to install this gas station lamp in the ground and get it working, if possible.  The old Mobil gas pump has the original glass globe that goes on top, but it’s in such good condition that it’s inside the barn to keep it from getting trashed.  But the pump itself looks perfect just like this, I think.IMG_1255



IMG_1250Inside is awash in vignettes of whatever little things strikes the mister’s fancy.  He loves old packaging – boxes, cans, jars – and has them stacked here and there.  There’s a very thin line between collector and hoarder.  Hopefully we’ll know when we get there.IMG_1256










IMG_1259A lot of the little things in his office are things I bought on a picking trip, meaning for the shop, that he confiscated and promptly installed in his obsessitorium.  He’s like a 200 pound magpie, picking off little treasures and stashing them away in his nest.

In a year or so from now this space will look completely different, having grown and changed as much as Little Betty does from care and attention.  I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Last Kitschmas Post of 2013

There are a couple last Kitschmas projects I wanted to show you before I pack everything away for another year.  *sniff*  Although my new job and the God Bless Our Pad kit prevented me from being as prolific with my Christmas crafts as I wanted – there were so many I had in mind that I just didn’t get to! – I did get a few things done.  I already showed you this year’s felt mouse ornament, but I also started another ornament series that I plan to make one of a year.  Last year I bought this adorable Nutcracker ornament kit made by Bucilla:



I had originally planned to make all four this year, but I quickly realized that was crazy business.  These little guys are pretty fiddly and intricate!  So I wisely came to the conclusion that I should make one a year, just like the mice.  Requested by the boss Little Betty, the ballerina was first:



It’s all hand sewing and embroidery, adding beads and sequins, then sewing the layers together, and finally sewing the back and fronts together and stuffing as you go.



The sewing was definitely the least fun part as the spaces were so tiny it was darn near impossible to get stuffing in there!  Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to eventually having all 4 of these sweet ornaments on our tree.

Next up was hands down the most fun project this season.  Little Betty, my sister in law, and I made over 40 of these sweet diorama bell jar ornaments.  We used this tutorial.



I wish I had pictures of more of them but we gave them to co-workers, teachers, and family members as gifts.  They were so fun to make and turned out tooth-achingly sweet, in my opinion!



They were so cute, in fact, that my sister in law agreed they actually made us angry.  Now that, friends, is pretty darn cute.



They are made out of plastic wine glasses, scrapbooking paper, vintage Christmas miniatures, and glitter.  In other words, magic.



Little Betty had so much fun making these with us!  She was pretty prolific, actually, churning out adorable Kitschmas vignettes in record time for us to encapsulate in plastic domes covered with glitter for generations to come.



Well, folks, that’s it.  Kitschmas is officially over.  I think this coming year I may start making Christmas crafts in July so I can get everything I want finished!  What were your favorite Christmas crafts this year?

New Obsession Alert! Scandinavian Pewter Jewelry

Ok, I fully admit that I am the LAST person who needs a new collection.  But blame it all on my mother who got me this insane necklace for Christmas:

photo 1

Right?  I have literally worn it every day since Christmas and get compliments on it everywhere I go.  Well of course I started researching the stamp on the back:  R Tennesmed Sweden.  Hooooo-doggies.   Talk about drool worthy modernist jewelry!

photo 2

Like this:

R Tennesmed

Photo credit here

And this:

r tennesmed 2

Buy it here!

Good thing this pin was sold, cause I’m not sure I could have passed it up:


Photo credit here

Then I really fell down the Scandinavian pewter jewelry rabbit hole.  You know, like I do. How about this ridiculously awesome necklace:

cat 2

Snag it here!

I had to really resist buying this ring:


But you can here!

There was only one piece I came across that was too good of a deal to pass up:

my necklace

Photo credit here

One more piece and I’m officially a collector.  Oh geez.  The mister is going to kill me.  But a girl must adorn herself, am I right?  I can’t be all bakelite and turquoise.  Gotta mix it up and all.

Introducing….My Version of God Bless Our Pad!

god bless our pad

Friends!  It’s finally here!  I have received SO many requests to release a God Bless Our Pad kit that I finally gave in and produced a version of it.  It’s now ready for pre-order and will be ready to ship in 2-3 weeks!  Just like my Happiness Is Homemade kit, the kit finishes at 18×24 inches, includes high quality linen blend fabric stamped with the pattern, enough 100% wool to complete the design, a crewel needle, and instructions.  Beginners, don’t be scared!  You can do this!  Order here to get the first round of kits!